JAMES BOND 24 On Track For An Autumn 2014 Release; John Logan To Pen Screenplay

JAMES BOND 24 On Track For An Autumn 2014 Release; John Logan To Pen Screenplay

The currently untitled James Bond 24 is reportedly set to begin production this time next year for a 2014 release, while Skyfall (released today in the UK) writer John Logan will return to pen the screenplay by himself. Read on for details!

Skyfall hits UK cinemas this weekend (it's not out in the US until November 9th) and The Daily Mail are reporting that plans are already in motion for the next instalment. There was a four year wait between Quantum of Solace and the latest Sam Mendes helmed film, but with Daniel Craig signed up for at least another two Bond movies, the studio clearly don't want to wait as long this time. According to the site, "Bond 24 is already in pre-pre-production and the plan is for it to start shooting at Pinewood Studios around this time next year and be ready for cinemas in the autumn of 2014." They go on to add that regular screenwriters Neal Purvis and Robert Wade (who have worked on a total of five Bond movies) will not be returning for the follow-up, with Skyfall writer John Logan instead set to return to pen the script by himself. At this point, there is of course currently no word on the title or plot.

Daniel Craig is back as James Bond 007 in Skyfall, the 23rd adventure in the longest-running film franchise of all time. In Skyfall, Bond’s loyalty to M (Judi Dench) is tested as her past comes back to haunt her. As MI6 comes under attack, 007 must track down and destroy the threat, no matter how personal the cost.


Daniel Craig as James Bond
Javier Bardem as ?????
Judi Dench as M
Ralph Fiennes as ?????
Albert Finney as ?????
Naomie Harris as Eve
Bérénice Marlohe as Sévérine
Ben Whishaw as Q

RELEASE DATE: October 26th, 2012 (UK) November 9th, 2012 (US)

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TheAstoundingMan - 10/26/2012, 4:25 AM
And yet another movie to look forward to look forward to in 2014. Here's hoping that they can find a worthy replacement for Mendes.
thewonderer - 10/26/2012, 4:34 AM
scarecrow007 - 10/26/2012, 4:38 AM
Aren't they rushing this?
DrainBamage - 10/26/2012, 4:45 AM
Hmm... I just know Skyfall is going to do great in the box office, but I can't help but to think back to 2007 when Halo 3 was released. Some movie studios actually felt that the release of one of the most highly anticipated games on the Xbox 360 hurt movie ticket sales the weekend following Halo 3's release. So, just three days before Skyfall is to be released, Halo 4 will hit shelves.

Now, I'm a CBM and 007 fan, but I won't lie...I'm a gamer first. My girl and I will be cocooned away at home with both our 360's blazing on our copies of Halo 4.

I just can't help but to wonder how many other people will be skipping Skyfall's opening weekend also. I know we won't be the only ones.
spidey1994 - 10/26/2012, 4:46 AM
Christopher Nolan as drector!!!!!
Spideyguy94 - 10/26/2012, 4:47 AM
Nolan is a fantastic filmmaker but after skyfall I hope mendes gets another shot if he doesn't come back then I would love to see Nolan
scarecrow007 - 10/26/2012, 4:56 AM
Interesting comment @DrainBamage, but I am not sure if Halo 4 is as much anticipated as Halo 3 was.
jimoakley666 - 10/26/2012, 5:08 AM
I'd read an interview with Logan on one of the James Bond sites that he has already written the outline of the next movie and will fully script it over the next 12 months and start filming this time next year.

Personally I wouldn't rule Mendez out for a return. He seems to have really enjoyed making this one and seems very eager. He's not mentioned once the usual thing that directors say when their BIG film comes out that "they are tired and need to see how it goes..."
Logan5 - 10/26/2012, 5:09 AM
Glad that Craig is signed on for at least two more. Regardless of whether he's sandy blonde like Moore, he's right there with Connery for my favorite version of the character. Idris Elba is great, but I think we need to stick with Craig until he starts really showing his age.

If you are a Bond fan, you'll find time; Halo will be there. The beautifully shot, Mendes directed Skyfall is much anticipated by me & I looks to have what it venture to theaters for.
DrainBamage - 10/26/2012, 5:16 AM
@scarecrow007 Currently it has over one million pre-sale orders. The Limited Edition is sold out everywhere.

Then to make matters even more interesting, one week later, COD: Black Ops 2 will be released. BO2 sits at the top of the pre-sale charts with just a little more than Halo 4.

I just get the feeling that Skyfall's biggest competition won't be another movie, but the video game market. While I don't think it'll make that big a dent in Skyfall's numbers, it's got to take a chunk out of it among the gamer community.

That weekend, internet bandwidth is going to light up like a nuclear bomb with people who aren't watching Skyfall and playing Slayer online. And then the following weekend as well once Black Ops 2 hits shelves. Should be interesting to see what effect, IF ANY, this has on Skyfall.

All I can do is speak for myself (and my girlfriend), we're going to catch it later. But first, Halo time!
Logan5 - 10/26/2012, 5:33 AM
^Fassbender would own Bond, but then again he owns every roles he's ever done. Good suggestion!
Coolkid - 10/26/2012, 6:09 AM
Nolan pls...!!!
Mysterion - 10/26/2012, 6:22 AM
Maybe the producers know that Craig is starting to show his age and want to churn out quick the last two movies that he is contractually obligated to do.

I remember reading years ago while Pierce Bronson was still 007...the movie studios wanted to go with a very young James Bond in training direction and were interested in getting a young Jude Law to play 007.
Maybe the studios should revisit that idea when they part ways with Dainel Craig.
LMB10 - 10/26/2012, 7:38 AM
Nolan is overrated. Not that he'd be a bad choice, but still, overrated.
dezdigi - 10/26/2012, 8:14 AM
They're on the ball, I hope quality is still under control!
l0rdleg0las - 10/26/2012, 9:39 AM
Nolan can go suck a dick. He'll give us ugly Bond girls, lame action scenes, pretentious plots and a retarded ambiguous ending.
ImnotDaredevil - 10/26/2012, 10:38 AM
Just got in from seeing Skyfall & have to be honest, it was f@*king awsome!! I've never bothered with going to see bond films at the cinema before, always liked waiting for DVD's but I'm glad I caught this one! Total film gave it 5* & I'd say its probably the best one yet (IMO) ;)
Rambaldi47 - 10/26/2012, 12:30 PM
I don't understand why there are rumors of Idris Elba being the next Bond, when Daniel Craig is signed on for at least 2 more. Isn't that jumping the gun a little? Craig probably won't be done until like 2016.

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