Brief Trailer Descriptions For Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol And Transformers: Dark Of The Moon

Brief Trailer Descriptions For <i>Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol</i> And <i>Transformers: Dark Of The Moon</i>

Hit the jump to read description for the new Transformers: Dark Of The Moon trailer and the first Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol teaser.

Two new trailers were shown at the Russian International Film Market. And thanks to a /Film reader we now have a descriptions. One of them is the new trailer for Michael Bay's Transformers: Dark Of The Moon and the other is the first teaser for Brad Bird - directed Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol starring Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner and Josh Holloway.

First up, Transformers: Dark Of The Moon:

"The CGI looks even better than the two first films [put] together. There are some really innovative visual decisions and the 3D has an amazing quality. There was one kinda big spot with Sam and his new blond girlfriend that helps him get a job. Since everyone cares about her being in this film, from this spot I can tell that she [demands] much of the attention. It feels so [forced] when the camera catches her to show everyone her sexiness when it’s not really needed. Well, yes, she looks sexy, and from that spot she didn’t [show] any emotion on her face, [either]."

And here is the Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol:

"It’s kind of hard to say why it was so impressive, but it was. And I’ve talked to bunch of people, and everyone [agrees] that it was trailer of the day. It works so hard, especially when the trailer comes to its ending, [where] we see Tom Cruise hanging down on the world’s biggest building in Dubai. It really blew mind. Maybe the reason for its success is in the fact that we haven’t see something like that for a long time…a large scale spy thriller going all around the world.

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GrimeKid - 3/5/2011, 12:08 PM
Why does everyone say that Sam's new GF is sexy? I think she looks really ugly.
Iv'e seen people on here saying she's hotter than Megan Fox. WHAT!?
Say what you want about Fox' acting skills but she's much more attractive than dis new bird.

Also yeah, I too am very intruiged to see an MI:4 trailer
dahamma - 3/5/2011, 12:18 PM
Megan FOx looked better than the new chick. BUt the important question is....WHY do this character even matter? As far as im concerned, im paying to see giant robot destroy each other.
SmokinIndo - 3/5/2011, 12:18 PM
The people providing the interview also gave a brief review of the Captain America trailer.

"It partly seems to be a lot like Indiana Jones…. Everything seems to be very natural and real. Can’t remember any usage of CGI. Amazing decorations, costumes. And the best thing about this film, it looks like the best part of its production is its script. A serious fantastic-military detective thriller…."


Feel free to include it in your article.
WolvieCBM - 3/5/2011, 12:23 PM
@indoraptor: Here is the detailed description of the Cap trailer, I posted it couple of days ago.
Optimus1983 - 3/5/2011, 12:24 PM
Grim I am with you Megan is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY hotter than this chick. Megons acting was good enough for the Transformers movies. But I just dont think TF:DOTM will feel the same without her. I mean after the whole I love you sam thingbut thats just me. As for the MI:4 trailer I cant wait to see it
SmokinIndo - 3/5/2011, 12:28 PM

Yes, but the review still gives a positive reaction to the tone of the trailer, the set design, the visual effects, and the production values. Since we haven't seen the trailer yet, the review gives us an idea of what it'll look like on-screen.
RorMachine - 3/5/2011, 12:33 PM
I didn't like the first Mission Impossible, and [frick]ing hated the 2nd one! I did enjoy the 3rd one to a point, aside from the ridiculously schmaltzy ending. Not really pushed on a fourth one. How many more times is it going to be fun to see Tom Cruise pull faces at explosions?
AlexDeLarge87 - 3/5/2011, 12:46 PM
Ror@ Until he kills himself doing so!;)

No im really interested about the new MI movie just because it has very interesting cast.
prototype87 - 3/5/2011, 12:55 PM
marvel72 - 3/5/2011, 1:22 PM
not intrested in mission impossible-ghost protocol at all,but i'm looking forward to seeing the transformers 3 trailer.
croniccris - 3/5/2011, 1:32 PM
It really blew mind? Dang I cannot wait for MI:4 or transformers 3...........o wait ya I can sorry I was thinking of cap and thor
Dusk - 3/5/2011, 1:43 PM
Vital - 3/5/2011, 2:04 PM
Is it just me, or are random words always missing in these yellow quote boxes?
Jer3miah - 3/5/2011, 2:16 PM
Mission: Impossible -- Now THAT'S a trilogy! I didn't know a new movie was in the works and already to the point of a trailer. I can dig that.. Transformers? Yawn.. Uh, so they don't try and sell the girl's sexiness, yawn. Okay, and?
hovis5818 - 3/5/2011, 2:16 PM
Looking forward to the Mission Impossible trailer! Nice article.
LEEE777 - 3/5/2011, 2:27 PM
MISSION IMPOSSIBLE are awesome films!

Anyone that don't like them must luv them horrible X-Men Fox movies bwahahahahaha!

: D

Jk... cool @ WOLVIE!
MikeZ - 3/5/2011, 3:15 PM
First off, Transformers. I think like I told this one guy before, WHY ANOTHER GIRL? Or, how about replacing Megan Fox with Jessica Lowndes (a dead ringer for a Megan Fox clone), and I can believe that Fox can be replaced. Regardless of whether or not the character that Jason Statham's supermodel girlfriend is playing is from the G1 canon, I'd feel better if they just not include Mikaela in the third film, but at least make reference.\

Plus, I've a feeling this film's gonna be a bomb. I mean, one minute they're promising no dorky comedy, next thing there's a news story that there's gonna be more comedy as well as a robot with a mullet? And we're supposed to believe Megan is a [foo foo] for not being a Michael Bay sycophant (by the way, I'm laughing my ass of that foo foo is the censored version of C-word)? Besides, anyone aware of the threequel curse? Unless Michael Bay somehow dragged the Toy Story 3 filmmakers are behind this, you don't need ESP to predict a steaming pile of fail.

As for Mission Impossible 4? I've got a chance to watch all of the films, and I was blown away. Especially with the last one. The love story from part 3 was incredibly painful (it being Tom Cruise, go figure), but J.J. Abrams knew how to direct an action scene, and that's where Star Trek came into his hands. Plus Josh Holloway and Jeremy Renner's gonna be in this one, so I'm reserving tickets... when they become available.

Ceejay - 3/5/2011, 4:44 PM
One day Hollywood will stop using old TV shows as name Brands to launch a movie on totally unrelated to the original source. None of the Mission Impossible films were anything like the TV show, they were all just typical action films. The TV show was called mission impossible becasue their missions were seemingly "Impossible" and nobody ever knew they were there until after they had done the damage and left the scene. No guns fired, no fist fights and no forced love stories either. And the team never got killed on missions or double crossed each other for something as trivial in their line of work as MONEY!

Allt hose M.I movies are are made for action film junkies. A real M.I movie would be a cerebral espionage thriller, not yet another brainless action flick for knuckle-draggers!
RorMachine - 3/5/2011, 4:53 PM
@Lee, and anyone who did like em probably also liked Gi Joke and The Fantastic Bore movies:)
parascythe - 3/5/2011, 5:26 PM
wish to see more FMA (Filipino Martial Arts) stunts like in the previous Mission Impossible films and Hopefully to see Matt return in Bourne series his FMA stunt there was so cool
whoa123 - 3/5/2011, 5:27 PM
I'm more excited for M.I: Ghost Protocol than Trannies 3
MovieGuy2178 - 3/5/2011, 7:28 PM
Can't wait for both trailers to come out.
Havok89 - 3/6/2011, 1:28 AM
I can't wait to see MI:GP trailer!

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