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When America discovers manga..... - ToDandy
The Shield Reviews the 2009 film based off the TV show and manga comic book series. - Shieldofpower
Check out these foreign posters for Astro Boy! - legionbecks
Do I place Astro Boy in the ranks of the top animated features released or does his adventure fall short? - Whispers68
Director David Bowers discusses how not everything in his latest animated adventure is completely "sci-fi-y!" - bsprecher
Manny The Movie guy checks out Astro Boy with info on the movie and short interviews, plus by the looks of it new footage too. Check it out... - LEEE777
Kristen Bell on Astro Boy, watch the video interview right here... - LEEE777
The director of Astro Boy discusses how Star Wars influenced him and why he had to "cheat" with the animation! - bsprecher
This one is turning out to be something all CBMers will want to go see. Watch these two new clips "Battle with Peacekeeper” and "Robot Games". - ComicBookMovie
Get acquainted with one of Japan's oldest superheroes, Astro Boy!!! - LEEE777
Adventures of hi-tech "Pinnochio" may continue in sequels. - ACCESS
We've got a new action-packed 3 minute scene from Imagi's coming cgi animated adventure Astro Boy. This is an old anime classic from the 60's that has been given a modern make-over, but if it's new to you, we've included the official synopsis. - ComicBookMovie
New stills from the Astro Boy movie - Watchtower31
Imagi Animation Studios has released new stills of Astro Boy showcasing their incredible CGI magic! - bsprecher
I think this poster looks better than the international one and makes the movie look a lot cooler... - Watchtower31
Check it out, in all his Astro Boy Glory! - jman1977
See it here! See it now on - jman1977
Brent Sprecher sits down with Kristen Bell to discuss Astro Boy at the San Diego Comic-Con! - bsprecher
Brent Sprecher sits down with Freddie Highmore to discuss Astro Boy at the San Diego Comic-Con! - bsprecher
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