EDITORIAL: Agent Coulson is The Next Captain America? Marvel Theory

EDITORIAL: Agent Coulson is The Next Captain America? Marvel Theory

Agent Coulson has been through some times from his rival to his rebirth. For that many questions still have yet to be answered, but I believe there are vital clues on what the answers may be.

Hello everyone and on today's topic is Agent Coulson. Now I will like to let everyone know I am an active watcher of Agents of Shield which prominently stars the titular character and I am aware of the recent events that has happened. So this editorial is going to be a slight spoiler for people that don't follow Agents of Shield. Anyways with that being said, on forth to the next chapter.

It was recently revealed a process of Agent Coulson's revival involved a certain machine along with a team of skilled doctors`. But one thing is for sure I took notice of the machine closer and it looked similar to the type of technology Hydra would make. With that said we didn't see his full revival process as of yet, but there is a prominent item involved I believe which would have significantly helped Coulson's recovery. That is the Super Soldier Serum. It is known in the Marvel Film Universe the Super Soldier Serum doesn't exactly have a 1 dimensional effect as it was also taken by The Red Skull himself not only Steve Rogers. As it made the Red Skull's face disfigured horribly it made Steve Rogers a Superman type figure. The serum even created The Hulk's villain The Abomination in the film The Incredible Hulk. Proving the effects of the serum to be never ending. That is the theory I had in mind if Coulson had a sample of the serum injected in himself but the sample has yet to be fully activated.

It would explain many things including the recovery of his vitals. It would also not be far fetched for SHIELD themselves to do this as an experiment as they are capable of conducting secret projects. Also to note, Agent Coulson is a major fan of Captain America. It was displayed in The Avengers how much he adored him the character and what Captain America truly represents. Now is there is a problem fans may be conflicted about involving The Winter Soldier as they believe Bucky should be the next Captain America. Well the problem there is that most Marvel villains don't last long with the exception of Loki who is slowly fading. So I wouldn't consider The Winter Soldier, the character of Bucky to last. Agent Coulson would be a far more suited choice to continue the character which is why SHIELD had done what they have done to him in theory. If Coulson was to simply know now he would be the next Captain America do imagine how much he would freak out? It would be beyond his current burden of responsibility. As Nick Fury knows when the time would be right to tell him.

Coulson is everything SHIELD would want to carry out such a major project. He isn't just some simple agent but the best one they have. There was a rumor Coulson was going to the vision but that turned out false didn't it? As I have said this is only a true theory which could possibility be true or not but I am hoping this is what really is. As Coulson would be an excellent Captain America and a true hero.

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