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Google Analytics Report is the #1 online destination for movies adapted from comic books, ranked #2 for comics in ComScore, and highly trafficked by all lovers of SciFi, Fantasy and Horror. If you want to reach the hardcore geek audience (males 12-34), they're HERE! PLUS, CBM is also "search optimized" to rank at the top of all major search engines. Almost 40% of our visitors are NEW -- bringing you a boatload of unique visitors regularly, and even more fresh eyeballs when the popular properties are HOT!!!

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First and foremost a breaking news site, CBM is a respected entertainment news provider and regarded as an expert source of pop-culture information. We are regularly cited by every major news outlet on and offline. See just a few current examples where we have contributed or been quoted HERE.

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Our traffic, pageviews and user "time on site" has grown almost every year because we're not a stagnant blog or simple news site. We're actively developing a dynamic fan destination for the long haul -- building an interactive community that will eventually run itself! Check out our unique Fansites concept.

  • We're Interactive - Beyond messageboards and comments sections, although we have those too.
  • We're User Generated - Our Fansites give passionate fans a way to contribute content, keeping us first, fresh and unique.
  • Constantly Innovative - We never get old. We've taken the best ideas of the web (Facebook, YouTube, Digg, Flicker, Wikipedia, Twitter), and continually update our site(s) to utilize these cutting edge concepts. - Playwire Media Advertising Inquiry

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