Full Version Of Adele's SKYFALL Theme Song

Full Version Of Adele's SKYFALL Theme Song

We've heard the 90-second preview, now listen to the full track of Adele's "Let The Skyfall," which is the theme song to the new James Bond film. Hit the jump to have a listen.

“After reading the script for the film, Adele enlisted Paul Epworth to co-write and produce the theme song to Skyfall. Adele admits, ‘I was a little hesitant at first to be involved with the theme song for Skyfall. There’s a lot of instant spotlight and pressure when it comes to a Bond song. But I fell in love with the script and Paul had some great ideas for the track and it ended up being a bit of a no-brainer to do it in the end. It was also a lot of fun writing to a brief, something I’ve never done which made it exciting. When we recorded the strings, it was one of the proudest moments of my life. I’ll be back combing my hair when I’m 60 telling people I was a Bond girl back in the day, I’m sure!’ Recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London, Skyfall features the lush accompaniment of a 77-piece orchestra.”

Skyfall, Craig's third outing as James Bond will be released on October 26, 2012. This time Daniel Craig and Judi Dench will be joined by Javier Bardem, Berenice Marlohe, Naomie Harris, Ben Whishaw, Helen McCroy, Albert Finney, and Ralph Fiennes.

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Tomontherun99 - 10/4/2012, 1:19 PM
I'm not really an Adele fan and cannot usually stand most of her music but this is pretty good. It sounds like a good, old fashioned Bond theme unlike the terrible White Stripes one.
Nick56 - 10/4/2012, 1:22 PM
Muse should have done the song
jimpinto24 - 10/4/2012, 1:22 PM
I like the Skyfall theme song.
mawilli4 - 10/4/2012, 1:23 PM
beautiful. Adele is one of the only pop artists out right now with real talent.
zachman2013 - 10/4/2012, 1:25 PM
Waaaayyyy better then Quantum of Solace. Casino Royale's might be the best one ever though.
Sanderman - 10/4/2012, 1:26 PM
this sound..i like it
Sanderman - 10/4/2012, 1:26 PM
ready to see what kind of opening sequence they have with it
imnotwearinghockeypants - 10/4/2012, 1:27 PM
Not bad. Classic sound.
AlexRival - 10/4/2012, 1:27 PM
I still think Muse or Michael Buble should have done it. Listen to Muse's "Supremecy" or "Uno" or Buble's "Cry Me A River" if you haven't heard them yet.
Knightrider - 10/4/2012, 1:31 PM
Pretty good, does have a classic feel to it.
Wingding - 10/4/2012, 1:32 PM
Oh heck yes. I was sick of Adele being overplayed for a while, and now she has reminded me of how awesome she is. Babam!

Btw, I happened to really like the theme song Jack White did for QOS :)
AlexDeLarge87 - 10/4/2012, 1:33 PM
Good for a Bond movie.
theboywonder - 10/4/2012, 1:35 PM
This is really really beautiful. Sounds very Bond but also very Adele. She should be proud of this
marvel72 - 10/4/2012, 1:41 PM
adele is brilliant,she's got a great voice & a few grammy's to prove it.

muse would of been a good choice so would of kasabian.
darkness - 10/4/2012, 1:46 PM
i am a bond fan since birth! crigs films as 007 are my fav! adele as an artist is great...but this song sucks ass!!! it's like all the unforgettable bond songs from the 80s!!!
JumpinJehosaphat - 10/4/2012, 1:47 PM
Had me until the first drum fill. The horns started to save it, but those drums stick out like a sore most of body.
Beastwood - 10/4/2012, 1:54 PM
sounds great sounds like a bond opening
jimoakley666 - 10/4/2012, 2:04 PM
That's a sexy Bond theme!
Tony93 - 10/4/2012, 2:05 PM
I like it :)
Mm adele
ChubbyDeadpool - 10/4/2012, 2:07 PM
well, IMO it's not bad, but does sound very similar to Tomorrow Never Dies from Sheryl Crow. The instrumental is reminiscent, at least. I tend to prefer my Bond theme's with a bit more of an upbeat tempo. A View To a Kill, Know my Name from Casino Royale, Live and Let Die etc. Power Ballads are better used within the film, where necessary. Like If You Asked Me To was used in License To Kill. It couldn't be the theme, but placement at the end worked ok. I'd love to get a Bond theme from AC/DC or Def Leppard one day.

ya ya, I'm old - Get off my lawn!
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 10/4/2012, 2:19 PM
Nice! The beat sounds like a mixture of Quantum and Royal.
REDSTORM - 10/4/2012, 2:32 PM
BoosterGold1991 - 10/4/2012, 2:38 PM
Adele's new song is just absolutely phenomenal and sounds like a good old-fashioned bond theme.
95 - 10/4/2012, 2:46 PM
I like it. What a great year. Totally forgot about a 007 film coming out in a month. Craig versus Bardem. So excited.
datNAMEtho - 10/4/2012, 2:48 PM
Well done Adele. Me like.
INSTANTJUSTICE - 10/4/2012, 2:58 PM

I found that to be a rather bland and tuneless ditty. Bond theme by numbers.
SuperDude001 - 10/4/2012, 3:05 PM
This is brilliant!
I understand why people wanted Muse, although imo this and Adele herself is better as it's more classic-Bond where as Muse were more Casino Royale style.
dreddhead123 - 10/4/2012, 3:06 PM
This song is for Sean Connery's Bond, not Craig's!

Cool tune. Should wow lots of people when they hear it over the fantastic visuals over the opening titles of Skyfall.

It's a tad overblown in terms of production but hey, it's a James Bond song. It's all about excess!
dreddhead123 - 10/4/2012, 3:10 PM
You can hear the full *official* version tomorrow at this link:

SuperDude001 - 10/4/2012, 3:14 PM
dreddhead123 It's not even tomorrow really is it? Isn't it like in an hour?
AsianVersionOfET - 10/4/2012, 3:17 PM
I don't think anything will ever beat Casino Royal's song. But this was pretty good.
Gary8264 - 10/4/2012, 3:18 PM
Not bad, don't know if it will go down as one of the more memorable Bond theme's, but not bad.
My son was playin' his games the other day, and I heard the theme to one
Metal Gear, Snake eater
I said "Damn, that sounds like a Bond Theme, and come to find out, it was meant to sound like one. If you haven't heard it, you should give it a listen.
Azrael725 - 10/4/2012, 3:30 PM
sounds awesome! this one, however, is my favorite Bond song of all time.

Bandrews1 - 10/4/2012, 3:35 PM
I like this a lot, it sounds like a classic James Bond theme. This doesn't really sound like Adele though.
AsianVersionOfET - 10/4/2012, 4:06 PM
@Azrael725, ahhh FOOK YEAH.
AsianVersionOfET - 10/4/2012, 4:06 PM
@earzmundo, hope you're joking...
R2r - 10/4/2012, 4:26 PM
bagadoosh - 10/4/2012, 4:48 PM
OptimisticPrime - 10/4/2012, 4:55 PM
I'll wait to hear it with the movie. : ]
"We could have had Skyfaaaaaaaaaall..."
PeterDarker121 - 10/4/2012, 5:03 PM
@R2r Thanks for the FULL version (with lyrics)! Love it!
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