Sam Mendes Set To Return For Stand-Alone JAMES BOND 24; Production May Begin This Year

Sam Mendes Set To Return For Stand-Alone JAMES BOND 24; Production May Begin This Year

According to some fairly reliable sources, Sam Mendes is 75% of the way towards committing to the next instalment in the James Bond franchise following the phenomenal success of Skyfall. We now also know that plans for a two-part story across films 24 and 25 have been scrapped.

Not too long ago, we learned of plans for a two-part story (written by Skyfall's John Logan) which would be spread across the 24th and 25th instalments of the James Bond franchise and be shot back to back. Well, according to The Daily Mail, those plans have been scrapped and they will now instead be completely stand-alone tales. Part of the reason for this is because director Sam Mendes was reluctant about committing to a four year shoot, and while he still hasn't fully committed to a follow-up to Skyfall, sources tell that site that "he's '75 per cent' of the way towards doing it". As of right now, Logan has reportedly penned two treatments for both movies, but Mendes wants to see the finished script before he signs on the dotted line. If this all works out, it is expected that the currently untitled James Bond 24 will begin pre-production either later this year or early 2014.

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shamo - 2/15/2013, 3:57 AM
SKyfall was the best bond film to date hope he signs on for the sequel.
TokenNerd - 2/15/2013, 3:58 AM
Skyfall is definitely my favourite Bond movie, Mendes did an Awesome job, can't wait for him to return as Director. :D
TheHitchhikingGhost - 2/15/2013, 4:00 AM
While I don't think Skyfall is the best Bond ever (definitely top 5), it's certainly the best-directed Bond of all time. This is very exciting if Mendes returns, though if I was him I would stop while I'm ahead--Skyfall is a hard act to follow.
ManofSteel23 - 2/15/2013, 4:01 AM
I don't see how skyfall can be anyone's favourite James Bond movie,unless your only talking about Daniel Craig's bond
SaxoWolf - 2/15/2013, 4:02 AM
I hope Mendes returns for the next one.
ManofSteel23 - 2/15/2013, 4:02 AM
I think that some people are just jumping on the band wagon with skyfall
ReeferInferno - 2/15/2013, 4:17 AM
Cool, Skyfall is my favourite Bond film. I'm sure he'll do another great job.

Still, I'd like to see Christopher Nolan do a Bond film some time in the future
mumbz - 2/15/2013, 4:21 AM
Get Nolan on the job .... What if M.Night shaymalanmanalanalamayan did his take on it haha
titansupes - 2/15/2013, 4:32 AM
Skyfall was mediocre to outright bad. This is coming from someone who was really anticipating it, so no 'hating' just was not good. Poorly written, stiffly acted, blandly edited. Beautiful cinematography, though.
AlexDeLarge87 - 2/15/2013, 4:35 AM
Loved Skyfall. Beautifully filmed movie. Not the best Bond but still great.

Another one with Mendes sounds great too. :)
Fiennes must return as the new M.
AthleticoPathetico - 2/15/2013, 4:44 AM
Skyfall was far to overhyped and i agree with @SUPERMAN2013 ALOT of people have climbed on this bandwagon. I don,t think it was the right story to tell, Casino Royale and its sequel QOS showed Bond to be young and headstrong, new to his "00" life. Yet in this he is an old dog and almost regarded as a veteran. Just didn't sit well with me.
optimusbibby - 2/15/2013, 4:46 AM
I was looking forward to Skyfall, but unfortunately I thought it sucked. We had no gadgets ("What were you expecting, an exploding pen?" YES PLEASE), a Bond who couldn't fire straight, M dying in the most boring way ever (slowly bleeding out, pfft please) and the final act of the film was basically Home Alone. Not a touch on Casino Royal.
Salemdog - 2/15/2013, 4:49 AM
Skyfall second best bond film. Casino Royale is still favored by me. Quantum falls about 6. The rest are rounded out by Connery. Hope Mendes does return.

@titansupes. I saw it more as burned out and tired. Showing the wear of the job. Nice change.
jimoakley666 - 2/15/2013, 4:51 AM
Oh. I got really excited about that story until I read the source was The Daily Mail. I wouldn't use that rag to wipe my arse because it'd tell me my shit was blue.
AnungUnRama - 2/15/2013, 4:51 AM

I don't see how skyfall can be anyone's favourite James Bond movie,unless your only talking about Daniel Craig's bond

@SUPERMAN2013: Great to see I'm not the only one who thinks like that.

Skyfall is an entertaining action flick, but hardly a Bond movie, especially not the best ever.
tadrob - 2/15/2013, 5:12 AM
I have seen all 23 bonds, plus the Casino Spoof and Sean Connery's attempt to take back Bond in Never Say Never. Skyfall is in my top 3. I liked the story, the villain, and really the fact they brought it full circle back to the original time line. I can't wait to see what they do next. I miss SPECTRE!

My Top 3:
Golden Eye
marvelstudios - 2/15/2013, 5:30 AM
I can never get bored of 007. Could only hope for a yearly release.
soberchimera - 2/15/2013, 5:30 AM
I want to see Blofeld in the next one, he's the Moriarty to Bond's Holmes.
SmellofDuty - 2/15/2013, 5:42 AM
ggoblin31 Im interested what are your top 5?
Unionjack - 2/15/2013, 5:48 AM
Skyfall was a great film, but not Bond's best.

Home alone style ending, Dark Knight ideas laced through the movie and for it to be a reboot sequel with no gadgets meant that the appearance of the gadget filled Aston Martin from Goldfinger made no sense.
datNAMEtho - 2/15/2013, 5:53 AM
Love to see him return!!!

The movie has to begin shooting that one year from the release date away. Not any later, they did just that on Skyfall as well. Otherwise, they won't make the date.
datNAMEtho - 2/15/2013, 5:53 AM
I hope Roger Deakins returns as well!!!!!!!!!!!!
TheYesGuy - 2/15/2013, 6:19 AM
Skyfall was not the best, but surely one of the top 3..!!
It was more like a Transformation film from the Young, Rookie Bond to the Regular Bond with Q and Monneypenny as we know. Would have loved if the story were a bit more exciting.

Casino Royale was the best Bond Film so far..!! Have watched it more than 400 times..!!
TheYesGuy - 2/15/2013, 6:22 AM
Even Thomas Newman's Score was Refreshing. But David Arnold Owned it in Casino Royale.
shamo - 2/15/2013, 6:31 AM
casino royale was shit.
Canon108 - 2/15/2013, 6:31 AM
I hope they bring back would parallel the first few films. Have two about the secret organization, a great standalone film, then back to the organization. I'm glad Mendes is back though.
StarkRaving - 2/15/2013, 6:37 AM
Count me as another person who thought Skyfall was one of the best Bond films, right behind Goldfinger and Casino Royale.
TonyCHAOSJacobs - 2/15/2013, 6:39 AM
Still haven't been able to finish the movie. Highly overrated like every movie i was excited for in 2012.
The Dark Knight Rises, Django Unchained and The Amazing Spider-man.
Shitty ass year for movies.
shelbz - 2/15/2013, 7:12 AM
To everyone saying this is the best Bond movie or that Casino Royale was, please watch more than just Craig's Bond.

While Skyfall was the best of this "generation" Bond, it doesn't touch Goldeneye or Goldfinger.

I would put it at 3 tied with Tomorrow Never Dies.

I do like the final coming together of Moneypenney and the new M. I would love to a Spectre-ish reoccurring evil organization so there is some stronger continuity like the old Bonds.
RPD - 2/15/2013, 7:41 AM
AthleticoPathetico is right. How did Bond go from a rookie to an old dog in one film? Granted, Skyfall was good but it isn't the best Bond ever. IMO it's not even Craig's best Bond (Casino Royale is)...
arashini - 2/15/2013, 7:54 AM
I don't really give a shit about James Bond. But even as a non-fan, Skyfall was pretty entertaining to me

I think that appeal to (most) fans and non-fans is why its been so successful.

Rather the the contrived "everybody in the world but me is just jumping on the bandwagon" excuse.
dezdigi - 2/15/2013, 8:13 AM
Loved Skyfall but I hope they improve the script next time. The story was good but the dialogue was weak.
jimoakley666 - 2/15/2013, 9:30 AM
I enjoyed the hell out of Skyfall. But I feel that the best Bond films are

1- Casino Royale
2- Dr No
3- From Russia With Love

Funnily enough (excluding Goldfinger OHMSS and Thunderball) they are the most faithful to Fleming. Casino, even though it adds bits and has a modern setting, is very faithful in tone. More than any other Bond movie.
AC1 - 2/15/2013, 9:32 AM
Skyfall is in my top four Bond films (as well as Casino Royale, The Living Daylights, and From Russia With Love), so I hope Sam Mendes returns to direct another.
Brady1138 - 2/15/2013, 9:56 AM

Maximus101 - 2/15/2013, 10:00 AM
Skyfall was amazing so I do not think people have a problem at all if he makes another one.
Zombie137 - 2/15/2013, 10:08 AM
Another stand alone?? Great so we have to wait even longer to get back to Quantum?? WTF!?
EarOne - 2/15/2013, 3:56 PM
the last time they did that we got matrix revolutions and pirates of caribbean: at world's end, which just sucked BIG time and FAILED to give us any decent/satisfying conclusions.

oh..actually, you don't need to look anywhere..remember Quantum of Solace..??

a stand alone bond would be just fine.
xoptionm3 - 2/15/2013, 4:50 PM
Excellent news. No matter what any one says about it, we can all tell that Sam Mendes had a great feel for the action scenes, so at the very least it will be exciting. But since he realigned the franchise and brought in Moneypenny and Q and the new M, Id love to see him take one more crack and reintroduce some sort of international organization. I also vote that Benedict Cumberbatch is at the head of that organization
TheSuperguy - 2/15/2013, 5:35 PM
Finally, some good news about a sequel...
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