New Marvel's AVENGERS ASSEMBLE Animated Series Promo

New Marvel's AVENGERS ASSEMBLE Animated Series Promo

Marvel has released a new Avengers Assemble promo which showcases fesh snippets of footage and reveals what the Hulk will sound like in this highly anticipated animated series. What are your expectations for the show?

Marvel has released a new Avengers Assemble promo showing new snippet of footage from the highly anticipated animated series. Check it out below:

"Marvel's Avengers Assemble" reunites the most popular super hero team -- Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye and Black Widow, along with newcomer Falcon, marking the first time in animation history this distinct team of heroes will join forces. Led by Iron Man, the heroes train and live together in their new headquarters in Avengers Tower. The planet's most dangerous villains don't stand a chance when the Avengers assemble - whether they are stopping Dr. Doom from conquering Asgard, Attuma driving the Atlantean Army into New York City or Dracula unleashing vampire hordes, the Avengers must work together to succeed.
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BlackFlash - 5/15/2013, 2:21 PM
Looks good to me.
thejfather1 - 5/15/2013, 2:24 PM
^those look good to me too
BboiBlack - 5/15/2013, 2:25 PM
Joking in the face of danger..
isn't that Spiderman's thing?
NovaCorpsFan - 5/15/2013, 2:27 PM
Josh I'm convinced you looked at the headline and thought "I'm gonna end someone's childhood!"
Dminic - 5/15/2013, 2:29 PM
Why do I get the feeling that part of dialog is in this promo only because of IM3 and the complaints towards the "humor" straight after Pepper died...
ScionStorm - 5/15/2013, 2:30 PM
Expressions suck. I don't like the style. I have no other judgements to make until I actually watch an episode.

Ceejay - 5/15/2013, 2:31 PM
.....Hmmmmmm :-|
JaiHo - 5/15/2013, 2:34 PM
Well, it certainly feels dumber and much more kids-friendly than "Avengers: EMH". Shame.
Invictor - 5/15/2013, 2:35 PM
This is turning to look good

marcvader1 - 5/15/2013, 2:35 PM
Think I may pass on this. I've had my fill of Stark as leader in everything.
SimyJo - 5/15/2013, 2:35 PM
Hulk Thor punch > Hulk Hawkeye finger-flick.
marvel72 - 5/15/2013, 2:37 PM
loving the hulk flick to hawkeye.
Gyasiman - 5/15/2013, 2:38 PM
Sad thing is its still unconfirmed weather this is connected to EMH or not.
DrDoom - 5/15/2013, 2:39 PM
Cap should be leader.

Doom's word is law
marcvader1 - 5/15/2013, 2:42 PM
Hopefully the next Cap movie does gang buskers at the boxoffice and we see a noticeable shift by Avengers 2 .
blvdnoise - 5/15/2013, 2:45 PM
Hey, I'll make my kids watch it..
shamo - 5/15/2013, 2:47 PM
doesn't look even a fraction as good as Young Justice.
WawelDragon - 5/15/2013, 2:49 PM
Same jokes as in "The Avengers"... That's bad... But we will se.
Mechagino - 5/15/2013, 2:52 PM
Still ehh... On it. I'm still going to watch the premiere thing but it BETTER impress me.
Minato - 5/15/2013, 2:55 PM
I find the animation choppy and hard to look at. The designs are ok but the way the action happens on screen doesnt seem to be choreographed and sloppy.
unknownfacts - 5/15/2013, 2:55 PM
Looks interesting.
YoDawg - 5/15/2013, 3:00 PM
I know Ironman is popular and stuff and there for he is gonna get more attentions but shit man...i really dont like how he is just the leader now, I hate to sound like a raging fanboy and shit but dam...I wish theyd stop shoving his iron nuts down everyone's throats...
CaptainKangarooPimp - 5/15/2013, 3:03 PM
Why does the animation look so lazy?
gaikinger - 5/15/2013, 3:06 PM
this looks like crap
DrDoom - 5/15/2013, 3:07 PM
Rest in peace, EMH. Everyone shall miss you.

Doom's word is law
OdinsBeard - 5/15/2013, 3:09 PM
EMH please....
Grayson7954 - 5/15/2013, 3:09 PM
I hate just cause iron man got more popular with general audiences hes now leader. cap should be leader.
OdinsBeard - 5/15/2013, 3:10 PM
captainkangaroopimp@ thats exactly what i was thinking. people had problems with the looks of the characters in EMH but at least they HAD character and heart and a different look and style to each one. in this one they all look the same and the way they look is kind of boring.
OdinsBeard - 5/15/2013, 3:14 PM
zorr@ as much as ultimate was a continuation of spectacular.. so no. it's just what they said. they created this thing to go along with the usm show.
KingMarvel - 5/15/2013, 3:19 PM
HEy i made a news skid of this yesterday?!? and it never got shown???
silverdog - 5/15/2013, 3:23 PM
leave it to fanboys to already know the tone, story, character interactions and personalities, how "smart" is going to be,and how much "heart" is going to have, just based on 31 seconds...

some of you really whine and complain on automatic pilot
tazmaniak - 5/15/2013, 3:28 PM
@TankD, come on, it's not lame. Fred Tatasciore has essentially been the official voice of the Hulk for 7 years. He voiced him in Ultimate Avengers, EMH, Next Avengers, Ultimate Alliance 2, Hulk Vs and now Avengers Assemble.
Archang3ll - 5/15/2013, 3:33 PM
My only hope at this point is that it doesn't become another "Ultimate Spider-Man" Clone b/c that show SUCKS!!!
IcemanX - 5/15/2013, 3:42 PM
Awesome Fan-Art

Rocket Raccoon:

Battabing - 5/15/2013, 3:46 PM
The animation is subpar.
This is Jeph Loeb for ya.
Minato - 5/15/2013, 3:58 PM
If yall know anything about comics then yall should know that Ironman spent a healthy amount of time as team leader of The Avengers. I also love it when Cap leads but if they are to tell Caps story properly then he will be a fish out of water for a while before he can be Leader of the extraordinary.
HulkDraxGroot - 5/15/2013, 4:00 PM
looks like utter crap!
SpideyQuad - 5/15/2013, 4:03 PM
lol hulk hit friend again

kemuael - 5/15/2013, 4:07 PM
it feels like a continuation of AEMH which is GREAT!!! :-D
IcemanX - 5/15/2013, 4:25 PM
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