30 Days of Night

30 Days of Night Release Date: October 19, 2007 - Paramount
Sheriff Eben (Josh Hartnett) and his wife (Melissa George) are forced to defend their quiet community from mysterious outside elements during the darkest part of the year in Barrow, Alaska ...a time when the sun doesn't rise for a full 30 days. Residents of Barrow are about to feel something much colder and dangerous than their locale.
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The triumphant return of Haley Joel Osment is here! One of the greatest child actors to ever grace the silver screen is back. The wait is over! After an 8 year layoff, Haley is starring in Wake the Dead, an adaptation of 30 Days of Night author Stephen Niles‘s graphic novel. Check it out...
IDW has announced the next chapter in the 30 Days of Night franchise, "Night Again." 30 Days, of course, has been the subject of two films with more promised and a number of miniseries.
Columbia has released a series of preview clips from the upcoming home video sequel to 30 Days of Night!
Stella Olson is back from her harrowing ordeal in Alaska and she is out for vengeance in this first trailer for 30 Days of Night: Dark Days!
Haven't heard a peep from this for a long while, but now we have 3 new images courtesy of MTV Splashpage, with the trailer debuting at Comic Con..
Seems we will be seeing more vampires on the big screen!
The bloodthirsty sequel has offically begun filming in Vancouver!
Bloody Disgusting has the exclusive news on the horror sequel's casting switch. There is also the official plot synopsis.
Mia Kirshner, Rhys Coiro, Harold Perrineau ,Diora Baird and Monique Ganderton have officially been cast in the sequel!
The creator of 30 Days of Night wants to have Mellisa George return for her role as the leading lady in the sequel.
It seems the director Ben Ketai has a few tricks up his sleeve for the sequel with the help from the original creator of the graphic novel, Steve Niles.
Vampires run amok...again!
An exceptional interview has aired featuring horror/comics writer Steve Niles, author of "30 Days of Night," where he discusses current projects, and why he hates romanticizing the undead. You horror buffs will enjoy this one.
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has announced that 30 Days of Night will come to DVD Feb. 26.
In a recent press confrence for "30 Days of Night," producer Sam Raimi talked about the possibilities of a sequel moving to the next chapter in "Dark Days."
30 Days creators Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith talk about their take on vampires and seeing it come on life on the big screen.
Director David Slade talks about his three months of production which mostly involved night shoots.
Steve Niles known for his dark characters, along with Director David Slade, bring 30 Days of Night to the big screen.
If you can't wait for 30 Days of Night to hit theatres, be pacified by the appearence of this cool new trailer for the film's online prequel entitled--30 Days of Night: Blood Trails.
Paramount is mobilizing its live-action, big-screen G.I. Joe flick for a summer 2009 release date, with Director Stephen Sommers and Screenwriter Stuart Beattie leading the charge.
Danny Huston spills on his character Marlow from the upcoming movie 30 Days of Night.
First look at Josh Hartnett and others in the highly anticipated movie!
Go behind the scenes with the Ghost House pictures video log for the horrific Alaskan vampire flick!
The creator of 30 Days gives us a heads up and talks about his plans for a fresh new creation of Bigfoot as well