Director Noam Murro On 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE's Similarities/Differences From The First Film

Director Noam Murro On 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE's Similarities/Differences From The First Film

Following the trailer for the sequel to Zack Snyder's lavishly directed 300, MTV got on the phone with director Noam Murro to discuss the details of what's going on with Rise Of An Empire. Hit the jump to check it out!

On when the film takes place specifically:
The idea of this movie was always that it takes place at about the same time of the first one. It's as if you zoomed out and saw a bigger time frame and told a bigger story of what happened in '300.' The first movie speaks to the detail of this sequel.

On where the film takes place:
I think '300' was wonderfully done in an operatic way, one location almost, and explore that. This is a much larger palette, historically and geographically. It is larger in scale, and it takes place on water.

On the challenges of shooting the film:
The challenges are numerous in a sense that as technology develops, what happens is we shot this entire movie dry, meaning there was no water involved. You are really in a situation that you have to create a sense that the boats are really moving and sense that they are really in water, but they're not. It's a challenge from a technological point of view, from a visual point of view, also for the actors and also for me in terms of trying to simulate what that would feel like.

On extending the first film even further with the sequel:
I think that was the great thing about working with Zack and working with the studio. The idea was always to create a point of reference of the old movie, but technologically and visually push it further up the hill. It really is quite a difference in the way that it feels and looks. It does happen in water, and geographically, it is open. I think we've pushed it from a visual spectacle uphill, but the roots of this tree are grounded in the '300' world. We wanted to create different styles of battles, and there are very distinct ones in this movie. There's the fire battle and the fog battle.

On the two new leads of the film and why they are there and were Xerxes Fits In:
The two new characters here are Themistocles and Artemisia. Those two characters are at the heart of this movie and are really driving it. I don't want to spoil it, but the heart of the movie is between these two characters. You'll feel Xerxes' presence, but it's really Themistocles and Artemisia's movie. From a thematic point of view, he's truly important part of this movie.

After its victory over Leonidas' 300, the Persian Army under the command of Xerxes marches south towards the major Greek city-states. The Democratic city of Athens, first on the path of Xerxes' army, bases its strength on its fleet, led by admiral Themistocles. Themistocles is forced to an unwilling alliance with the traditional rival of Athens, oligarchic Sparta whose might lies with its superior infantry troops. But Xerxes still reigns supreme in numbers over sea and land.

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sephiroth211 - 6/12/2013, 6:30 PM
The first one rocked...this one looks like shit. Nuff said.
JoeMomma29 - 6/12/2013, 6:43 PM
Naw this one looks great not awesome or epic but great!
Natetrix79 - 6/12/2013, 6:47 PM
I'm looking forward to this, Immortals sucked with the exception of Mickey Rourke! BRING ON THE SCREAMING AND BLOODY KILLS!!!!
Swiftsword777 - 6/12/2013, 7:02 PM
@sephiroth211 you can eat a bowl of shit 4 that wasteful comment.
sephiroth211 - 6/12/2013, 7:57 PM
@Swiftsword777: How bout you close your shithole and don't waste your time addressing me dumbass. It's my opinion you simpleminded fool. I don't direct shit at how bout you do me the same [email protected] favor hoe.
DCeddie - 6/12/2013, 8:24 PM
I loved the first one, and this one looks equally awesome...
Bar20 - 6/13/2013, 3:43 AM
WOw looks so good!!!! Can't wait!!

Michel bay your the best!
wcwpoet - 6/13/2013, 5:06 AM
The trailer just made me want to watch 300 again, but this doesn't look too bad. But it almost looks like it waters down that pumped up ending of 300 a bit, but I guess it's just actually seeing the battle from a different angle.
datNAMEtho - 6/13/2013, 6:27 AM
I'm very excited for this, it looks really good! Still kinda pity that they used real water here and there but that it's all digital... As for the RED EPICs on one hand I think its good that they used those, high resolution but on the other hand, 35mm is still strikingly beautiful and the amount of grain in the first one really made up the image also in terms of VFX. I know this one has a larger budget but still.
BlueHawaiiSurfer - 6/13/2013, 7:24 AM
The first one was essentially stylized dogshit worth one or two viewings. It's basically an MTV gladiator movie. I didn't mind it so much but I don't get the love, or all out hate for it. Don't think it was made well enough to stir up that kind of passion. This one looks to be about the same. I'll give em a few $$$ and check it out.
grampageezer - 6/13/2013, 7:35 AM
Haven't seen the trailer yet, but am looking forward to this "retelling" of history.

The sacrifice of Leonidas and his Spartan soldiers at the battle of Thermopylae was meant to buy time for the Greeks until the Politician, Themistocles could convince Athens to build a navy to stop Xerxes' Persian fleet, which it eventually did at the battle of Salamis where Xerxes lost hundreds of ships, compared to the few dozen Greek losses.

A year later, the remainder of Xerxes' army was utterly defeated at the battle of Plataea, of which we saw a glimpse of at the end of 300.

In a way the Battle of the Alamo in Texas can be compared to Thermopylae where Colonel Travis and his
189 took on Santa Anna's thousands to buy time for Sam Houston to build an army and eventually beat the Mexicans.

Ok, sorry for the history lessions. I know it's Summer Vacation and school's supposed to be out. LOL!

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