Spike Lee Not Interested In DJANGO UNCHAINED, Calls It “Disrespectful to My Ancestors”

Spike Lee Not Interested In DJANGO UNCHAINED, Calls It “Disrespectful to My Ancestors”

Adding more fuel to the already controversial Django Unchained, Oldboy director Spike Lee shares some constructive…err… criticism. The outspoken filmmaker has some harsh words for director Quentin Tarantino, which is reminiscent of a past exchange between the two.

Chatting with VibeTV, Spike Lee notes on whether he will see Django Unchained or not.
"All I'm going to say is that it's disrespectful to my ancestors,” says Lee. “That's just me...I'm not speaking on behalf of anybody else."

Lee continued this discussion on Twitter:

As I stated in the teaser, this is not the first time Lee has had a publicized dispute with Tarantino. Many can remember the black-exploitation homage film Jackie Brown, which garnered a ton of criticism for its heavy use of the N-word. Do you think it was odd for Spike Lee to judge a film he hasn’t seen yet, or is he totally right?

Django Unchained is a western film written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. The film stars Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kerry Washington and Samuel L. Jackson.

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lsoshow2 - 12/24/2012, 11:09 AM
I like some of Spike's films and it's disappointing to here that he won't see the movie, I could see why he would react like this. Django Unchained deals with a touchy subject, slavery, that will probably divide audiences regardless of skin color. I wish no ill will towards Spike, I just wish that he would be a little more open to these films.
TonyChu - 12/24/2012, 11:10 AM
Bullshit! I myself am black and I can not wait to see this movie. I love Spike Lee and all his movies but I mean come on. I mean look at Mel Brooks "Blazing Saddles" , that movie is amazing.
SuperDude001 - 12/24/2012, 11:10 AM
I hate when people judge films they haven't seen. I mean his comments may be right but still, it's just stupid.
ManofSteel23 - 12/24/2012, 11:28 AM
There are plenty of films new and old that are related to this subject,but if he has a problem then it's his own opinion
TheGambitFreak - 12/24/2012, 11:30 AM
Well, though I'm not defending Django Unchained (Cause I've not got around to catching it yet), but Spike Lee's opinion is nothing above the opinion of a unoriginal, talentless hack, oh wait, those are 1 in the same.... Spike Lee is incredibly tacky an offensive. Who gives a flying [frick] about his dumbass.

Besides, Most black people (At least here where I am), discriminate, disrespectfully I might add, against their own by calling each other [racial slur], profusely.
BANE5000 - 12/24/2012, 11:31 AM
He'll still see the film i bet, one way or another. He's probably mad he didnt come up with the movie idea first :]
BANE5000 - 12/24/2012, 11:33 AM
Isnt Spike Lee directing a film that was original oriental but placing caucasians in the roles?
TheGambitFreak - 12/24/2012, 11:40 AM
Sorry, I didn't read that tweet he posted till just now. Though I never majored in it, I have taken U.S. History classes since I was in goddamn Kindergarten and because my assholes of teachers were so arrogant, we never could learn about politics or government ideals, but we always managed to spend 7 months out of the year talking about how the white man is the bad guy and how we should all kill ourselves because of what our pedigree did to other races. And if there is 1 thing I've learned from all those repetitive, tedious, asinine classes, it's that most African Americans, willingly sold their own to the U.S. for money and other goods. Sure, American enslaved many, but most of them were put up for it because of their own ancestors.

God, I [frick]ing hate the U.S. cause no matter what happens, 9/11, the Timothy Mcveigh Bombing in Oklahoma, the countless massacre's, mutiple wars, internal struggles, government trying to kill us, etc., it ALWAYS circles back to Slavery? Why? No one gives a SHIT anymore! It's ludicrous and nonsensical.
TYLERWINN - 12/24/2012, 12:15 PM
Spike lee is a moron, why would anyone give a flying f about his opinion. I'm getting center front row seats thanks mr. Lee
masterhater - 12/24/2012, 12:19 PM
Spike Lee is a racist!
Canon108 - 12/24/2012, 12:22 PM
He's right though...using the "N word" in dialogue is one thing but tarentino put it in the script like 500 times apart from the dialogue. It's like he thought "okay, here's my chance to type it and say it till everyone's blue in the face." Read the script, he put it in descrptions of plantations, people, and anywhere he wanted...it was excessive and unnecessary.
Dev - 12/24/2012, 12:47 PM
I think that Lee has the right to voice his opinion on a movie that is dealing with a very sensitive part of history for his race and people. I haven't seen the film nor am I a Black person to really share his opinion or not but he is justified in giving his opinion.
DioFoRio - 12/24/2012, 12:47 PM
oh Spike...go sue some other tv channel for stealing your name.
TYLERWINN - 12/24/2012, 1:10 PM
That was 500 years ago, we have a black president get over it!
kevberg - 12/24/2012, 1:20 PM
Im tired of hearing wishy washy dumbasses saying" oh you can't judge that movie because of trailer..."

EXCUSE me nimrod, a trailer is used to sell you and advertise the movie. Damn right i can judge a movie based on a trailer.

screw Cokie Tarantino and Jaime Foxx, they won't get my cash.

Canon108 - 12/24/2012, 1:24 PM
I know my facts, using it as dialogue shows what the character's thinking...using it inbetween the dialogue to set up the scene for the reader comes across making tarentino look extremely racist since the inbetween pieces shows what the writer is saying...it's completely unnecessary to use the "N word" as many times as tarentino did when setting up the scene.
Canon108 - 12/24/2012, 1:27 PM
it takes the reader away from the script to the point where I thought..."jeeze, Quentin's used this word like two dozen times in the first ten pages and none of the characters have spoken yet."
Doctorwho22 - 12/24/2012, 1:51 PM
Good lord Spike Lee is 2 faced, he writes most of his white characters as racist bastards and when the subject of slavery is in any other film besides his he gets his panties in a bunch. Screw that.
quintonthegrey - 12/24/2012, 2:10 PM
well as an african american male myself i felt kind of offended about his use of the n word in his movie pulp fiction (which i happen to really love( the movie that is not the use of the n word)) but lets not put him under the magnifying glass because he wont watch a movie thast he feels very personal about. I on the other hand if for no better reason than entertainment, will see the movie, and if im offended then i will get over it because while i do not like to be offended its going to happen whether its intentional or not and i think that, thats the main point,that hes not trying to offend anyone, as far as i know, and plus its a movie thats meant to be entertainign not historically accurate, but lets not bash spike lee because of his opinion and lets keep the ignorance out of the comments, we have a black president get over it? come on now.
jazzman - 12/24/2012, 2:23 PM
oh god Spike Lee come on
kevberg - 12/24/2012, 3:07 PM
because people in the media ( news, entertainment etc..) use race as a weapon to bludgeon people they don't agree with.

Don't like someone, call 'em a racist if they say something they don't like. Its happening more and more and its heinous.

whether you're someone like a white guy like Chris mathews at MSNBC who says using " chicago" is implied racism, or spike lee...or jaime foxx, these people use it to slander people whose opinions they don't like.

kevberg - 12/24/2012, 3:10 PM

Merry christmas to all the cbms, i wish you guys nothing but the best wishes for your fams.

Be safe, have fun, and enjoy your holidays.

you too ROR.
acidbath - 12/24/2012, 3:41 PM
how dare any of you disagree with this living legend. Mr Lee gave you Spiderman, X-Men, not to mention iron man. I hope he cancels all your marvel comics subscritions and.....what's that? spike Lee? oh I forgot we publish retarded articles that have nothing to do with comics and belong in whatever the newest celebrity gossip rag is. carry on.
Jollem - 12/24/2012, 3:48 PM
says Lee. “That's just me...I'm not speaking on behalf of anybody else."

i really appreciate when individuals don't speak for "the people"

also, racism is stupid and backwards :)
acidbath - 12/24/2012, 3:56 PM
sorry continue discussing racism as if it's a blacks only problem and as if all cultures haven't both been and had slaves and as if anyone gives a flying [frick] who did what to whose ancestors. grow a [frick]ing pair spike Lee...I'm not gay but I've been called it enough to know what it feels like to be discriminated against man up wipe off those tears and enjoy some whites only pie....you earned it after suffering all those years picking cotton from your aspirin bottles.....[frick]ing ridiculous.
NostalgicYouth - 12/24/2012, 6:18 PM
Aw Spike Lee shut up, and work on Oldboy
NostalgicYouth - 12/24/2012, 6:39 PM
[racial slur]; There. God you people act like you guys have never heared of the word, or have said it.
acidbath - 12/24/2012, 6:40 PM
thank you Dexter tell me more please....maybe sprinkle in some Steve ditko stories involving his obsession with Ayn rand.
NostalgicYouth - 12/24/2012, 6:42 PM
Dammit did comicbookmovie.com really censore me.
acidbath - 12/24/2012, 7:07 PM
lol no I wasn't actually I was hoping for more stories I didn't know....and I really just learned about stills obsession with rand and hoped for it to turn into something more interesting than this racism carp.
bayouboyz - 12/24/2012, 7:08 PM

This is coming from the guy who is remaking Old Boy. He took the setting from the original film and relocated it to New Orleans, Louisiana. He probably felt he had to set the movie in the south because that is the only place where people will believe the possible disturbing plot points. I am from Louisiana and I find that "Disrespectful".
venkman9993592 - 12/24/2012, 7:09 PM
spike lee is pathetic. Sure he made some great movies that reflected African American lives in an entertaining and educational way, but the way he craps on every other black directors movies or movies about African Americans is shameful. He is a self righteous, self hating black, and he ought to be beaten. Everyone makes they're own movies their way. Not every black movie has to be about poor people in the ghetto fighting adversity.
acidbath - 12/24/2012, 7:09 PM
no nostalgic that was Santa warning you to watch your language....now that...that was sarcasm
jarel93 - 12/24/2012, 7:56 PM
If anyone wants to understand what a "racist movie" is really like, go aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall the way back to the early days of film and watch the silent movie Birth of a Nation. THEN you can talk about what a racist movie is an isn't.
acidbath - 12/24/2012, 8:42 PM
that movie was also the most brilliant film ever made at the time
wolverinesfury - 12/24/2012, 8:58 PM
Does Spike Lee knows the movie is about a slave who became a bounty hunter who shot and kills white slave owners to find his wife?
EarOne - 12/25/2012, 2:01 AM
hey, the man's entitled to his opinion..including his decision to NOT watch this.
superman7 - 12/25/2012, 6:07 AM
First off this thread is just as retarded as spike lee. The guy portrays most white men as monsters in pretty much every movie.

Slavery, the holocaust, d-day, pearl harbor, and any other atrocity happened ... making movies about bad things that have happened to groups of people doesn't make the movie offensive or bad. If you are offended by it then you're looking for. Things to be offended by. Why do we continue to give these ass holes publicity?!

Seriously... that's like a jewish person watching a movie about Egypt and saying they're offended Bc they had Jewish slaves. GET THE [frick] OVER IT!
superman7 - 12/25/2012, 6:10 AM
These are the things that keep racism alive... clinging to grudges from over 100 years ago.
RexDartEskimoSpy - 12/25/2012, 11:46 AM
I found Scorsese's Gangs Of New York disrespectful to my ancestors, but mostly because it sucked.

I don't remember, did Jews make the same complaint about Inglourious Basterds? "How dare Tarantino make an entertaining film about a tragic time in history? Historical dramas should be dull, heavy-handed, and preachy, like Spile Lee's."
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