RESULTS: What Did You Think Of SKYFALL?

RESULTS: What Did You Think Of SKYFALL?

Earlier this week, we asked you all what you thought of Sam Mendes' Skyfall. Just under 2,900 of you decided to cast your votes and share your thoughts on the critically acclaimed film and the results are pretty definitive. So, did you love it or hate it? Find out here!

With a Rotten Tomatoes score of 92% ("Sam Mendes brings Bond surging back with a smart, sexy, riveting action thriller that qualifies as one of the best 007 films to date"), Skyfall is one of the most critically acclaimed movies of 2012 and perhaps the most praised instalment in the 50 year old franchise yet. It also looks set to be the first James Bond movie to gross over $1 billion at the worldwide box office, but despite all of those accolades, it was far more important to us to learn what YOU guys thought of Skyfall. Nearly 2,900 of you cast your votes and it's pretty clear that, well, you LOVED it! You can read my 5* review of Skyfall by clicking HERE.

Daniel Craig is back as Ian Fleming’s James Bond 007 in SKYFALL™, the 23rd adventure in the longest-running film franchise of all time. In SKYFALL, Bond’s loyalty to M is tested as her past comes back to haunt her. As MI6 comes under attack, 007 must track down and destroy the threat, no matter how personal the cost. The film is from Albert R. Broccoli’s EON Productions, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, and Sony Pictures Entertainment. Directed by Sam Mendes. Produced by Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli. Written by Neal Purvis & Robert Wade and John Logan.


Daniel Craig as James Bond
Javier Bardem as ?????
Judi Dench as M
Ralph Fiennes as ?????
Albert Finney as ?????
Naomie Harris as Eve
Bérénice Marlohe as Sévérine
Ben Whishaw as Q


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Parker2017 - 11/16/2012, 11:28 AM
Amazing! Sam mendes did nail what a 50th annnversity film should be. can not wait for bonds 24 & 25.
thebearjew - 11/16/2012, 11:36 AM
havent seen it dont really care ill get around to it spon enough
JordanKing - 11/16/2012, 11:37 AM
Besides Avengers, best film I've seen all year. Can't wait to see where they take it next :)
thebearjew - 11/16/2012, 11:38 AM
Fettastic ya the guy who made it said he was inspired by tdk
calin88 - 11/16/2012, 11:41 AM
I loved this movie,ma great Bond film, but it's a tie with Casino Royale in my book
Parker2017 - 11/16/2012, 11:52 AM
i like how we do see and feel the old age of Bond. Silva was a grat villiana nd yeha ti did took Nolan like liberties but that was with Casino Royle, Quantum was alirght but this really shows the evlution of Bond while honnoring the franchises 50th year :) loved the connory refecnes :3
willyburz - 11/16/2012, 12:08 PM
I loved it, but for some reason Casino is a little better movie in my opinion. Something i the last 40min of skyfall felt outta sorts. Not bad, just, mmmmm like them using a flashlight so the baddies can see them ?!?! Not enough to ruin it, just like...come on man. :-) That and whats her name from Royal is one hot lady!
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 11/16/2012, 12:12 PM
Best Bond ever?
It was great but not #1
Otter2269 - 11/16/2012, 12:25 PM
Did not enjoy this bond film. Thought it was terrible. People must be starved for entertainment if they thought this was a great movie. Me and 3 other bond fans walked out with 30 minutes left as did 20% of the theater as you get a refund if you leave that early.
BackwardGalaxy - 11/16/2012, 12:31 PM
Absolutely hated it.
Morbius - 11/16/2012, 12:41 PM
I absolutely LOVED IT!!!!!
SiriusC - 11/16/2012, 12:50 PM
It was really really great, but I hated that there wasn't a more over-arching plan for the villain. All the planning, all the incredibly accurate schemes, all the hacking boiled down to him just wanting to shoot M. I was hoping they would keep Silva around for several connecting movies like they used to with SPECTRE, Blofeld, & Jaws. Like, a constant thorn in M16's side. He was certainly capable. And they should've had him without his mouth piece in more.
amxt - 11/16/2012, 2:06 PM
I really enjoyed it, but one thing kept rolling through my mind... Dark Knight. There were many parallels.
dezdigi - 11/16/2012, 2:15 PM
Loved it! Can't wait for the next one!
Maximus101 - 11/16/2012, 2:27 PM
I agree a few spots in the movie the music reminded me of Tdkr instantly. Skyfall was amazing but I still think casino royale is the best bond.
billytwohats - 11/16/2012, 2:55 PM
Sorry far too dull and predictable. If anymore Bond films are like this one then I'll give it a miss.
Zombie137 - 11/16/2012, 3:29 PM
I loved it, I will agree that the last 40 minutes were terrible. Also, was this supposed to wrap up the whole Quantum group? was Silva the leader of Quantum? I really hope not because if so it was a real let down to the last two movies build up of a entire secret group who has control over so many people.

I hope it was a stand alone film AND the next two with Daniel Craig finish off with Quantum.
Kyos - 11/16/2012, 3:32 PM
Really liked it!
GUNSMITH - 11/16/2012, 4:16 PM
GUNSMITH - 11/16/2012, 4:20 PM
MisterBabadook - 11/16/2012, 4:41 PM
How can you say you're a bond fan and walk out w/o even seeing if it had a twist ending?
sameoldthing - 11/16/2012, 4:57 PM
Real good movie but Casino was better.
Bond failed too much in this film:

He didnt get the intel on agents from the badguy on train.
He couldnt stop the sexy woman from getting shot dead.
He allowed M top catch a bullet & bleed out & die.

Its hard to be a super-spy but c'mon...get it right 007. ha!
CrazyKeaton - 11/16/2012, 6:01 PM
Skyfall was more like " The Dark Knight " than " The Dark Knight Rises! "
CrazyKeaton - 11/16/2012, 6:02 PM
@ Zombie.. Quantum of Solace was so bad I don't think they knew what direction they were planning on taking 007! So I'm pretty sure this was a stand alone film
CaptainObvious - 11/16/2012, 7:59 PM
I loved Skyfall.
sameoldthing - 11/17/2012, 6:13 AM
Bond's penis could beat Bourne...or is it Bourne could beat Bond's penis?
Regardless,Bond is the best. Bourne is a joke.
thatdylhooper - 11/17/2012, 7:53 AM
The first half was a cliche bond film, the second half was a Nolan Batman rip off
thejon93rd - 11/17/2012, 9:07 AM
This definitely felt like the Dark Knight Rises of Bond movies. Thankfully, The Dark Knight Rises is my second favourite Batman movie (making Batman Begins my first pick). Much alike, Skyfall is my second favourite Bond movie only trailing behind the brilliant Casino Royale (the best Bond movie ever). I'm thankful that this one could hold up to that one though, at times it even surpassed it (all of Bardem's stuff as the villain Silva is brilliant, Judi Bench is better than ever as M, the minute-long take of that awesome fight between Bond and Silva's henchman in the building). Lots of great stuff from a great movie, much like Dark Knight Rises, I can't wait to own it on DVD.
Robert - 11/17/2012, 9:30 AM
I've seen them all, so I can truly say Skyfall was one of the better Bond films. It's not the best, but its not far off. Gold Finger, Thunderball, and The Spy Who Loved Me were better Bond films.
ricko8687 - 11/17/2012, 6:22 PM
Daniel Craig is great as bond aging but will still kick ass. Loved all the references to Sean Connerys bond, being that Craig is a close second to him. When they showed the Classic Aston Martin from goldfinger I almost lost it, great job However Judi Dench you wii be missed.
nightwing99 - 11/17/2012, 7:56 PM
Despite some flaws it was a good movie. IT could have been better though. If anything this movie was great at getting both original fans and new comers to have new interest in the Bond franchise. Can't wait to see what the future bond movies got though!

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