First Teaser For CG BEWARE THE BATMAN From Cartoon Network

First Teaser For CG BEWARE THE BATMAN From Cartoon Network

Here's the first look at Cartoon Network's new Batman cartoon, Beware The Batman. The Batmobile is looking pretty sweet I must admit.

Beware the Batman
A cool, new take on the classic Dark Knight franchise, Beware the Batman incorporates Batman’s core characters with a rogues gallery of new villains not previously seen in animated form. Along with backup from ex-secret agent Alfred and lethal swordstress Katana, the Dark Knight faces the twisted machinations of Gotham City’s criminal underworld led by the likes of Anarky, Professor Pyg, Mister Toad and Magpie. Produced by Warner Bros. Animation, this action-packed detective thriller deftly redefines what we have come to know as a “Batman show.” Featuring cutting-edge CGI visuals to match the intricate twists and turns of the narrative, Batman steps out of the shadows and into the spotlight for an entirely new generation of fans. With WBA’s Sam Register executive producing, and Batman Beyond’s Glen Murakami and Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated’s Mitch Watson producing, Beware the Batman, based on characters from DC Comics, is coming soon to Cartoon Network!

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THEDARKNIGHT100 - 4/18/2012, 11:27 AM
awful being back the old show from 90s it be very cool
ICStoopedPeople - 4/18/2012, 11:27 AM
Sigh... TAS has ruined me. Every other Batman cartoon since looks like utter shit.

Picture at the top looks stupid to me, but the video seems okay. Will need to wait and see.
blvdnoise - 4/18/2012, 11:29 AM
I don't know how I feel about this yet. Still waitng..
TheSoulEater - 4/18/2012, 11:33 AM
MassExecutions - 4/18/2012, 11:39 AM
Must every hero have "Amazing Friends" now? Also, what is wrong with the shape of his head?
Moakynubs - 4/18/2012, 11:43 AM
At least Pyg is getting some attention.
headlopper - 4/18/2012, 11:44 AM
What's up with the pig and frog? SMH?
Dev - 4/18/2012, 11:45 AM
So much batman animated and not 1 flash or aquaman animated film? C'mon DC don't be afraid to try new things even if you think you might fail.
JackJNapier - 4/18/2012, 11:45 AM
this is not cool...
MovieMann - 4/18/2012, 11:46 AM
BruceLeroy - 4/18/2012, 11:47 AM
I really don't understand DC's new found obsession with CGI.
PaulRom - 4/18/2012, 11:47 AM
Meh. It'll probably surprise me (like Green Lantern TAS), but I don't like what I'm hearing so far.

I'm totally fine with exploring Batman's lesser known rogues, but having Alfred and Katana back him up is just ridiculous. I'll wait til I see the pilot before I judge though.
BatSlam - 4/18/2012, 11:49 AM
i think the title is pretty sweet. makes it sound possibly a little serious. The graphics with the batmobile driving in the tunnel looked really good. I know that bats himself looks a little weird but i think people should give it a chance before saying no so quickly. It looks like it isn't going to start with bruce's origins because we have professor pig back there.
Shaman - 4/18/2012, 11:52 AM
I never could understand WB's obsession with bad anatomy in their tv series. Year One's style was perfect, why the hell do you have to hire chimps to draw your shows???
BlueMex - 4/18/2012, 11:53 AM
meh, looks like green lantern series, as long as the stories are good i can put up with the animation. But come on ! why cant they just keep ALA Young justice series animation! dont fix what aint broken!
DrStrangeFan - 4/18/2012, 11:53 AM
I want a Blue Bettle CGI cartoon..not this crap
TheMyth - 4/18/2012, 11:57 AM
Who the [frick] is Katana?
spidey1994 - 4/18/2012, 11:57 AM
Was that Kevin Conroy as Batman?
DrStrangeFan - 4/18/2012, 11:57 AM
Thegoddamnbatman52 - 4/18/2012, 12:01 PM
Look I'm trying to be open minded about this but BATMAN DOESENT KLL SO WHY THE [frick] WOULD HE HAVE A SWORD WEILDING NINJA AND A GUN TOTING ALFRED AS HIS SIDEKICK!? Seriously what's wrong it's picking one of the robins, or nightwing, or bat girl, or even cat woman if he had to have a side kick that badly? Creative liberty with characters is fine but not when it's taken to this extent
BubblesShedAndBreakfast - 4/18/2012, 12:02 PM
Is this Speed Racer dressed like Batman????
113 - 4/18/2012, 12:03 PM
Hey to all you BatFans think about it this way. Look what DC did with the Green Lantern Animated/CGI show, they ditched Sinestro as the main villain, changed up some other things and it ended up being a pretty good show. The CGI takes some time to get used to but eventually you overlook it because the story and/or dialogue ends up being quite good (for a kids show).

That may be because Bruce Timm is heavily involved in the Green Lantern show and it doesn't look like he'll be involved in this new Batman show.

I just think overall DC has more or less always known what they are doing with their animations. They've had a few misses but even the misses have redeeming qualities.

I probably won't watch this show personally because I've never been a Batman fan and I'm actually just sick of him (movies, tv, comics, etc...he's just everywhere and just too much).

I hope they do a new Superman show next and I'm fine if they change around the origins/key parts of the mythos and introduce new villains, at least it'll be something different. As long as the story and dialogue are fine then not much else matters.
headlopper - 4/18/2012, 12:04 PM
@Nomis - Brilliant! Dr. Zeus!

For this creative visual reference , you get...

superotherside - 4/18/2012, 12:04 PM
Hmmm... this might be really great especially if it's in the same universe as GLTAS.
elcaballerooscuro92 - 4/18/2012, 12:05 PM
i will give this show a chance because green lantern has been pretty awesome, but batman's voice sounds pretty lame
siggisuperman - 4/18/2012, 12:05 PM
The old 90's Batman the animated series is just the bomb... not sure how I feel about this but I will say that I think that the new GL shows are okay, and young justice is very sweet. although why not backed up by robin, catwoman, nightwing, batgirl, azrael, talia al ghul or someone other than no name chick and Alfred...
batmitedimension - 4/18/2012, 12:05 PM
LMAO, that teaser was so lame!
marvel72 - 4/18/2012, 12:05 PM
not to bad,i think i'd watch it.
MrPagBrewster - 4/18/2012, 12:06 PM
Shit, still better than Ultimate Spiderman. Give me a flash animated series. DC nation also sucks. DC logo sucks too. All this crap has got me in a Grif mood.
13echo - 4/18/2012, 12:06 PM
you would think by now that their are no more BatMan stories left to tell, Oh well I'll still watch...
SpiderFan35 - 4/18/2012, 12:09 PM
Too early to judge, but not liking the style from the pics so far.

Are there any animals left to make into villains?
MrPagBrewster - 4/18/2012, 12:09 PM
I want this

Not this crap, its still crap

BmanHall - 4/18/2012, 12:09 PM
Jesus tits, do you think that's enough Batman shows? Whatever, I should be use to this shit spewing out of DC.

What I don't understand is, if they are going to make it CGI and throw it on Cartoon Network's DC Nation, why not make it EXACTLY like Green Lantern also on Cartoon Network's DC Nation? No plans to crossover? Of course not, DC... Of course not...

This is where DC [frick]s themselves. They take this golden opportunity to develop an alliance with Cartoon Network and have their shows in one centralized location just to ruin it by not using its full potential. Why keep your shit together just to keep it segregated? That doesn't make any [frick]ing sense. Yet, people wonder why we only get Batman and Superman bullshit over and over and over from DC.
Spidey91 - 4/18/2012, 12:16 PM
yay! moar Batman! -.-
how about Superman,Flash,Wonder Woman,the Justice League?
superotherside - 4/18/2012, 12:17 PM
Spidey91 That would be awesome... all in these really cool 3D shows. :)
BillyBatson1000 - 4/18/2012, 12:21 PM
Batman TAS will never be improved upon. Leave it alone!!!!

KNIGHT3000 - 4/18/2012, 12:25 PM
Batmobile is cool
BIGBMH - 4/18/2012, 12:28 PM
You know, being completely objective, that teaser was actually pretty cool. It has a sleek look to it, the tone seems serious enough.
WorldsGreatestdetective - 4/18/2012, 12:29 PM
Nope. Its trying to hard. I will return to my Batman TAS episodes instead
headlopper - 4/18/2012, 12:30 PM
The message? The 'Law Giver' can kiss my a**!

It's time to croon!

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