Astro Boy Interviews from SDCC: Freddie Highmore

<em>Astro Boy</em> Interviews from SDCC: Freddie Highmore

Brent Sprecher sits down with Freddie Highmore to discuss Astro Boy at the San Diego Comic-Con!

Imagi Animation Studios rolled out unfinished clips of the new feature-length CGI Astro Boy movie at the San Diego Comic-Con and I had the opportunity to sit down with Freddie Highmore after the presentation for a little Q&A.

Watch the clip below for Highmore's response to the question, "Are you personally a fan of animation and comic books?"

Astro Boy was directed by David Bowers and also features the voice talents of Kristin Bell, Nicolas Cage, Nathan Lane, Eugene Levy, Donald Sutherland, Bill Nighy, and Samuel L. Jackson.

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And, in Iron Man 2 news:

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whatsinthebox - 7/27/2009, 6:49 PM
It looks alright, I might take my kid to it. It is too bad they can't get a cast like this in a regular movie
Gabe - 7/27/2009, 7:12 PM
I loved this show growing up. I'm hoping that this movie will bring about another generation of Astro Boy lovers.
LEEE777 - 7/28/2009, 2:01 AM
Its comic book, so its worth a look! ; )
NataliaRomanov - 7/28/2009, 5:11 PM
Ohhhh...he's all growed up! I think this movie looks cute!
bsprecher - 7/28/2009, 10:34 PM
The clip they showed looked really good. Not a typical kid's movie, more like The Incredibles, with lots and lots of action, guns, explosions, etc.
Bijous - 7/29/2009, 6:43 PM
As long as it's not too kiddy, I'll pro'ly see it.

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