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When America discovers manga.....
The Shield Reviews the 2009 film based off the TV show and manga comic book series.
Check out these foreign posters for Astro Boy!
Do I place Astro Boy in the ranks of the top animated features released or does his adventure fall short?
Director David Bowers discusses how not everything in his latest animated adventure is completely "sci-fi-y!"
Manny The Movie guy checks out Astro Boy with info on the movie and short interviews, plus by the looks of it new footage too. Check it out...
Kristen Bell on Astro Boy, watch the video interview right here...
The director of Astro Boy discusses how Star Wars influenced him and why he had to "cheat" with the animation!
This one is turning out to be something all CBMers will want to go see. Watch these two new clips "Battle with Peacekeeper” and "Robot Games".
Get acquainted with one of Japan's oldest superheroes, Astro Boy!!!
Adventures of hi-tech "Pinnochio" may continue in sequels.
We've got a new action-packed 3 minute scene from Imagi's coming cgi animated adventure Astro Boy. This is an old anime classic from the 60's that has been given a modern make-over, but if it's new to you, we've included the official synopsis.
New stills from the Astro Boy movie
Imagi Animation Studios has released new stills of Astro Boy showcasing their incredible CGI magic!
I think this poster looks better than the international one and makes the movie look a lot cooler...
Check it out, in all his Astro Boy Glory!
See it here! See it now on
Brent Sprecher sits down with Kristen Bell to discuss Astro Boy at the San Diego Comic-Con!
Brent Sprecher sits down with Freddie Highmore to discuss Astro Boy at the San Diego Comic-Con!
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