RUMOR: CGI-animated Batman series cancelled?

RUMOR: CGI-animated Batman series cancelled?

Has the new Batman CGI series been cancelled. Hit the scoop to find out!


"Character designer Coran Stone revealed in his DeviantArt gallery that HE was selected by James Tucker to do the character designs for Tucker's new Batman show, but CN cancelled the project because it was "too dark". This is what he had to say:

"So I guess this means this whole mysterious show has been cancelled, and we're back to the speculation drawing, and it would have had Casssandra Cain/Batgirl too "

Well this sucks. Based off that pic, I think the show would've at least looked good. And it would've been nice to see Nightwing and Damian to me in animation again. I know there's a lot of Cass fans out there, and I here she's a bad ass character, so I think it would've been cool to see her in animation too.

Though, I'm surprised they canceled it cause it was too dark. Thundercats​ regularly features death onscreen, and had a character literally stabbed in the back and die.
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PaulRom - 8/26/2011, 5:47 PM
Well that really sucks. I was lookin forward to a good Batman cartoon again.
Spidey91 - 8/26/2011, 5:52 PM
they need to make room for more Ben 10 sequels,Adventure Time and Regular Show,f*ck CN!
Denn1s - 8/26/2011, 5:52 PM
can't see the pic. pic not found
superotherside - 8/26/2011, 5:55 PM
sad... I was wanting a new Bat series, and a new Superman series... that would be really good... but oh well... still got GLTAS to look forward to I guess...
Ethic - 8/26/2011, 6:05 PM
Is this actually true though?
Could just be another guy looking to get his work noticed.
AlReg - 8/26/2011, 6:05 PM
What confuses me is whether CN cancelled a CGI Batman show or did they just reject this pitch and want another. Batman has been on tv since the nineties I find it hard to believe that he will go long without a show.
Gyasiman - 8/26/2011, 6:25 PM
@Denn1s Heres another link,
AlReg - 8/26/2011, 6:26 PM

James Tucker hinted that the next Batman show was going to be darker and possibly CGI the deigns in the link were from a rejected pitch. That Batgirl promo was done some time ago but the project did not take off and was reused in Batman Brave and the Bold.
Spilox - 8/26/2011, 6:46 PM
Whats with the CGI all of a sudden. Just give me the old fashioned cartoons.
InSpace - 8/26/2011, 6:56 PM
Yeah I Heard about this awhile back when they announced Batman the Brave and the Bold to be cancelled....havent heard much since tho.
Just wish there was a batman cartoon that doesnt necessarily center on batman, like a robin/nightwing cartoon would be a nice change of pace.
lostsoul86 - 8/26/2011, 7:32 PM
i see no mention on the site of him saying its cancelled ? oh and he also has a joker and harley pic up
HellScorpion - 8/26/2011, 7:35 PM
Cartoon Network has really been going down the shitter and canceling this Batman series is just more proof. What they should have done is keep Young Justice or Batgirl or whatever dumbass attempt at an adaption they're gonna try instead of this series on during the day and had this Batman series on Adult Swim at night. Stupid newtork execs.
tazmaniak - 8/26/2011, 7:41 PM
They didn't cancel the new Batman animated series, they passed on the darker series James Tucker pitched.That's what the guy is talking about.

They then hired Glen Murakami to develop the series.There's no word if Tucker is still involved in any capacity.
alucard365 - 8/26/2011, 7:45 PM
WHAT Cassandra Cain was going to be in it, noooooooooooooo! ! !
Damn you CN ! ! ! !
ScionStorm - 8/26/2011, 9:39 PM
I love Adventure Time! I didn't know they were doing another Batman series. Don't they have any other interesting characters to choose from?
TayDee - 8/26/2011, 9:45 PM
good, introduce some new characters
TheDARKestKNIGHT - 8/27/2011, 12:55 AM
Dont believe this for some reason
marvel72 - 8/27/2011, 2:41 AM
too dark,thats how batman is meant to be.should cancel batman brave & the bold & put a dark & gritty batman show on.
DarrkEvil - 8/27/2011, 7:08 AM
They should develop a new show...
Batman:The dark and the gritty...LOL!!!
marvel72 - 8/27/2011, 9:10 AM
@ darrkevil

i'd watch it. :D
PaulRom - 8/27/2011, 1:06 PM
I finally saw an episode of Brave & The Bold yesterday, and this is what I thought.

strilfe - 8/27/2011, 7:52 PM
I'd rather watch Adam West's Batman than brave & the Bold. Booooooooooooooooooring.-
HBO, where are you when we need you?!?!?!? Didn't you hear: a dark animated show, like what you did with Spawn. Come on!!!
sbdc1939 - 8/31/2011, 9:16 AM
after seeing what rocksteady has done with batman i would of loved to see a cgi batman show as long as they stole his fighting style from arkham city
sbdc1939 - 8/31/2011, 9:19 AM
if we have the brave and the bold on tv why, the worst batman show ever, but it would of done great in the 60's. why cant the adults get a darker and not campy version of batman.

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