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Morningstar - 9/9/2011, 4:19 AM
Impulse is far faster than Quicksilver I doubt Quicksilver could even land a hit
GodOfBlunder - 9/9/2011, 4:26 AM
Quicksilver is fast, yeah but Impulse would make him look like he was standing still! Bart was the flash for a (short) while too!
PieEyedPiper - 9/9/2011, 8:11 AM
I'm having a hard time understanding how Quicksilver even has the votes that he has. Bart has been part of the Speed Force. I'm pretty sure Quicksilver moving at his FASTEST still wouldn't even be able to SEE Bart.
hehemata - 9/9/2011, 4:41 PM
impulse goes near the speed of light with the whole world slowed down for his benefit. a casual walk can be speed of light for him

quicksilver can't even hit beyond mach 10, and that's with him stressing his reaction speeds

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