THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE Adds Meta Golding To Its Cast As 'Enobaria'

THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE Adds Meta Golding To Its Cast As 'Enobaria'

The cast for the highly anticipated sequel continues to fill out, this time with beautiful actress Meta Golding. She been cast as 'Enobaria' in Francis Lawrence's The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and you can find more details after the jump.

Deadline reports that Meta Golding (CSI) has joined the already packed out cast of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. According to the site, she will play: "a beautiful and not nice former winner from District 2 who is best remembered for the brutal way in which she captured The Hunger Games crown." Golding joins a cast which includes Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth, and fellow new additions Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Amanda Plummer, Jena Malone, Lynn Cohen and Patrick St. Esprit. The film will be released on November 22nd, 2013.

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Anthrax - 8/7/2012, 10:29 AM
hunger games suck
Anthrax - 8/7/2012, 10:30 AM
@tea i bet he looks something like this

or has tapped it
YOUNGBL00D - 8/7/2012, 10:37 AM
Holy shit, she's really taking this seriously. " YOU NEED TO [frick]ING LEAVE THEM ALONE"!
DanteSparda - 8/7/2012, 10:43 AM
LOL @ teabag

Damn, she looks so cute in the thumbnail image but not at all in the bigger pic in this article.
claybo4131 - 8/7/2012, 10:52 AM
Enobaria has sharpened her teeth cause she won her Hunger Games by biting out the final opponents throat

Any comment by Teabag is non-compliant cause he is a trolling douchebag. Your comments about Hunger Games are pointless cause you know nothing about it, read the book or seen the movie.
Mysterion - 8/7/2012, 10:53 AM
I bought into the Hunger Games hype, and I learned my lession by losing 10 dollars and 2 hours of my life. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice....
jazzman - 8/7/2012, 10:58 AM
this woman is so hot
95 - 8/7/2012, 11:03 AM
She'll be in IMAX? Catching Fire gains interest. Still haven't seen the first, I want to soon. THE FIRE RISES :P
OptimusPrime114 - 8/7/2012, 11:09 AM
I know her! She was on Season 4 of "Criminal Minds"! She played Agent Todd, who filled in for J.J. when she was pregnant.
JayTopStix - 8/7/2012, 11:49 AM
I watched this on 4D, every single arrow was a shot of air in my neck, I almost left the cinema. I also admit I was sucked into the MKT and went, I regret it and will not pay for any HG movie in the future.
Dedpool - 8/7/2012, 12:03 PM
Haven't seen Hunger Games (I'll stick with Battle Royale for a bit longer, or until my daughter demands I watch it with her) but dammit that Meta woman is F-I-N-E!! I'd watch it for her!!
DanteSparda - 8/7/2012, 12:14 PM

You should watch it, it's like Battle Royale but set in the future, also while the premisse is the same the story inside the killing game is completely different.

But still Battle Royale is miles better :D
UrbanKnight - 8/7/2012, 1:59 PM
Hottie with a body.
timmyjingoro - 8/7/2012, 4:46 PM
What a [frick]ing shitty franchise. Why do we even follow this shit on a CBM website...
Pooh - 8/7/2012, 6:36 PM
This actress is nothing like what I expected. I pictured Enobaria as being thick-headed (a tool), athletic, tall, and blonde. This actress seems to be the complete opposite.

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