Phillip Seymour Hoffman On 'Heavensbee' Role In THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE

Phillip Seymour Hoffman On 'Heavensbee' Role In THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE

Phillip Seymour Hoffman talks about being cast as Head Gamemaker Plutarch Heavensbee in Francis Lawrence's The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and shares his thoughts on the character and screenplay. [WARNING: MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD]

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Phillip Seymour Hoffman has shared his thoughts on being cast as 'Plutarch Heavensbee' in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. For those of you unfamiliar with the Suzanne Collins novels, the character is the Head Gamemaker in Catching Fire, taking the place of Seneca Crane after his execution in The Hunger Games (not seen in the big screen adaptation). However, there is a lot more to Heavensbee than meets the eye as Hoffman reveals below, so be warned that there are SPOILERS AHEAD.

"It's a great group of actors. It's a great environment. And the character was something I was attracted to. It was just an interesting role. He's somebody who's part of the revolution, but you don't know it. The idea that somebody would be risking themselves in such an extreme way to join something that's that dangerous because he thinks it's the future, that's interesting stuff, you know? I've read the script, which is true to the book. I kinda ruined it for myself. But I'm reading it anyway, because I really want to find out everything I need to know about this guy."

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MrRogers - 8/3/2012, 12:11 PM
I enjoyed the first 2 books but the 3rd one sucked balls
SimonPhoenix - 8/3/2012, 12:13 PM
i think hes an amazing casting for the role. Enjoyed the book series... although the second was by far the best. The third book was pretty scattered. Poor job in pacing. Still excited to see the movies.
comiccow6 - 8/3/2012, 12:15 PM
Second was the best, for me because there was more District 12, and more President Snow. Everyone I know liked the third one best though.
RR51 - 8/3/2012, 12:35 PM
The MOST overrated film of the year.
claybo4131 - 8/3/2012, 12:56 PM
Enough of the Hunger Games hate, seriously
RR51 - 8/3/2012, 1:02 PM

It's not hate, it's sheer disappointment. This wasn't as bad as Twilight, but it wasn't nearly as great as the everyone promoted it to be.
elcaballerooscuro92 - 8/3/2012, 1:05 PM
i used to catch fire, but then i took an arrow to the knee.
PersonaPostOvo - 8/3/2012, 1:12 PM
Penguin bitches!
kylum616 - 8/3/2012, 1:18 PM
lol i remember when every one wanted this guy to play penguin in TDKR as well as johnny depp as the riddler
kylum616 - 8/3/2012, 1:21 PM
*well as
Jollem - 8/3/2012, 2:10 PM
p. hoff is quality
Talontd - 8/3/2012, 3:18 PM

The books suck too. 1st one was decent, but I'll never understand how this series became so popular...the last two were complete garbage. Add that to the fact that the movie skipped all the little moments that made the 1st one decent....idk, boggles my fcuking mind.
MrLoki - 8/3/2012, 4:10 PM
AMAZING book series. I really liked the first two books and I completely loved the final one. It was great and epic.

The movie was phenomenal as well. The cast was perfect and everything was so well-written! Can't wait for more!
lunesta - 8/3/2012, 5:33 PM
@teabag i dont even want to know what you were doing with crabs and hookers
SuperDude001 - 8/3/2012, 7:24 PM
The film was okay, a few flaws here and there when compared to the great book but still pretty awesome. Although I'm really interested how this ones gonna play out, with the new director and all.
mikesinuman - 8/3/2012, 10:22 PM
battle royale!
ninzen - 8/4/2012, 1:49 AM
I knew someone was going to mention Battle Royale.

I watched it and didn't really care for it. I could never connect with any character. Nothing about the story or the characters drew me in and held my attention.

I have read the Hunger Games trilogy and it is very well written. It pulls you in and holds your attention. I think the Hunger Games movie did a very good job of translating the book to the screen.

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