Michael Caine Joins The Cast Of Matthew Vaughn's THE SECRET SERVICE

Michael Caine Joins The Cast Of Matthew Vaughn's THE SECRET SERVICE

After starring in The Dark Knight Trilogy, another comic book movie is on the horizon for the legendary Michael Caine as it is today being reported that the actor has joined the cast of Matthew Vaughn's big screen adaptation of Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons' The Secret Service.

Various outlets are reporting that Sir Michael Caine has joined the cast of The Secret Service opposite Colin Firth and Leonardo DiCaprio. No specific details were revealed as to who exactly he will be playing, but based on some of the vague descriptions given, it appears as if he will be the leader (pictured above) of the secret agents featured in the Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons series. When asked to comment on the news, Millar would reply with only the following.

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CptHero - 7/17/2013, 5:51 AM
this is gathering quite an impressive cast
between that, vaughn's directing and millar's material this could be something truly outstanding
MexicanSexyman - 7/17/2013, 6:09 AM
All this movie needs is Jackie Chan.
supermarioworldE - 7/17/2013, 6:25 AM
The Bond who never was.
Greengo - 7/17/2013, 6:34 AM
My Cocaine is da bomb.
InfiniteMonkey - 7/17/2013, 6:47 AM
FilmsFan - 7/17/2013, 7:07 AM
Wait; LEO is not YET in the movie!

It was just a report by some site that Leo is in talks!
That's it; & that too was months ago!
He is not in it yet!

BTW; interesting to see how Micheal Caine will do promotion; November 7 is Interstellar & next weekend is SECRET SERVICE!

If INTERSTELLAR is as complex & (amazingly!) mind-fvcking like INCEPTION; he'll be getting Interstellar questions while promoting SS!
gambgel - 7/17/2013, 9:08 AM

this cast is looking pretty promising, Colin Firth and Michael Cane being just the first two names??

hands down, Matthew
CaptainAmerica31 - 7/17/2013, 9:27 AM
This is turning out good but knowing Vaughn he'll probably skip if this goes farther than one film
Fogs - 7/17/2013, 12:36 PM
My Cocaine.

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