New 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE Poster

New 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE Poster

Here we have yet another character poster for the upcoming 300 spin-off, once again featuring main character Themistocles (Sullivan Stapleton) as he fixes to give someone a very bad day with his sword. Check it out after the jump.

After its victory over Leonidas' 300, the Persian Army under the command of Xerxes marches south towards the major Greek city-states. The Democratic city of Athens, first on the path of Xerxes' army, bases its strength on its fleet, led by admiral Themistocles. Themistocles is forced to an unwilling alliance with the traditional rival of Athens, oligarchic Sparta whose might lies with its superior infantry troops. But Xerxes still reigns supreme in numbers over sea and land.

Starring Lena Headey, Eva Green, Rodrigo Santoro, Sullivan Stapleton, Andrew Tiernan and Callan Mulvey. Directed by Noam Murro. Written by Kurt Johnstad and Zack Snyder based on the fictional work of Frank Miller. Produced by Thomas Tull, Zack Snyder, Deborah Snyder, Stephen Jones, Jon Jashni, Craig J. Flores and Marty P. Ewing for Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. Studios. The film is set for U.S. release on August 2nd.
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marvel72 - 1/16/2014, 11:18 AM
decent poster,but will the film be.
GodzillaKart - 1/16/2014, 11:20 AM
Should be titled "Muscular Men Screaming 2".

That reminds me of my secret collection of movies.
write33 - 1/16/2014, 11:26 AM
it looks like he's stabbing his own junk.
MrDonut - 1/16/2014, 11:27 AM
'Junk Stabber' has a better ring to it.
Ceejay - 1/16/2014, 11:31 AM
Good to see Strike Backs's Damien Scott has made it into headlining feature films.
JediSuperGuy83 - 1/16/2014, 11:34 AM
Im excited to see This film Zack Snyder is an awesome Filmmaker he made the best Superhero Movie with Man Of Steel excited to see 300:Rise Of An Empire SPARTANS are the coolest Warriors ever 300 was Snyders 2nd Greatest film also Love Eva Green and Lena Headey
justsomedude - 1/16/2014, 11:39 AM
very bad photoshopping.. where's the rest of his head? the blade isn't that wide to cover that whole side of his head.
Bl00dwerK - 1/16/2014, 11:47 AM
I was gonna say something about Damien Scott but somebody else beat me to it. Now I don't want to...
NovaCorpsFan - 1/16/2014, 11:57 AM
Oh God, that poster is awful!

JediSuperGuy83 - 1/16/2014, 12:00 PM
Spartans are Kickass Warriors
JoeMomma29 - 1/16/2014, 12:14 PM
Slow News Day!!!!
Humperdink - 1/16/2014, 12:15 PM
it looks like he's stabbing his own junk.

He's angry that it only stands at attention when in the company of his fellow soldiers.
Nitrogenb - 1/16/2014, 12:36 PM
Commas, SuperGuy83...commas are your friend.
Brady1138 - 1/16/2014, 12:47 PM
Ok...just as bland and generic as the others.
TheSoulEater - 1/16/2014, 1:21 PM
Bad ass poster
MarkV - 1/16/2014, 1:37 PM
no hours.

no sign of land

Who is Lex?

What about Ulton?

Will Batman's suit show pupils?

MarkV - 1/16/2014, 1:38 PM
Gusto, what happened to all your clones?
giannis - 1/16/2014, 1:51 PM
The poster is good. Less than two months for 300: Rise of an Empire. Can't wait!
MericawithanM - 1/16/2014, 1:51 PM
@joemomma there's gonna be a few slow news days considering there's only so many CBMs that get made every year.
Enphlieuwince - 1/16/2014, 2:52 PM
lexcorp - 1/16/2014, 3:13 PM
I don't know about this one but I'm going to still check it out
MarkV - 1/16/2014, 3:46 PM
GodzillaKart - 1/16/2014, 3:52 PM
@SotoJuiceMan: Ha! No...just playing off a joke Gusto made. If you ever see me you will know...I'm stunning.

PS 300 sucked.

Jesus....I'm such a negative Nancy. Sometime I think I'm just the more articulate Grif.
MarkV - 1/16/2014, 4:06 PM

stoopid caps lock
MarkV - 1/16/2014, 4:15 PM
is this website broken?
MrCameron - 1/16/2014, 6:15 PM
@ Beto

But who will be the Sith?
mgeoff88 - 1/16/2014, 9:39 PM
I'm not expecting this to be as great as 300, but it looks decent for a sequel.
Tony93 - 1/16/2014, 10:41 PM
loki668 - 1/16/2014, 11:22 PM
I don't know why everyone is making a big deal about this poster. It's just how the guy wakes up his kids. They wake up, see him standing there like that, and he says "Oh, if you had slept for a few more seconds, I would have gone all Stabby McSlaughter on your asses! Time to get up for school!!" They're a great family and the kids never misbehave!
GodzillaKart - 1/17/2014, 6:45 AM
300 was a greasy poop sandwich. Literally, it was 2 slices of wonder bread and a turd. If you liked it, you are a dirty turd muncher.

Please, only logical, articulate, well thought out responses.
DrunkenNukem - 1/17/2014, 8:49 AM
Rebooter´s comments reminds me of someone...but it cant be... right?

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