The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug will be the one film to rule them all when it opens next weekend, but the next couple of days will see one final slobberknocker between The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and Disney's animated hit, Frozen. Hit the jump for the latest estimates!

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire came out on top during Thanksgiving weekend, but the next couple of days will be a much closer race as the sequel battles for the top spot with Frozen. Both are currently expected to earn around $30 million, but the fact that the latter is only in its second week of wide release (not to mention that it will likely draw the family crowd) means that it could just win the weekend with a predicted total of $32 million. Back in fourth or fifth position will be Marvel Studios' Thor: The Dark World. After passing $600 million at the worldwide box office today, it's believed that the Alan Taylor helmed sequel will add around $4 million to that domestically. What are you hoping to check out this weekend? Let us know in the usual place!
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Smallvillefan21 - 12/6/2013, 7:11 PM
Hunger Games Catching Fire has to reach a billion!!!!!
IM THE FIRST TO COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CaptainAmerica31 - 12/6/2013, 7:11 PM
Frozen will catch fire
Whiteandgold - 12/6/2013, 7:16 PM
CATCHING FIRE is the BEST. Jennifer Lawrence for OSCAR
RRA - 12/6/2013, 7:18 PM
Yeah I think FROZEN will win this weekend.

Anyway congrats to TDW for doing 600 million global, and probably will crawl its way to 200 million domestic. I'm still impressed by Thor's growth in public acceptance. 5 years ago, an unknown to the masses. After 3 movies in the last 3 years, he's now within shooting range of MOS in the 600s, which had the extra benefit of coming out in the summer. (And Supes has been around for what, 75 years?)

Now the world knows of Mr. Odinson. Not bad Hammer Guy, not bad.

(Not trying to start another partisan fanboy war, not slamming MOS or DC at all. Just gushing as a fan of a character.)
RRA - 12/6/2013, 7:19 PM
Smallvillefan21 - I think a billion is a given for CF, isn't it? Or not?

I certainly think it'll pass IM3 to be the #1 movie of the year domestic.
AGoodHonestMan - 12/6/2013, 7:21 PM
Frozen will win, Hunger Games has never done as well over seas. Though, its domestic take is great and should keep earning. Frozen hasn't been given a real legit international release yet and once it does expect it to dominate.
Volthoom - 12/6/2013, 7:25 PM
Saw Frozen and Catching Fire. Frozen, although a Disney movie was the best movie i have seen this year.
CaptainObvious - 12/6/2013, 7:26 PM
I just got back from seeing Frozen. It was an incredible film. This Disney's best film since The Lion King. It's that good.

I'm going to have "Let it Go" stuck in my head for days now.
AGoodHonestMan - 12/6/2013, 7:29 PM
@ SlaveMaster

IM3: Domestic is about 410,000,000 but the number you should be look at is 121,000,000 from China.

Catching Fire would be closer to 700,000,000-800,000,000.

AGoodHonestMan - 12/6/2013, 7:30 PM
I'm telling you! Once Frozen gets released in Asia its gonna dominate!
RRA - 12/6/2013, 7:35 PM
If CF does indeed fall short of a billion, it does show how hard it really still is to do a billion even in these days of the powerful Russian/Chinese markets.
RRA - 12/6/2013, 7:36 PM
AGHM - Yeah FROZEN is a crowdpleaser. It'll run the table global like the heyday of the Disney Renaissance did.

However was I the only one who liked the attached Mickey Mouse short "Get A Horse" more?
AGoodHonestMan - 12/6/2013, 7:39 PM
I can't wait for Big Hero 6! If Disney is truly going through a resurgence and with Marvel helping them out as well then this movie is gonna be freaken epic! I can't wait!
ISleepNow - 12/6/2013, 7:42 PM
Hunger Games, Frozen, all I can say is Enjoy It While It Lasts. Next weekend, you guys will be vying for #2 and #3 respectively..
AGoodHonestMan - 12/6/2013, 7:44 PM

Yeah, that's the major problem that's probably gonna hinder Cap 2. Even if the movie is epic, the global take is gonna be really iffy because I just can't see a movie with a character named 'Captain America' doing too well in Russia and China. I also like Get A Horse.
RRA - 12/6/2013, 7:48 PM
AGHM - I wonder how people will react to a Japanphile movie like BIG HERO 6?

Anyway good that Disney apparently has gotten their crap together finally under cartoon czar Lasster. About time the House that Mickey Built help ease some of the pressure off Pixar.
RRA - 12/6/2013, 7:52 PM
AGHM - I disagree. Remember Paramount/Marvel gave foreign distributors the choice of using an alternate title ("The First Avenger")...and surprisingly only a handful took up that offer. China, Russia, South Korea were the only ones right? Maybe another, but actually not as many as Marvel feared initially I'm sure.

Now after THE AVENGERS, I don't think that's a big deal anymore. Yeah foreignes may despise the U.S. Government, but ole Cap? He means well as a nice guy.

I aree with SlaveMasterFlexxx's Box-office guess, except that 500 milion global is the basement gross at the very least for TWS.
AGoodHonestMan - 12/6/2013, 8:01 PM

Well with the way Disney is altering the story a bit I suspect BH6 to be a combination of Iron Giant/Young Justice. The things I've read and heard has really perked my interest of the movie. The animation isn't hand drawn anime its probably more in line with Wreck-it-Ralph's style of 3D animation with a bit of Manga influence.

Still changing the name to a Captain America type movie isn't gonna help it much. The only thing I can think off that may help Cap is the Avengers bump.
Ramiel - 12/6/2013, 8:19 PM
Frozen was a great movie.
lsc2222 - 12/6/2013, 8:27 PM
I really enjoyed 'Frozen'. Great animation, great voice talent, and a great story. If you have kids or if you just want to see a fun movie with your girlfriend or boyfriend, check it out.
CaptainObvious - 12/6/2013, 8:39 PM
If this doesn't sell you on the film, I don't know what will.
staypuffed - 12/6/2013, 8:48 PM
C'mon, Catching Fire, reach 1 billion...
ALmazing - 12/6/2013, 8:55 PM
I'm saving my pennies for when "Desolation of Smaug" comes out. Everything else is a rental.
DrDoom - 12/6/2013, 9:12 PM
Hunger Games is overrated

Haven't seen Frozen yet, but I want to

Hobbit is gonna be ace
m0th3r - 12/6/2013, 9:44 PM
Whats impressive about catching fire is domestic return....thats monster. Thor is at 188, Superman was close to same. Wolverine was like 130..i think IM3 did about 400m. You need that massive american number to break the big B
lsc2222 - 12/6/2013, 9:49 PM

I'm sold. I'm feeling a need to get back to the theater again...
charlie2094 - 12/6/2013, 10:00 PM
Loved Catching Fire, one of my favourite films of the year, glad it's doing so well, hoping it finishes around $800 million, be amazing if it went last that, but not expecting it to...we'll see! The only blockbuster this year that hasn't disappointed me, looking forward to the next two
lsc2222 - 12/6/2013, 10:39 PM
The Avengers is a great movie, but it's a live action comic book movie, Frozen is an animated Disney musical, so it's in-line with what Disney has traditionally been known for (The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, etc.).
lsc2222 - 12/6/2013, 10:43 PM
Frozen has been getting a lot of positive reviews, mostly because it's a good movie, but also because the film is also seen as Disney "returning to its roots" so to speak (taking a fairy tale, in this case Hans Christian Andersen's 'The Snow Queen', making changes so it works for a younger and widespread audience, and adding in a musical element. Like another Hans Christian Andersen story 'the Little Mermaid').
Lhornbk - 12/6/2013, 11:27 PM
I don't think Catching Fire will get to a billion (unfortunately), but I think it might have a shot at catching IM 3 for #1 in domestic gross for the year. It should be about $60-70 million behind IM 3 after this weekend. It would need 3 weeks averaging $20-25 million a week, or 4 weeks averaging $15-20 million a week. It will be hard, but I think it has an outside shot. If it had been in 3D, the extra money from that would have pushed it past IM 3 easily, and might have given it the billion dollar mark.
Lhornbk - 12/6/2013, 11:33 PM
@Intruder, that comment just shows that you're an idiot. About the only thing Hunger Games has in common with Running Man is that both deal with a televised event in the future in which people die. That's it. The Hunger Games are so much better than Running Man that they should not even be mentioned in the same sentence. You're just ticked that a Marvel film is getting its butt kicked by a movie staring a teenage, female lead.
Equivocal - 12/7/2013, 12:24 AM
Frozen is Really good, I'd watch it again !

hunger games, (running man rip off) ...

I'll wait for the dvd.
kylo0607 - 12/7/2013, 12:53 AM
I am pretty sure it will hit the billion or at least close to it. One of the best movies this year and better than the first one. Can't wait for Mockingjay.
mgeoff88 - 12/7/2013, 1:27 AM
@intruder You should at least give the first movie a watch... It's not like Twilight. Certain aspects of it actually remind me of the new TR video game.

And this is coming from a guy who would rather have bamboo shoots shoved under his fingernails than go and watch a Twilight movie.
kylo0607 - 12/7/2013, 3:16 AM

I support mgeoff88, Hunger Games as a whole is much better than Twilight. Better acting, story, costumes, cinematography, etc. I was also biased before watching both of them, but now I think the first movie is pretty good and Catching Fire to be one of the best movies of 2013.
RichardBoldly - 12/7/2013, 3:47 AM
Catching Fire is a masterpiece.

RichardBoldly - 12/7/2013, 4:01 AM
The Moralists is overrated as [frick].
jcfrommars9 - 12/7/2013, 5:41 AM

I am pretty sure it will hit the billion or at least close to it.

At this point, I would say close to it. It's domestic total has already passed it's international and will likely stay that way.
MightyZeus - 12/7/2013, 6:32 AM
I wont rush to see Catching Fire and i'm not rushing out to see Frozen. I'll instead be seeing The Hobbit DOS.

Liverpool4life - 12/7/2013, 7:02 PM
Don't criticize HG:CF. Lhornbk will jump on your butt. He/she will lecture you about being a Marvel fanboy or you're immature because you like "childish" comic books.
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