Aaron Taylor-Johnson On 'Quicksilver'
 Whedon Says It's "Very Doubtful" He Will Return For AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR
Fox Moving Ahead With A Live-Action X-MEN TV Series
THE FLASH Takes On 'The Pied Piper'
Aaron Taylor-Johnson On 'Quicksilver'
Aaron Taylor-Johnson talks here about how Quicksilver's powers will be portrayed in Avengers: Age of Ultron
 Whedon Says It's "Very Doubtful" He Will Return For AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR
Who will end up directing the two-part Avengers: Infinity War,Joe and Anthony Russo named as likely candidates.
Fox Moving Ahead With A Live-Action X-MEN TV Series
The producers of 24 and writers of Star Trek 3 are developing it,CLICK HERE for more!
THE FLASH Takes On 'The Pied Piper'
a sneak peek at tomorrow's episode of the CW's The Flash
Looks Like FANTASTIC FOUR Might Be Off To Romania For Reshoots - Will We See Latveria?
Earlier on we got our first official BTS look at Josh Trank's Fantastic Four reboot, and now we have some information on where the production might be heading for those reshoots we've previously heard about. Will Romania double for Dr. Doom's comic book domain?
The First FANTASTIC FOUR Trailer Will Be With Us... Tomorrow!
We thought we were going to have to wait until the release of Kingsman: The Secret Service for our first glimpse of footage from Josh Trank's Fantastic Four reboot, but after those BTS images debuted earlier, it looks like the trailer is scheduled to hit sometime tomorrow!
Three New GOTHAM Featurettes: Betrayal; Gone; Welcome Back
Fox has released three new featurettes from Gotham focusing on a few of the show's recent developments including Gordon's return to the GCPD, his relationship with Barbara, his relationship with Dr. Thompkins, and Fish's downfall. Come check it out!
New Promo & Stills For SLEEPY HOLLOW Season 2 Episode 15: Spellcaster
Next week, while Abbie tries to rebuild her trust with Frank, Ichabod must race to find a dangerous book of spells before an ancient warlock can get his hands on it. Come check out the new promo and stills from the next episode now!
New Promotional Photos For GOTHAM Season 1 Episode 15: The Scarecrow
Fox has released a brand new set of promotional stills from the fifteenth episode of Gotham's first season. The episode, which is titled 'The Scarecrow' features Jim & Harvey going head-to-head with Jonathan Crane's father, Gerald. Come check it out!
GOTHAM Season 1, Episode 14 Promo; The Fearsome Dr. Crane
Next week's episode of Gotham will see Fish Mooney attempt to make her position in the corrupt city even stronger, but as you can more than likely tell from the title, that's far from the biggest thing which will be happening as we meet The Scarecrow's father. Hit the jump for a first look...
THE FANTASTIC FOUR First BTS Images Revealed As Josh Trank Talks In-Depth About the Reboot
Featuring Michael B. Jordan in costume as the Human Torch, the first production images for The Fantastic Four have just landed online, along with an extensive interview with director Josh Trank.
Gareth Edwards' STAR WARS Spinoff Gets An Oscar-Nominated Writer
The Godzilla director's standalone Star Wars flick recently lost a writer in Gary Whitta, but Lucasfilm/Disney have wasted no time in finding a replacement, as Academy Award nominated About A Boy scribe Chris Weitz has been brought on board.
AVENGERS: Elizabeth Olsen On Scarlet Witch's Powers, Romance With 'The Vision', And More
Godzilla star Elizabeth Olsen talks here about what exactly the Scarlet Witch's powers are in Avengers: Age of Ultron, comments on a romance with The Vision, and reveals that Wanda and Pietro have been brought up to hate America, hence why they decide to side with Ultron...
The Future 'Atom' Springs Into Action In New Clip From This Week's ARROW
In a lengthy new clip from this Wednesday's episode of Arrow ("Midnight City"), we see Brick (Vinnie Jones) attack City Hall, but caught in the crossfire are Ray Palmer and Felicty! However, much to the surprise of everyone, the future Atom wastes no time in springing into action...
2 STAR WARS REBELS Clips From Vision Of Hope
Two Star Wars Rebels clips have been released from tonight's "Vision Of Hope" episode. Watch as "Chopper springs into action -- much to the shock of his teammates" and "Agent Kallus and his men surround the Ghost crew and Senator Gall Trayvis."
Because of the impending blizzard, Warner Bros. has had to cancel tonight's planned New York première of their latest animated feature, Justice league: Throne Of Atlantic. But, they have sent us over a brand new clip from the movie, featuring Mera being a badass.
Jude Law: Why He Passed On SUPERMAN
At one time, Jude Law (Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows) could've played Superman/Clark Kent in Brett Ratner's Superman film that never got off the ground. But, Law turned down the role. Hit the jump to listen to his reason why.
Hasbro Might Be Making A GOBOTS Movie
Hasbro has been adapting a lot of their toylines into films over the past decade such as G.I. Joe, Battleship, Jem And The Holograms and of course Transformers. Now it seems as though they want to make a GoBots film as well. Check it out.
Artist's Renderings Of The New FANTASTIC FOUR Costumes
These are NOT official concept designs from Josh Trank's upcoming Fantastic Four reboot, but Nerdist claims to have some exclusive details on what the new superhero outfits will look like, and they had their artist whip up some sketches. Click on to take a look...
THE FLASH Takes On 'The Pied Piper' In New Clip From The Sound And The Fury
Grant Gustin (Barry Allen) was a guest on Live! with Kelly and Michael this morning, and he brought a sneak peek at tomorrow's episode of the CW's The Flash with him. Click on to see the Fastest Man Alive square up to the villainous Hartley Rathaway (Andy Mientus).
AVENGERS: Aaron Taylor-Johnson On 'Quicksilver''s Accent, Personality, Powers, And More
Kick-Ass and Godzilla star Aaron Taylor-Johnson talks here about how Quicksilver's powers will be portrayed in Avengers: Age of Ultron, his relationship with his sister (no, it won't be incestuous), and what he thought of X-Men: Days of Future Past's Pietro...
New AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Scene Details Tease 'Pre-Credits' Battle And Distraught Heroes
Check out this description and dialogue from a scene in Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron that follows early battle in the Marvel sequel that has left a couple of the team members distressed and troubled.
CONFIRMED: Fox Moving Ahead With A Live-Action X-MEN TV Series
We heard some time ago that a live-action X-Men TV series was in the works, but it has now been confirmed that Fox are moving ahead with the series! The producers of 24 and writers of Star Trek 3 are developing it, and you can find out more after the jump...
Former DR. WHO David Tennant Cast As 'The Purple Man' In A.K.A. JESSICA JONES
Those recent leaked audition vids all but confirmed that the twisted Marvel villain would be a factor in the Netflix series, and now it's been announced that one-time Doctor Who David Tennant has been cast as 'Kilgrave' in A.K.A Jessica Jones. Click on for more...
HARRY POTTER's Emma Watson Will Play 'Belle' In Disney's Live-Action BEAUTY & THE BEAST
You may remember the Harry Potter actress was in line to star in Guillermo del Toro's adaptation of Beauty & The Beast, but when that fell through she jumped ship to Disney, and has officially been cast as the beauty of the title, Belle.
Joss Whedon Teases Plans For 'Thanos' In AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON; I F***ing Kill Them!
Remember that shot in the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer of Captain America's broken shield and a fallen Thor? Well, if you guessed that it was somehow Thanos related, you might want to pat yourself on the back! Hit the jump for more on that and Whedon's plan to kill the Avengers...
'Jarvis' Has Gas In New Clip From The Next Episode Of AGENT CARTER
In this second extended sneak peek from episode 4 of Marvel's Agent Carter, "The Blitzkrieg Button", Edwin Jarvis (James D'Arcy) attempts to pay a ransom while Peggy (Hayley Atwell) takes care of some additional goons in the area. Click on for a look...
TASM 2's Colm Feore Will Play 'The Dollmaker' On GOTHAM
The sinister DC villain will make the jump from Arrow's Star City to the streets of Gotham, where he'll be played by the great Colm Feore. The actor comes to the show with some CBM experience, after appearing in both Thor & The Amazing Spider-Man 2.
Robert Downey Jr. Talks About Playing A Villainous (?) 'Iron Man' In CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR
Robert Downey Jr. talks here about why he chose Captain America: Civil War over Iron Man 4, how both Tony Stark and Steve Rogers will need to undergo some changes to end up coming to blows, and whether or not he views his character's transformation into that of a villain...
Joss Whedon Says It's Very Doubtful He Will Return For AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR
There's been a lot of talk about who will end up directing the two-part Avengers: Infinity War, with Captain America: Civil War directors Joe and Anthony Russo named as likely candidates. What does this mean for Joss Whedon? Hit the jump for his comments in full...
'Captain America', 'Scarlet Witch' And More In New AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Stills
A new batch of official images from Avengers: Age of Ultron have been found in the latest issue of Empire Magazine, and they feature plenty of awesome new shots of characters like Captain America, Thor, Scarlet Witch, and Black Widow in action. Hit the jump to check them out!
THE FLASH Showrunner Teases Gorilla Grodd
The showrunners behind The CW's Flash have previously teased the creation and appearance of Gorilla Grodd this season but according to executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, Grodd will soon make his debut.
New Official Look At The AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Gang On Latest Empire Magazine Cover
Check the cover(s) of this month's Empire issue as they feature an all-new look at Earth's Mightiest Heroes assembled with the Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver, plus a close-up on the Age of Ultron villain
Intriguing New SUICIDE SQUAD Casting And Character Rumors
Make the jump and check out some new potential Suicide Squad details (and spoilers) in terms of the actors being courted for a few surprising roles in the movie, as well as some info about the Joker
New Spoilerific International Promo For ARROW Season 3 Episode 11: Midnight City
A brand new international promo for next week's episode of Arrow has surfaced featuring a fairly big spoiler that reveals that there may be more than meets the eye when it comes to one character.. I've already said too much.. come check it out!
Sophie Turner On Playing 'Jean Grey' And 'Emulating' Famke Janssen In X-MEN: APOCALYPSE
The Game of Thrones actress shares her reaction and whereabouts when X-Men: Apocalypse director Bryan Singer had broke the news on Twitter that she'd be playing Jean. Check it out after the jump
HEROES REBORN: Zachary Quinto Says I'm Not Going Back
Star Trek star Zachary Quinto says he turned down Tim Kring's offer to reprise his role as superpowered serial killer Sylar, aka Gabriel Gray, for Heroes Reborn. Hit the jump to find out the reasoning behind his decision.
POLL: How Do You Feel About Melissa Benoist Playing SUPERGIRL?
CBS finally revealed this week who will be playing Supergilr in the upcoming TV series, and their decision came as quite a surprise with little known Whiplash actress Melissa Benoist given the chance to take on the iconic role. How do you feel about the casting?
RUMOR: The Team Members For Guillermo Del Toro's JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK Movie Revealed
Last we heard, the script for Guillermo del Toro's Dark Universe was complete and, depending on Warner Bros.' reaction, the movie would be getting the greenlight to begin production. Now we have word on which mystical DC characters might be making up the team...