The Site Owners

Jim Littler - The Overlord & Co-Founder

Our fearless leader is the product of an unholy union between closely related West Virginia hillbillies. Jim enjoys comics, movies, all forms of animation, and co-founded a network of pop-culture websites devoted to those categories. Jim worked as a writer and e-mail marketer for AOL,, and UGO. In 2003, Jim and business partner Nate created their flagship fansite, and began building the Earth's Mightiest Fansite Network--highly trafficked pop-culture fansites entertaining around 4 million visitors a month. Surprisingly, Jim was able to convince a female to mate with him, and the coupling produced a non-deformed man-child. They currently live in a dark cave somewhere in the mountains of Utah--only venturing into the light for Coca Cola.

Nate Best - Master of the Web & Co-Founder

Nate fixes all the stuff that the non-techies constantly break. It seems that every time Jim messes with some bit of code, Nate will need to go in and figure out what the hell went wrong. Apart from being a whiz-bang web developer and programmer, he's a talented graphic artist and also does his share of content creation--particularly when it's about the latest video games. (See Moreso than many techies, Nate is a passionate fan of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror and Comics. He also enjoys logging off his computer from time to time in order to practice a lost art form called "drawering"--an ancient technique using something called a "pencil" to make lines appear on a square sheet of flattened tree bark.

Our thanks to all the other volunteer editors and contributors not listed here who help out anonymously. We appreciate all of you and thank you for making this site super!