Mel Gibson To Play The Villain In EXPENDABLES 3?

Mel Gibson To Play The Villain In EXPENDABLES 3?

It was rumored that Gibson would actually direct the movie for a while before Patrick Hughes signed on, but now Showbiz 411's sources report that the troubled actor/director will actually have a role in the threequel as the villain! Click on for more..

Sylvester Stallone usually drops Expendables 3 tidbits via his Twitter account, but now we have some (possibly) big casting news from a different source. Showbiz 411 reckon Mel Gibson has signed on to star in the third geri-actioner:

"I’m told that Gibson will appear in “The Expendables 3,” the third installment of Sylvester Stallone’s shoot em up series that also features his former Planet Hollywood buddies and partners Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger. There’s no confirmation, but the source seemed serious."

Their source also claims Gibson will play the villain in the movie. This might be seen as a bit of a risk by Stallone and co., as after his recent "troubles" (run- ins with the police, antisemitism, racism, beating the shit out of women etc) Gibson isn't exactly a big draw anymore. Still, casting him in an antagonistic role might well be a stroke of genius. Anyway, this isn't official yet, but what would you guys think if Gibson was to square off against Stallone in The Expendables 3?

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Ramiel - 6/7/2013, 7:38 AM
Gibson is the man!
ALegendaryPanda - 6/7/2013, 7:42 AM
Mel Gibson is a [frick]ing douchebag but I kinda like him as an actor so whatever
bbarber2323 - 6/7/2013, 7:56 AM
Pure gold..although I was hoping Cage was the villan.
Kolossus - 6/7/2013, 8:02 AM
Mel's gonna rape Sly and Co. with a pack of [racial slur]s...
HellsHammer - 6/7/2013, 8:04 AM
That would be perfect!
TheClemster - 6/7/2013, 8:06 AM

but where do you get those???? :)
TheClemster - 6/7/2013, 8:07 AM
TheClemster - 6/7/2013, 8:08 AM
@ Supercat

too funny man :)
TheClemster - 6/7/2013, 8:09 AM
TheClemster - 6/7/2013, 8:10 AM

TheClemster - 6/7/2013, 8:10 AM
This news inspire me ...
RorMachine - 6/7/2013, 8:10 AM
I think he's a great director, and a pretty good actor..but a bigger piece of human excrement there is not. I'll still watch him IN a movie, but I doubt I'd have any interest in seeing one he was the star/hero of.
TheClemster - 6/7/2013, 8:11 AM
I anm trying to stop but I. JUST. CAN'T.

TheClemster - 6/7/2013, 8:12 AM
lol gusto

I have now reach an another level thanks to you sir

Kjo0212 - 6/7/2013, 8:14 AM
Edge of darkness was pretty good too
Kjo0212 - 6/7/2013, 8:15 AM
I agree what he does outside of films isn't going to stop me from seeing him do what he's good at
TheClemster - 6/7/2013, 8:17 AM
I like The Patriot also, kinda reminded of the Last of the Mohicans :)
DoctorWeird - 6/7/2013, 8:19 AM
I'm sorry, but can we get some screaming Braveheart meme's with names from the Gibson Guide? Classic
TheClemster - 6/7/2013, 8:21 AM
Hey guys if you actually search in google pictures for the word "gusto old man funny" look at all the pictures where the source is Comicbookmovie :)
TheClemster - 6/7/2013, 8:22 AM
@ Supercat

I already saw Gusto in concert, it was ... well...

PapaEmeritus - 6/7/2013, 8:23 AM
Cool! He'll be the villain in Machete Kills too.
teabag - 6/7/2013, 8:24 AM
Gus@ Now its a boob party

 photo hA3E1C1BC_zps85729761.gif

teabag - 6/7/2013, 8:26 AM
Makes up for the shit load that just got deleted lol :P
TheClemster - 6/7/2013, 8:28 AM
Hey come on Gus, you know you love it :)

teabag - 6/7/2013, 8:29 AM
Gusto has gone through many changes in his time on CBM

The coming out party

 photo funn-sign-oldn-gay_zpsd2f507cf.jpg

The toy fair

 photo GUSNG_zps7903a13f.png

teabag - 6/7/2013, 8:30 AM
Nomis@ the best kind :)
TheClemster - 6/7/2013, 8:31 AM
@ nomis / supercat

yup it allowed to found some of my fav references to Gusto that I forgot like this one

TheClemster - 6/7/2013, 8:32 AM
@ Teabag

LOOOOL I don't have better

You sir just won :)

We need to find him a pic of an old chav now ... ;)
teabag - 6/7/2013, 8:35 AM
Clem@ He was chavy in his cross dressing days

 photo fuy-gr-3_zps97d883ba.jpg

marantaz - 6/7/2013, 8:36 AM
Whoa, Ror, you might want to stick an 'alledgedly' or two in there. Some money/fame/revenge seeking skank Mel slept with (be honest what guy in Mels position wouldn't make that mistake...more than once cuz we're stupid dick thinkers) may have claimed abuse by Mel, but I'm not aware of even charges being filed, so that statement has no factual basis. As for the rest, I'd like to get any of you holier than thou's drunk and stupid some day and see what pent up frustrations you express. It'd be a hoot, I'm sure, so you all might want to take a pass on the judgment of others.
Now that I got that out of the way, I think being the villain would be great. Id put Mel in situations similar to all of those that he has received bad press for and have him respond to each one by simply eliminating the problem the way a truly evil person killing. A cop pulls him over...blam. A woman gives him grief...blam. Some gets in his way...blam blam blam. And who is his character? A high ranking US government official, of course. It would be a crowd pleaser for sure.
TheClemster - 6/7/2013, 8:37 AM
@ teabag


I think I actually saw him in Reading one day then :)

Those days are not over btw, just for special occasions you know like doing the dishes and stuff
TheClemster - 6/7/2013, 8:39 AM
remember when he tried to play the flute???

TheClemster - 6/7/2013, 8:39 AM
@ supercat

damn right mate :)
teabag - 6/7/2013, 8:41 AM
Cipher@ lol :)

Every day is Gusto day..after all he does have his own comic book

 photo untusto_zps910c8655.png

wcwpoet - 6/7/2013, 8:46 AM
Was looking forward to Bat ish crazy Nic Cage as the villain, but I could see Gibson.
ManDeth - 6/7/2013, 8:49 AM
It was just 13 years ago this guy was in "What Women Want".
Now the ugly bastard could not possibly get that role. Not just because of the rants but because hes an Ugly Old Bastard.
Philvis - 6/7/2013, 9:01 AM
Mel Gibson is the shit! Dating crazy women will make you say crazy things sometimes. If he is in it...I'm there!
RorMachine - 6/7/2013, 9:02 AM
No, he beat the shit out of her..he admits as much on tape. Knocked a tooth out..while she was holding her infant son. ..bragged about it too. I don't care if she was a gold digger, he's still a POS. And yes Marantz, if you got ne drunk you'd find out that I was a racist, homophobic woman beating scumbag...oh no wouldn't. Maybe you can relate to this asshole, but don't assume I can.
TheClemster - 6/7/2013, 9:09 AM
Okay then ...

I remember Ror and his ladiesman days ...

TheClemster - 6/7/2013, 9:16 AM
@ Nomis

I almost posted this one as well :)
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