Three Actors Vying For Lead Role In Matthew Vaughn's THE SECRET SERVICE

Three Actors Vying For Lead Role In Matthew Vaughn's THE SECRET SERVICE

With Colin Firth set to play 'Jack' and Leonardo DiCaprio rumoured to be the lead villain, director Matthew Vaughn has now set his sights on three young actors for the role of 'Gary' in his adaptation of Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons' The Secret Service. Hit the jump to find out who they are!

Variety has revealed that 20th Century Fox and Matthew Vaughn are considering Jack O'Connell (300: Rise of an Empire), John Boyega (Attack the Block) and Christian Cooke (Magic City) for the lead role of 'Gary' in The Secret Service. While Aaron Taylor-Johnson was initially considered to play the young secret agent mentored by his uncle, scheduling and money issues reportedly led to that not working out. While the studio may still opt to strike a deal with the Kick-Ass 2 and Godzilla star, Vaughn has zeroed in on these three - more may be added to the list - and is now screen testing them. Who would you like to see get the role? Sound off with your thoughts below!
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ReturnOFtheBAT - 6/27/2013, 2:27 PM
john boyega
JoshWilding - 6/27/2013, 2:41 PM
John Boyega is a fantastic actor. Definitely my top choice!
Sparks - 6/27/2013, 2:51 PM
Jack O'Connell, he's a terrific actor!
lxgnzlslxgnzls - 6/27/2013, 2:51 PM
Chistian cooke is Hot hubba hubba the other two are ugly mofos.
CherryBomb - 6/27/2013, 3:01 PM
Wow three really talented men!
I'd Christian Cooke

TheSonicScrew - 6/27/2013, 3:08 PM
Holy shit John Boyega. Yes.
Protocida - 6/27/2013, 3:09 PM
How will John Boyega be Colin Firth's nephew?
storyteller - 6/27/2013, 3:21 PM
My assumption is the father would be black or mother would be mixed and father be black.
jimoakley666 - 6/27/2013, 3:26 PM
Attack the Block was irritating as [frick]. I turned it off after a few minute. I couldn't sympathise with the little [foo foo]s, nor could I understand what the [frick] they were saying. "Innit, bra" etc... [frick] off.
BlackFlash - 6/27/2013, 3:43 PM
John Boyega really good actor.
l0rdleg0las - 6/27/2013, 3:51 PM
Boyega and end it. Dude was awesome in Attack the Block
YoungThanos - 6/27/2013, 4:23 PM
LOL 100 bucks says this will be better than Singers X-men. If you FOX-men fans aren't sick now you will be when the dust settles.
ATrueHero1987 - 6/27/2013, 7:27 PM
Waiting for the TPB but was this a good read?
wcwpoet - 6/28/2013, 6:48 AM
john boyega

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