Animator Mike Habjan first began his fan-made Hulk vs Superman CGI project over three years ago and yesterday, he released his third installment in the series. It's an amazing feat considering this epic clash was rendered by just one man.

Hulk vs Superman

Hulk vs Superman
Hulk vs Superman
Hulk vs Superman

A few words from Mike:
This is the third part of my animated Superman and Hulk fight. This project is something I work on from home as an independent project and is not affiliated with any company. It took about nineteen months to finish, starting in May 2012. Other than a few weeks I took off for traveling followed by a couple weeks of technical problems (computer died) I worked on this pretty much full time. About five months in to this I had a hard drive malfunction almost losing months of work, but luckily salvaged a lot of the work from crash files saved on my other hard drive.

Even without the delays, this project took way longer than the others and way longer than I ever thought it would. Partially due to the added complexity of higher detail models and environment interaction, as well as the longer running time, way more action to animate, way more scene interactivity, and 1080 HD resolution, which of course renders slower than the 720 HD I had been doing till now. The higher resolution also means mistakes and shoddy work are more visible, so more time is needed to pay attention to details and massage out the render glitches till it's right.

Typically, I work out the models and rigs first, then get to animating a shot. For this project I spent the first few months on enhancements and changes to the character models, as well as the desert environment. Also switched renderers, from mental ray to V-Ray, so had to take time learning how to use that. Once models are at a state where the character proportions are set, I block out a the bulk of the action. It's rough and changes drastically as work progresses. I don't have storyboards ore even a clear choreography set out..but rough ideas evolve, things get added and get refined and improve. When animation on a shot is good enough, I do cloth sim on the characters (hulk pants and superman cape, which can take a while to a good simulation. On this project I also did a massive amount of frame by frame model corrections, to get the muscle and anatomy deforming somewhat realistically, which is a lot of work on bloated muscle bound character like the Hulk. Once it's good I render that, which takes approximately one hour per frame, so about one day per second of animation usually. While it's rendering I work on animating another shot, and try to have it ready for render when the previous shot is finished. I took more time into polishing the animation doing several passes or more till it was 'good enough'. Reference footage is usually used when possible to. Then I bring into compositing and try to make it all look as good as I can. Looking at it now it's both better than I had thought it would turn out a year and a half ago and worse than I would like it to be. Still trying to work out how to get better quality renders and environments, but that leaves me with lots to improve on for the next one. Plus I'm sick of working on it and wanted it to be done last year. Anyway this was a lot of work so please don't copy and re-upload to your channel passing it off to be yours.

Project specs: Two computers, started with same I used for part 2, then the older one crapped out half way through, so got a new better one, an i7-393 3.2 ghz 64 GB RAM. Was needed anyway to render 1080 hd.. had a hard time rendering some shots even with it.

Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor Say They'd Love To Make HULK vs SUPERMAN
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thereaper27 - 12/24/2013, 1:20 AM
impressive...all that time spent on a project and not even getting paid
ShadowOfTheWeb - 12/24/2013, 1:21 AM
Brilliant stuff yet again Mike.

Somebody get this man a job in hollywood!
Gibman - 12/24/2013, 1:24 AM
That was actually really cool, I gotta see the first 2 parts
Kevwebsz - 12/24/2013, 1:24 AM
Danbojohnj - 12/24/2013, 1:29 AM
I love watching these,hope he keeps making them.

Excellent stuff.
Hemsey - 12/24/2013, 1:31 AM
This fight has no winner, is an endless fight.
KingMarvel - 12/24/2013, 1:35 AM
Marvel should have gotten this guy to do the Ironman/hulk animation! instead of het crab we got! Good going sir! MY HAT GO'S OF TO YOU! THANK YOU.
KingMarvel - 12/24/2013, 1:37 AM
Seejay - 12/24/2013, 1:44 AM

Very cool.

If Superman were to throw the Hulk into a black hole. Would that be the end ?
EarOne - 12/24/2013, 1:50 AM
this is what would a chris reeve's superman vs a cgi'd lou ferrigno hulk fight look like. AWESOME!!

and for those f/x guys working on superman returns and mos saying that the yellow 'S' logo on the cape is too much hassle, impossible..not enuff budget for it..BULLSH!T.

wb OR marvel...HIRE this dude, already...
MsDarkPhoenix - 12/24/2013, 1:56 AM
Just wow! So many talented guys like him around the world and their work is never recognized... I hope that someday they will find him and offer him a job in a big studio. He is really good!
jimoakley666 - 12/24/2013, 1:59 AM
His Superman looks like Richard Armitage.
ManDeth - 12/24/2013, 2:06 AM
Way to go Mike. Love how you use Christopher Reeve's appearance.

Would be cool if you could crowd fund that stuff. You should at the least approach guys like Todd McFarlane, and see if theyd like some live action stuff to use in promos or even movie pitches.

Thanks for sharing your awesome work!! Really love to watch your videos!
patrat18 - 12/24/2013, 2:12 AM
alw - 12/24/2013, 2:23 AM
What a fantastic talent he has, this was awesome! Agree with the comments he deserves a big studio job can't see how he wouldn't showing that as a presentation of your work at a interview! Would blow them away :)
ImnotDaredevil - 12/24/2013, 2:23 AM
What a Christmas present! Been waiting a long time for part 3. Great stuff!!!
AztecRainGod - 12/24/2013, 2:24 AM
Too bad they didnt hire this guy to do the Kurse/Thor fight.
UltimaRex - 12/24/2013, 2:27 AM

Good. I don't WANT this to end...
Trollkotze - 12/24/2013, 2:27 AM
Thanks for the clip! Remarkable Work!
Merry xmas everyone....
SamHell - 12/24/2013, 2:35 AM
Christopher Reeve and Lou Ferigno.
thewolfx - 12/24/2013, 2:39 AM
Iv been a fan of this guys work sense the first

Somebody get that man in marvel or dc asap!
MrSundayMovies - 12/24/2013, 2:43 AM
These are amazing, what an incredible effort.
MatTaylorX - 12/24/2013, 2:48 AM
Great stuff. And proof you can have an awesome fight without resorting to having many CGI building falling down.
Brainiac13 - 12/24/2013, 2:55 AM
Amazing animation. Well done.
Luminus - 12/24/2013, 2:57 AM
@Seejay: Nope, he'd just appear in another universe. Then one of the heroes there (Reed Richards) would find a way to send him back.

These videos are never ending.
seantwakafilmyguy - 12/24/2013, 2:57 AM
That was unbelievable stuff, man. CGI looked incredible for a (I'm assuming) one guy team!
relentless1 - 12/24/2013, 3:01 AM
awesome cgi, can't wit to see the end where superman beats hulk back into bruce banner
BloodredNemesis - 12/24/2013, 3:13 AM
Excellent work my friend. (round of applause) :-)
113 - 12/24/2013, 3:16 AM
Love these, this is the best one yet.
SuperCat - 12/24/2013, 3:47 AM
SUPERSHADOWBAT - 12/24/2013, 3:52 AM
Excellent work.
FOOM - 12/24/2013, 4:01 AM
Nice homage to Reeves and Ferigno. Loved seeing Supes getting thrown around like a rag doll. I need to see more of that.
Niklander - 12/24/2013, 4:04 AM
FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!This is true talent!!!!
6of13 - 12/24/2013, 4:15 AM
Brilliant work. It's beyond fantastic.
konoyaro - 12/24/2013, 4:20 AM
with the obvious difference in tech and money involved between this short and the hulk\iron man CGI animation i have to tell this looks a lot better!!
Seejay - 12/24/2013, 4:21 AM

Yes! :)


Ok! I wonder if sups or hulk would die if thrown into a enormous star. That is, not our own yellow cousin.
MoonDoggyX - 12/24/2013, 4:53 AM
I don't think the point is who would actually win, let's just celebrate the awesome animation.
loki668 - 12/24/2013, 4:55 AM
I LOVE the "Ferrigno" and "Reeves" looks of the characters. Also, the Hulk wasn't fighting! He was just giving Supes some "love" the rough way!
mc7791 - 12/24/2013, 4:56 AM
truly amazing. Love what Mike did with the character models. What Marvel did with the Hulk in Avengers Mike did using Ferrigno as the model. Plus using Christopher Reeve as the model for Superman. Sad that Reeve passed away before being able to see this. How will this end? Im a Marvel fan so that says right there how I want things to go. However can their be a good stalemate for both DC and Marvel fans? Also one of those studios hire this guy right now!! Thanks for posting this and thanks to Mike for all of his amazing work!

Doopie - 12/24/2013, 4:58 AM
3 years on 1 fight? now that's dedication! this was amazing though, want to see more!
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