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One of my most anticipated films of 2014 has finally arrived. Does it really live up to the hype those glowing reviews have been building up? Or were we right to be cynical about this in the first place. Hit the jump to find out in my spoiler-free review. - CaptainObvious
Phil Lord and Chris Miller's latest animated feature has been all the rage from critics and movie lovers, but there's one question; Does it live up to all the hype? I say, Yes, it does. Hit the jump to take a look at my spoiler-free thoughts about The Lego Movie and why you should see it. - anthonyEstark
Set to go on sale at a random time tomorrow for $45 and limited to 475 prints, hit the jump to check out artist Tom Whalen's 18" x 24" poster for Phil Lord and Chris Miller's highly anticipated animated feature, The LEGO Movie (and yes, DC's "Trinity" are also included). - JoshWilding
As the Justice league continues to fend off Parademons. Flash runs into Batman for the first time while Green Lantern Still isn't that impressed with the bat. Hit the jump to check it out! - NightWatcher
The Brazilian site Omelette has revealed the first of a new series of propaganda poster for the upcoming animated TV series, Star Wars Rebels. Take a look at some Imperial troops after the jump. - Clara
Hit the Jump and take a look at an all-new featurette for The Lego Movie, helmed by Chris Miller and Phil Lord, in which we see basic character designs, the cast's thoughts about the concept, how they blended CGI with Stop-Motion, and more. - anthonyEstark
DC's first big animated film of 2014 (Justice League: War) releases on Bluray and DVD tomorrow. Hit the jump to check out how DC plan to expand their animated universe! - DEVLIN712
After positive early reviews for Warner Bros.' The Lego Movie, it's been revealed that a sequel to the film is already in the works! Hit the jump for the full story... - DEVLIN712
Marketing for Disney's upcoming film Muppets Most Wanted has been pretty darn good so far. Hit the jump to check out their new Super Bowl television spot, which doesn't feature much of anything new. - nailbiter111
Set to be included on the Justice League: War Blu-ray and DVD, the almost ten minute Son of Batman featurette offers up new footage from the animated movie, along with plenty of behind-the-scenes details and interviews ahead of its release on May 6th. Check it out! - JoshWilding
In this excerpt from the final installment of a series of articles, Director/Storyboard Artist/Producer Jay Oliva continues to go behind the scenes on the Superman 75th Anniversary animated short. The discussion covers Doomsday to Henry Cavill's Man of Steel and beyond. - EdGross
A new television spot has hit for The Lego Movie, which proves that the film has something for everyone. Action Lovers, Superheroes, Old People, Sports Fans, and... Well, you get the point. The spot also gives us our our first look at Bruce Wayne, who fans know as "Batman." - anthonyEstark
We brought you the very first look at the new movie versions of the Turtles last night, and now we have a clip from the next ep of the excellent Nickelodeon cartoon - which features the classic pairing of Raphael and the ever so slightly psychotic Casey Jones. - RorMachine
Hit the Jump and Find out what extras are included on the Blu-ray/DVD release of WB Animation's Son of Batman. Among them, a sneak peek at the next direct-to-video DC Comics adaptation, Batman: Assault on Arkham. - anthonyEstark
Jay Oliva, frequent director of DC's animated films, continues his behind the scenes guide to the making of the 75th Anniversary Superman short that was released last year and is available on the Man of Steel Blu-ray. For the short, he served as director/producer/storyboard artist. - EdGross
Warner Bros. has released eight new clips from their upcoming 3D animated film, The LEGO Movie. The film boasts a stellar voice cast: Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett, and Morgan Freeman - nailbiter111
Base on the New DC 52 Justice League Origin story-arc by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee, Darksied has come to Earth to form his evil army and is up to Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Captain Marvel and Cyborg to stop him. If they don't kill each other first. - wolverinesfury
Last year Warner Bros. premiered an animated short celebrating Superman's 75th Anniversary. In this excerpt from an exclusive "making of" piece, director/storyboard artist Jay Oliva discusses how the short came together. - EdGross
My in-depth review on DC’s recently released animated film Justice League of America, Adventures: Trapped in Time. Read on after the jump for my verdict on this DCAU geared toward a much younger crowd and leave your thoughts in the usual place. - efcamachopmp
In this new featurette from Warner Brothers upcoming The Lego Movie, go behind-the scenes and check out some new footage, as the film's cast (as their characters) talk about their roles in a very humorous way. So Come Check it out, and Don't miss The Lego Movie, in theaters February 7! - anthonyEstark
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