Finally! Plot Details For A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD

Finally! Plot Details For A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD

Yippee-Ki-Yay Mother Russia! Surprisingly, much of the plot to the new "Die Hard" film has been shrouded in mystery. I can tell you that some new information has become available that will help shed some light on the story. Hit the jump to check it out.

I think it's fair to say that the first trailer for A Good Day To Die Hard received a tepid response at best. Which is really odd for a Die Hard film. Usually fans get really fired up to see John McClane back in action, but this time around things comments seem to be much more negative. Perhaps the audience has tired of the franchise or they are weary of a director who has a poor track record of success. Well, whatever the reason is we now have a better clue about the plot.

The information provided below comes courtesy of MovieHole.
The plot, as we have all learned, featured McClane traveling to Russia to be with his son. So what’s going on with his son? What I’m being told is the son of John McClane, Jack, (played by Jai Courtney) is in fact an undercover CIA Operative. Cringe if you will, but this is slightly hinted at in the first teaser trailer released in September where Bruce Willis’ McClane says the line ” The 007 0f Plainfield, New Jersey.” This is referring to where the McClane / Gennaro family originally hail from, the city of Plainfield, NJ and McClane Jr being a secret agent, ala Bond 007.

CIA Agent Jack McClane meets his estranged father, the reluctant hero that is John McClane, in Moscow and who is apparently completely unaware how super-trained an agent his son actually is. Jack is so highly trained, that he’s deep undercover with Russian heavies who have their hands on some nukes, but once his cover is blown, both the younger and older McClanes are left with no alternative than to fend off Russian mobsters aplenty in unfamiliar territory.

20th Century Fox's A Good Day To Die Hard was written by Skip Woods and directed by John Moore ("Max Payne"). The film stars: Bruce Willis as John McClane, Jai Courtney as John "Jack" McClane, Jr., Cole Hauser as Collins, Sebastian Koch as Komorov, Yuliya Snigir as Irina and Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Lucy McClane. It will land in theaters February 14, 2013.

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trytan - 11/7/2012, 12:33 AM
And I'll wait and see when it comes out. To me the plot sounds like it could be good OR bad.
Cheeze187 - 11/7/2012, 12:37 AM
I've been a secret agent and this would never happen.

jimoakley666 - 11/7/2012, 12:47 AM
I hope Willis saves his son's arse countless times.
danyu - 11/7/2012, 1:16 AM
Die Hard has always been good because of the delivery not plot points or lame trailers.

In other words, I think it's going to be good despite the contrived plot and lame trailer.
Gose - 11/7/2012, 1:21 AM
AH, the 80s actions .....
RR51 - 11/7/2012, 1:26 AM
TheRationalOne - 11/7/2012, 1:27 AM
His track records not THAT bad. Behind Enemy Lines is awesome. Flight Of The Phoenix was pretty damn good. Max Payne wasn't as good as it should of been but it had some good moments. And The Omen was exactly what it was supposed to be. Not too worried.
laughterman26 - 11/7/2012, 1:38 AM
[frick]in stralia for the win. aussies [like me] always do play the most bad ass characters.
Hudson3D - 11/7/2012, 1:52 AM
You know it's gonna be good. Maybe not for the younger ones but for the people in here in their 30's and older who grew up with action in the 1980's. It's the same with the Expendables, you're not supposed to take it seriously, it's supposed to give you a bit of a laugh!
Jollem - 11/7/2012, 2:31 AM
Hudson3D - 11/7/2012, 2:44 AM
@IronFan.. I agree, I do. I want all the blood and swearing. But even though they have made this pg-13, I still think it will be the older ones who will enjoy it more. Don't get me wrong, I am more of a superhero type of fan and I am in my 30's. Nice rant though buddy, i didn't mean to piss you off.
evilness - 11/7/2012, 2:57 AM
one of my friends has only seen the first die hard film. i read him out the little excerpt given here, his reaction was something to behold. to summarize "what the [frick] is this shit?!"

suffice to say, things have gotten a little out of hand, at least for him, since the first die hard film which he described as "a perfectly simple and self contained story".

i think i'm inclined to agree. die hard's deviated a little too far from it's simpler roots in my opinion.
AlexDeLarge87 - 11/7/2012, 3:20 AM
People were excited about the fourth one cause McClane havent been around in a long time. But now that they have bringed him to this century (updated the franchise). There´s really no need for the fifth movie.

Anyway to me this fifth looks ok. Nothing special. Just good fun. I really hope thou they stay true to the nature of the first two. I mean the swearing and violence! Damn!;)

J619SD - 11/7/2012, 5:09 AM
Man, It is friggin DIE HARD!! How can you not be excited for another John McClane adventure?
Mysterion - 11/7/2012, 6:03 AM
Its kinda weird seeing a Die Hard movie being released on a February (Valentines day no less)...that franchise was always a summer tentpole.
KNIGHT3000 - 11/7/2012, 6:20 AM
I already knew all this... Still waiting...
KNIGHT3000 - 11/7/2012, 6:22 AM
Love that they are bringing back the "Vengeance" vibe with "Ode to Joy". Most people disagree, but I like WITH A VENGEANCE the most.
kirklazarus87 - 11/7/2012, 7:29 AM
This will be a bro-movie, get all your bros together hit up hooters or something and watch Die Hard after. It comes out on Valentines day no worries for me I'm forever alone.

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