FriendlyJoShFest Reviews The Ultimate Spider-Man Two-Episode Premiere

FriendlyJoShFest Reviews The Ultimate Spider-Man Two-Episode Premiere

So, the show aired Yesterday but, does the show deliver? Does it live up to the expectations? I'm going to try to review it without giving any spoilers.

Is not easy to review a show when most of us grew up watching the 90s "Spider-Man The Animated Series" or even the cancelled "Spectacular Spider-Man", especially because we would tend to compare this new "Ultimate Spider-Man" to the ones mentioned, but the show does deliver and I'll try to explain why.

In the first 10 minutes or so, we are introduced to this teenage Peter Parker, a kid who has these amazing powers but doesn't really have the experience to take on the villains he usually has to fight with. This is when Nick Fury,director of S.H.I.E.L.D, comes in and makes Spidey an offer: To train him to become the Ultimate Spider-Man.
The characters were introduced in a very comic-esque kind of way and were given some background for those who are not familiar with them.I thought it was a nice touch, especially because the show is clearly aiming for a younger audience who probably know little of the Ultimate universe.
Some of the jokes were a little to childish for my taste but surprisingly enough,they work and don't come out as annoying as I thought they would be.

The cast is amazing.We have J.J.Jameson voiced by J.K.Simmons(Spider-Man 1,2 & 3) and, as always, he does an amazing job.Drake Bell was the perfect choice for Peter/Spider-Man, he sounds just like Spidey should sound like and makes him believable as both Peter and Spidey. Clark Gregg reprises his role of Agent Coulson and Chi McBride voices Nick Fury, we couldn't ask for more, the cast is just fantastic.

Another thing I liked about the show is that the relationship between the characters is what one would expect, and we even get to see a proactive aunt May, she isn't exactly the same character she was in the Ultimate Spider-Man comics but I thought it was a new take on the character and I liked it. Jameson has the same attitude against Spider-Man, he doesn't like him and he will do everything to make the city feel the same way.Norman Osborn is another character that was portrayed like his counterpart from the Ultimate Comics,but much hasn't been said about him yet so we'll have to wait for future episodes,but he seemed to be pretty consistent with the comics.

Now, onto the show itself.The action sequences are good but not "Spectacular Spider-Man"-good. There's a lot of goofing around and the classic Spidey-quips but nothing too excessive, it just works and, to be honest, I really had a laugh with most of them. The characters are somewhat loveable and there're also a some cameos most fans out there will enjoy.

What I didn't like about the show is that it's starting to look a little bit like DC's "Young Justice".Don't get me wrong, I like that show, but I was expecting that a Spider-Man show would be centred around the Spider-Man character and not a Team of Superheroes. Hopefully this is not going to be an every-episode thing. The other thing I didn't like was the Spider-Cycle,but I loved Spidey's reaction when he got it. And the music...I don't really know whether I liked it or not, but its resemblance to the Spectacular Spider-Man soundtrack kind of made me want to be watching a third season of Spectacular Spider-Man rather than to be watching a new Spider-Man show.So,I have to say that I liked it but it should have stayed away from Spectacular Spider-Man in terms of the music.

To sum up, this show really delivers on its own, it really feels fresh and I'm actually waiting for the next episode to come out.
Is it better than "Spectacular Spider-Man" or "Spider-Man The Animated Series"? In my opinion, this show has a lot of potential but only time will tell whether this show will be remembered as a classic for future generations,or will just be buried in oblivion.

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