Darwyn Cooke's New BATMAN BEYOND Animated Short Now Online

Darwyn Cooke's New BATMAN BEYOND Animated Short Now Online

At WonderCon today, DC Entertainment debuted a new animated short based on the animated series Batman Beyond. It was created to help celebrate the 75th anniversary of Batman.

Terry McGinnis was just an ordinary teenager.... until his father was mysteriously murdered. Suspecting foul play at his father's company Wayne/Powers Corporation, Terry meets Bruce Wayne and learns a secret identity hidden for decades. Now too old to battle injustice, Wayne refuses to help. So Terry does what any brash young kid would do: steal the Batsuit and take matters into his own hands! Vowing to avenge his father's death, Terry dons the high-tech suit tricked out with jetpacks, a supersensitive microphone and even camouflage capabilities in search of his father's assassin. Get in on the action from the beginning of a new partnership between an ex-crimefighter and his apprentice.
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Irvin88 - 4/19/2014, 4:35 PM
That's awesome. Like MrBlackJack, that was just too short.
JoshuaGraham - 4/19/2014, 4:36 PM
Love it, 75 years on and he's still a badass.
SuperCat - 4/19/2014, 4:38 PM
Nice!!! "Batman Beyond" was always one of my favorites.
koolaidbag - 4/19/2014, 4:38 PM
Yes, they got Will, and Kevin back for the voices, so happy right now.
DEATHbyEXILE - 4/19/2014, 4:43 PM
NoPhucksGiven - 4/19/2014, 4:43 PM
those robots are not [frick]ing with terry and bruce. weight room mother[frick]er.
BANE5000 - 4/19/2014, 4:43 PM
They forgot TDK trilogy Batman...or did they? LoL
staypuffed - 4/19/2014, 4:43 PM
Nice find, Nail!
HorrorPilot - 4/19/2014, 4:44 PM
maninfinesuit - 4/19/2014, 4:45 PM
What, no Kilmer?

cyclopstb - 4/19/2014, 4:45 PM
macfint - 4/19/2014, 4:48 PM
make a movie
ManofSteel23 - 4/19/2014, 4:49 PM
Cool, I hope they do something for batman like snyder did for superman,that would be cool
AnthonyLantern - 4/19/2014, 4:50 PM
Oh my god that was so awesome.
Cayo - 4/19/2014, 4:50 PM
Called it. It was HARDAC Batman from B:TAS
Why'd it have to end at the last part? Hope there's a part 2...
Mrcool210 - 4/19/2014, 4:50 PM
YAY!!! TERRYS VOICE ACTOR IS BACK!!! and that was awesome, if a little too short
Mrcool210 - 4/19/2014, 4:52 PM
and did they have val kilmer batman in there? lol
DrunkenNukem - 4/19/2014, 4:53 PM
SHORT film
Brainiac13 - 4/19/2014, 4:58 PM
Wow...........but so short. I hope they do a new Beyond cartoon.
batcheeks8 - 4/19/2014, 4:58 PM
Conroy!Bats will beat them all :P
batcheeks8 - 4/19/2014, 4:59 PM
I need this show back in my life
Shaggy - 4/19/2014, 5:03 PM
Darwyn Cooke's a genius

batcheeks8 - 4/19/2014, 5:03 PM
NeoBaggins - 4/19/2014, 5:06 PM
No Bale Batman. Fail.
FirstAvenger - 4/19/2014, 5:08 PM
That was awesome! Batman Beyond is on Netflix batcheeks8.
marvel72 - 4/19/2014, 5:09 PM
i never liked this,i just couldn't get into it.

as for batman the animated series,well that's a different story.
mrHJK - 4/19/2014, 5:11 PM
From right to left, Beware the Batman, The Batman, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, The Dark Knight Returns?, Michael Keaton, Adam West, and of course OG THE BAT-MAN
GadoTheLion - 4/19/2014, 5:13 PM
Ugh Why must you tease me with shorts of my favorite batman era...seriously between this and the tas short,I look at the superhero cartoons now and just weep,gl tas/young justice?nah lets cancel those quality shows for beware the batman and teen titans go,Spectacular spider-man?nah **** that,ultimate!!,Earths mightiest heroes?nah loeb patrol here to take a dump on that as well,
FirstAvenger - 4/19/2014, 5:17 PM
Can we reboot the whole DCAU please? We need more show like that!
wookiefit - 4/19/2014, 5:17 PM
It was great. But I agree, to short.
ComicsBornAndBred - 4/19/2014, 5:19 PM
Where as Bale? He's the batman of this generation. Didn't like that omission but the short was good
DCSaysHailHydra - 4/19/2014, 5:19 PM
NeoBaggins - "No Bale Batman. Fail."


It's silly for anyone to say Bale's Batman shouldn't be in this because it "doesn't fit". What the hell does that even mean anyway? The TDK/Rises suit could have been shown.
ComicsBornAndBred - 4/19/2014, 5:21 PM
Bale was Batman so he's apart of the 75 years of the dark knight. He should be there
Doopie - 4/19/2014, 5:22 PM
[frick]in lovely
Doopie - 4/19/2014, 5:24 PM

I feel ya man
maninfinesuit - 4/19/2014, 5:35 PM
Of course they didn't send a Baleman. Who in their right mind is going to send a robotic assassin who fights like this?

KINGPEN266 - 4/19/2014, 5:37 PM
Lemons - 4/19/2014, 5:38 PM
A way better short than the Bruce Timm one.
maninfinesuit - 4/19/2014, 5:38 PM
Besides, his robot was probably busy drinking un café dans Paris somewhere.

THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 4/19/2014, 5:49 PM
Awesomeeeee. Nostalgia overload
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