About ComicBookMovie.com

ComicBookMovie.com is a fansite reporting breaking news and providing unique content about current Hollywood projects that bring comics characters and storylines to the big screen.

CBM came online in 2002 during the infancy of Hollywood's interest in adapting movies from comic books and graphic novels, and has quickly become the #1 online destination for information about the genre. Currently the site boasts millions of monthly visitors, and the most active online community in the genre. In 2008, CBM expanded its coverage to include all SciFi,Fantasy and Horror related properties, but retains it's main focus upon comic book movies.

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About User-Generation and CBM Fansites!

Also in 2008, CBM developed its unique fansites concept and opened up the site to user-generated content from its large community of passionate users. Now visitors of the site can contribute directly to CBM's content with their own news aggregation and unique articles. While a large group of volunteer editors maintain the professional quality of the content, user contributions appear immediately on the site. All visitors need to do to contribute is join. They can also create their very own Fansite where all their contributions are housed. When registering, contributors agree to follow accepted journalistic standards and ethics. Find out more about CBM Fansites HERE.

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