BOX OFFICE: Sam Mendes' SKYFALL Closing In On $800 Million Worldwide

BOX OFFICE: Sam Mendes' SKYFALL Closing In On $800 Million Worldwide

After becoming the first ever James Bond movie to cross the $200 million mark in North America, Skyfall is now taking aim at an incredible worldwide total of $800 million. Hit the jump for all the latest box office figures!

Taking second place behind The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 in North America this weekend, the critically acclaimed Skyfall earned an additional $51 million over the five day holiday to take its domestic cume to an impressive $221.7 million. This makes it the first film in the franchise to ever cross the $200 million mark, while it also added another $41.3 million overseas to take its international total to $568.4 million. Add in what the Sam Mendes helmed film has earned in North America, and Skyfall has now grossed more than $790.1 million worldwide, putting it on course to pass $800 million this week. Its current global cume for IMAX is now $49 million.

Daniel Craig is back as Ian Fleming’s James Bond 007 in SKYFALL™, the 23rd adventure in the longest-running film franchise of all time. In SKYFALL, Bond’s loyalty to M is tested as her past comes back to haunt her. As MI6 comes under attack, 007 must track down and destroy the threat, no matter how personal the cost. The film is from Albert R. Broccoli’s EON Productions, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, and Sony Pictures Entertainment. Directed by Sam Mendes. Produced by Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli. Written by Neal Purvis & Robert Wade and John Logan.


Daniel Craig as James Bond
Javier Bardem as ?????
Judi Dench as M
Ralph Fiennes as ?????
Albert Finney as ?????
Naomie Harris as Eve
Bérénice Marlohe as Sévérine
Ben Whishaw as Q


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yourdaddy - 11/26/2012, 3:36 AM
finally bond is back in form, financially speaking.

i do mean "back". it actually hasn't surpassed the old films really.

inflation adjusted, connery's and moore's top films were in this range.

here's hoping the next one can do even better.
RR51 - 11/26/2012, 4:00 AM
It wasn't amazing, but good enough.
astromerc - 11/26/2012, 4:17 AM
But Tea! Your a MAN!
BabyGroot - 11/26/2012, 4:34 AM
"What makes you think this is my first time?"
CrowPirate1 - 11/26/2012, 4:46 AM
I loved it actually. It had humor, the original music, which has been missing, Q, some gadgets (but not an overload of them like in Roger Moore's silly ones) and Goldfinger's car!. Plus it had Craig being tough and cool, an M switching (which now on film shows that happening, which can explain the other M's and all the different Bonds. Even Q says "we don't do thos gadgets anymore" - dismissing other Q actor influenced time periods.) I have been waiting for an on screen in movie reference to this for awhile. It's silly to NOT have it in this series. And the movie is quite good. Yes, It had flaws, but was better than the previous one.
Jollem - 11/26/2012, 4:47 AM
damn, them's some duckets

skyfall was good. not a huge bond fan. i liked casino royale and goldeneye better

Ceejay - 11/26/2012, 4:53 AM
Connery and Moore's films never made anywhere near the money this film is making and adjusting for inflation doesn't make a difference, it only give false facts.

Adjusting for inflation would have you believe that movies made 30, 50, 60 years ago would have made the same money as movies today if they played in as many cinemas as we have today and with the same ticket price as today. What it doesn't take into account is that each film is a product of its time so if a movie like Moonraker with its shit FX came out today then chances are it would be slammed. Likewise if a film like Avatar was to come out at the same year as Star Wars with the level of 3D CGI compared to those old model toy FX then the chances are Star Wars would not have made any impact at all! And how many of you would have gone to see Gone with the Wind if it was released this year over The Avengers? While your thinking, do you honestly believe the Avengers would loose to Gone with the Wind if it had came out in the 1940's, really?

Adjusting for inflation is purely a numbers game with zero basis in actual facts! It takes every important factor out of the equation, butts on seats, amounts of cinemas, amounts of screens, vastly increased worldwide releases and translations; and instead concentrates on trying to make a buck from 50 years ago worth the price of 100 ticket prices today!
gillri - 11/26/2012, 4:57 AM
so it on $790 million now, it ll make at least 60 more in the US, thats $850 million

itll make at least another 50 million from overseas current markets and has Japan and China to go?

get ready for the first billion dollar bond!!
ricko8687 - 11/26/2012, 5:53 AM
This bond film has taken bond to a different level ( what makes you think this is my first time ) didn't see that one coming.
bagadoosh - 11/26/2012, 5:59 AM
TheOneWhoKnocks - 11/26/2012, 7:25 AM
My favs this year:
2) Avengers
3) Skyfall
4) Argo
5) Life of Pi
justified1 - 11/26/2012, 8:35 AM
seriously considering making this my number one bond movie
pepe - 11/26/2012, 9:00 AM
Not the best Bondflick...
thalidomide - 11/26/2012, 9:34 AM
Did the villain lose in this movie?
jimpinto24 - 11/26/2012, 9:44 AM
I don't care what anybody says. Skyfall was a great Bond film. Skyfall has surpassed Moonraker & next Live & Let Die. I hope it hits the $1 billion mark.
NanoMachines - 11/26/2012, 9:57 AM
Really good movie. My top 5 favorite films:
1)The Master
2)Life of Pi
Silentman - 11/26/2012, 12:02 PM
so happy this is doing well. surpassed my expectations and is one of my favorite bonds of all time now.

best of the year so far:

1. Skyfall
2. Lincoln
3. The Avengers
4. Moonrise Kingdom
5. Looper
plasticman - 11/26/2012, 2:29 PM
Skyfall was okay. There were a lot of imagination potholes. You would be riding along smoothly watching the film and then all of the sudden you hit an unexpected pothole where you would have to use your imagination in an unrealistic fashion to link things together in the realistic world that they attempted to create.

I expected it from Madagascar 3 when the kids and I watched that, but not Skyfall.

@Nanomachines- You must like those imagination potholes because I see you have Skyfall and TDKR both on your top five list. Haven't seen those other movies yet cuz like ironspiderman12 I am broke as a joke, but I bet they have some of those imagination potholes as well.

Bodwulf - 11/26/2012, 2:37 PM
Skyfall was my favorite of the Home Alone movies. Just wish they had used the A-team theme as M got the light bulbs ready. :/
Bodwulf - 11/26/2012, 2:40 PM
1) Skyfall
2)Home Alone 1
3)Home Alone 2
4)Home Alone 3
5)Home Alone 4
Maximus101 - 11/26/2012, 2:46 PM
Deserves every penny!

Top 5 movies this year for me

2) Dredd
3) skyfall
4) End of watch
5) looper
unknownfacts - 11/27/2012, 12:01 AM
@ceejay I do believe Avengers would lose to Gone with the Wind but only because some of the characters didn't start publication until the mid 60's it would have only been Captian America but actually publication date aside the primative mind set back then they would freakout over the Hulk.Also no one in the 40's would put black man in charge of anything and Blackwidow siut is also a no go.So in the long run yeah Avengers would lose out to GWTW.

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