Max Landis Updates On CHRONICLE Sequel

Max Landis Updates On CHRONICLE Sequel

The writer talks about the upcoming sequel to this year's found footage/superhero movie Chronicle, returning characters, and whether or not Josh Trank will return to direct.

Talking with MeMovies, screenwriter Max Landis updates on the proposed sequel to Chronicle, a found footage/superhero film released this year to critical acclaim. Landis says that the footage we saw in the first film did get out to the public. "The movie you saw (Chronicle) in the sequel is a thing. That edited footage is a thing. So it’s not like ‘we found this footage after this kids died’. You can’t deny cars being thrown in the air in Seattle. You saw all those helicopters. The world changed. That’s the end of ‘Chronicle’. And things are going to be different now. They can’t possibly cover up what happened."

For those who hoped that director Josh Trank will return for the sequel, Landis has some disappointing news. "Josh is all over the place with other projects. I’m also all over the place with other projects, but ‘Chronicle’ is really my baby. Josh will probably be involved in some respect but right now I just want to get the script done." Recently, it was confirmed that Trank will be working on the Fantastic Four reboot (though it's not clear whether or not he'll direct), and he's also attached to direct The Red Star for Warner Bros.

Concerning returning characters, Landis reveals that Matt (played by Alex Russell) will return for the sequel. "I loved Matt, and I felt really bad for him because I understood just how emotionally lazy he is and how he doesn’t really do what he’s doing. And that’s why I’m putting him through hell in (Chronicle) 2." Additionally, Landis says that Chronicle 2 will be about "the world’s first ‘supervillain’". For the full interview, click the link below.

Do you want to see a sequel to Chronicle?

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jessepostal - 4/28/2012, 5:44 AM
i just watched this last night,i didn't really think it was that good,the concept was awesome,some of the things they did was cool but all in all i thought it was kinda blah
darthbobtarkas - 4/28/2012, 5:46 AM
I still hate them for [SPOILERS] killing Andrew.
Rodimus9 - 4/28/2012, 6:11 AM
There are endless possibilities on what direction they could take this. I thought Chronicle was good, but part 2 is really gonna have to step it up to make any revenue.
ZombieOverEasy - 4/28/2012, 6:15 AM
YES! Cannot wait to see this. Loved the first one, as long as they don't pull a Blair Witch 2 with the second one, we'll be in for a good flick.
MadTitan - 4/28/2012, 6:25 AM
looks like the film "Push" to me.

oh well, can't say much. got one.

Bandrews1 - 4/28/2012, 6:30 AM
Cool, I can't wait to see where the story goes on from here.
NeoBaggins - 4/28/2012, 6:39 AM
This is one of those movies that will be cheapened by a sequel. It's a good film, and you WANT to see more, but it's the type of film that's hard to strike lightening twice with. I think the story is a one-shot.

DrRockso - 4/28/2012, 6:56 AM
Definitely the kind of movie that is waaaay better on marijuana
GodzillaKart - 4/28/2012, 7:08 AM
Chronicle was awesome. Although I am sick and tired of the found footage gimmick, the story, acting and character development more than made up for it.
Mrcool210 - 4/28/2012, 8:08 AM
wait? the worlds first supervillian? does that mean that andrews coming back? (cause in the original ending they could come back to life)
shadearts - 4/28/2012, 8:11 AM
I Thought the world first supervillian was George W Bush or was he the world first greatest thief LOL
Jolt17 - 4/28/2012, 8:33 AM
What NeoBaggins said. As much as I love the movie, I really can't see a way where the sequel can go without being a little generic. And "the world's first supervillain" just sounds a little off for me. I'd prefer the sequel to be canceled, rather than keeping it going with the possibility of ruining the original movie.
GUNSMITH - 4/28/2012, 8:39 AM
OtakuPapi - 4/28/2012, 8:54 AM
FF Reboot(coughs)Ultimate...btw Chronicle was Epicly enjoyed
mrHJK - 4/28/2012, 9:45 AM
I loved Chronicle! If they come up with a good way to do the sequel, then I'm all for it! And I love the idea of someone in that universe getting all that footage and editing it together like that. Genius. Because in the movie, especially at the end, that was the one thing that started to loose me...Jumping from camera to camera like that.
FuckoffShitbird - 4/28/2012, 10:13 AM

he could always come back.

I really liked the film, Andrew was awesome in it. I hope if they make a part 2 it has a good story.
Clayface27 - 4/28/2012, 10:24 AM
Pfft [frick] you guys. That movie kicked ass.
ronnie42 - 4/28/2012, 11:05 AM
One of the best movies of the year, can't wait for the sequel
StormRanger2011 - 4/28/2012, 11:17 AM
i like the first film idk if the sequel would be good idea. Because they would have to bring back the 2 original characters or keep the same guy and have him being chase by the government cause what happen in the 1st one. IDK guys this second movie might just be a bad idea .
113 - 4/28/2012, 11:40 AM
Stop killing the black guy first and maybe I'll see it.

Or better yet, bring him back to life.
mikesinuman - 4/28/2012, 11:56 AM
i don't like this movie, its like every character holds a camera. i got dizzy watching this.
ABLEE337 - 4/28/2012, 12:08 PM
Agreed. Steve the black guy in the movie was the most likable character for me.
SmellofDuty - 4/28/2012, 3:55 PM
They have regenerative powers. Could bring Andrew and Steve back. And they had to find Andrew's first camera. So they had to go down to the hole. So then more people got the powers. Potential for a good sequel. But it better be reaaalll good.
CBMDeadpool - 4/28/2012, 6:00 PM
I didn't care for Chronicle. I thought the concept was cool but having the entire movie filmed with hand helds wasn't the greatest idea. I could see segments or the beginning but the whole thing? No. The final battle felt rushed and ended so quickly I didn't even comprehend what really happened. If the second one is to focus on the world's first super villian and the reaction to Mark on TV then please let this NOT be another found footage movie.
DoomXfactor - 4/28/2012, 11:20 PM
Chronicle was badass!
@Just1Superdouche- You're an ass too
gurugeorge - 4/29/2012, 11:20 AM
I only recently saw this film too. It's a great film for bringing home a sense of "what would it be like if there really were super-powers?".

The story isn't bad, but there are too many coincidences in it for my taste. The acting's great all-round. Well worth seeing anyway.

I'm also puzzled by the "the world's first supervillain" line above, since that would seem to be redundant given the first movie.
soforizo - 4/30/2012, 2:40 AM
Just finished seeing it. It was entertaining, but the whole handheld thing was fracking distracting. Maybe had they just done the beginning with cameras, but all the damn thing! Oh well, I'll still check out the sequel, but Matt was the least likeable character of the three guys.

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