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With BEWARE THE BATMAN still on hiatus, fans are still scratching their heads as to when the show will return. Well, some sites are now claiming to know the airdates for the next two episodes. Hit the jump for more... - Darkknight2149
Disney and Lucasfilm have released a couple of 30-second promos for their upcoming Star Wars animated series, featuring our first look at some actual footage from the show. Take a look at "Spark" and "Ignite" after the jump. UPDATED with full cast poster. - RorMachine
While celebrating a new Batman: The Animated Series action figure line, Bruce Timm and Paul Dini reflect on their many contributions to Batman's mythology. - MarkJulian
With the smashing success of The Lego Movie, it seems like almost everyone is catching Lego fever. Our favorite residents from Springfield, The Simpsons, are the latest to join in on the fun with Fox announcing an all-Lego episode of the hit series set to air later this season. - KingPatel
first look at of Boondock Saints 3 script - SirMovieDude
Details for "BEWARE THE BATMAN-Season One Part One: Shadows Of Gotham" have been officially announced. While we knew this was coming, an official announcement from Cartoon Network and Warner Brothers hadn't been released until now. Not only will part one of the innovative series be released on Blu-Ray and DVD February 18 but it will also feature two never before seen episodes! Hit the jump for more! - Darkknight2149
Spoiler warning! Conceptual illustrator Andrew "Drew" Leung ("Iron Man 3") has sent us some exclusiveThe LEGO Movie concept art pertaining to the film's twist ending. Check it out! - nailbiter111
The New York Times has gotten their hands on some concept designs that was created for the box office hit, The LEGO Movie. Hit the jump to check out concept art for Wildstyle (voiced by Elizabeth Banks) and an early design for the Master Builder's submarine. - nailbiter111
Watch and listen as the voice actors for Warner Bros. blockbuster three-dimensional animated film, The LEGO Movie, hilariously flub their lines. Hit the jump to check it out. - nailbiter111
Netflix will stream the sixth and final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars starting March 7. As per the usual Netflix policy, all 13 episodes will be available on that date. While we wait, watch a clip featuring Yoda. - MarkJulian
Here is my in-depth review of The LEGO Movie. Read on after the jump to see my verdict on this animated film featuring some of our most beloved comic book and fantasy characters, and leave your thoughts in the usual place. - efcamachopmp
Check out my review of DC's latest animated movie, Justice League War. - BenjiWest
This week we look at the rumours concerning what the new Lex Luthor's persona, Independence Day 2, Uncharted the movie, The Vision in Age Of Ultron, the new Marvel One Shot All Hail The King & ranking the DC Animated movies. - MrSundayMovies
While doing the press junket for his upcoming film Non-Stop, director Jaume Collet-Serra talked to about the Akira re-make which he is currently working on. Read on for more... - McNyagano
Critics and fans all over the world are enjoying the recent Box Office hit The Lego Movie, and for those who haven't seen it yet, this new TV Spot proves that "Everything is Awesome" which features some more footage of Will Arnett's Bruce Wayne, as well as Lord Business. Check it Out and enjoy! - anthonyEstark
Friday's box office numbers are in and it looks like Warner Bros. has themselves a blockbuster-size hit with their new 3D animated film, The LEGO Movie. Hit the jump to check it out. - nailbiter111
One of my most anticipated films of 2014 has finally arrived. Does it really live up to the hype those glowing reviews have been building up? Or were we right to be cynical about this in the first place. Hit the jump to find out in my spoiler-free review. - CaptainObvious
Phil Lord and Chris Miller's latest animated feature has been all the rage from critics and movie lovers, but there's one question; Does it live up to all the hype? I say, Yes, it does. Hit the jump to take a look at my spoiler-free thoughts about The Lego Movie and why you should see it. - anthonyEstark
Set to go on sale at a random time tomorrow for $45 and limited to 475 prints, hit the jump to check out artist Tom Whalen's 18" x 24" poster for Phil Lord and Chris Miller's highly anticipated animated feature, The LEGO Movie (and yes, DC's "Trinity" are also included). - JoshWilding
As the Justice league continues to fend off Parademons. Flash runs into Batman for the first time while Green Lantern Still isn't that impressed with the bat. Hit the jump to check it out! - NightWatcher
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