Amazing Concept Art From Season One Of TRANSFORMERS: PRIME

Amazing Concept Art From Season One Of TRANSFORMERS: PRIME

The first season of Transformers: Prime was amazing, and the "One Shall Rise" finale saga was absolutely fantastic. Thanks to artist Christophe Vacher, you can now see how the series came together through background paintings and color scripts. Check these out.

I think we should all be thankful that Transformers: Prime is nothing like Bayformers. Even though season one is long over, you can see a sneak peek in to it's creation below, featuring color scripts (they are kind of like storyboards) and background paintings all thanks to the amazing Christophe Vacher.

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Pretty cool, eh? Christophe Vacher is an amazing artist and has worked on several key animation projects such as 9, Tarzan, Flushed Away and many more. You can check out all of his movie work by clicking HERE. What kind of concept art would you like to be featured on the site, and what do you think of Christophe's work? Sound off below.

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NerdyGeek - 8/16/2012, 7:34 PM
Good stuff Alex...
ninjaturtle11 - 8/16/2012, 8:10 PM
i love this show except for miko i hate her.
AlSimmons - 8/16/2012, 8:30 PM
The first bit with the Robo-zombie apocalypse was cool, but then it got really poopy.
RexBlazer1 - 8/16/2012, 8:33 PM
The next new episode is August 24, and I can't wait! Love the art btw.
spideyxmenfan307 - 8/16/2012, 8:33 PM
This show is awesome and is more better than all three of the transformers movie combined. All I'm saying is:

Transformers Prime>>>Bayformers
DrainBamage - 8/16/2012, 9:15 PM
Miko annoys the hell out of me. Get rid of all the kids for that matter.
davidwiz - 8/16/2012, 9:17 PM
miko is beautiful lol
Optimus83 - 8/16/2012, 9:23 PM
I love Transformers franchise. ...
DrainBamage - 8/16/2012, 9:55 PM
I love their take on Unicron's story. I thought it was interesting.

I do wish they'd add more characters though. There are only six Autobots (counting Wheeljack). And Ratchet doesn't even fight.

I wish they'd steered away from Bumblebee not being able to talk. It's dumb in the series, and dumb in the movies.

And how the hell did they land The Rock to voice Cliffjumper in the first ep? What was he, bored?
ITSANANGERU - 8/16/2012, 10:36 PM
Love this show and I'm super excited for the next season, but did anyone else think that TF:Animated was an underrated series.
gaikinger - 8/17/2012, 1:51 AM
I just watched battleship on bluray and it was as goodas any of these transformers movies
CrashTest - 8/17/2012, 8:38 AM
The kids in that show just bother me. I think if they were left out the show would be much better.
StarSpangledBruce - 8/17/2012, 9:43 AM
Nice artwork! I love this show.

inky - 8/17/2012, 12:26 PM
looking at this it looks like a transfomers MMO more than a tv series.

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