Director Alex Zamm has posted test footage from his live-action/animation in-development Hong Kong Phooey and cancelled Marvin the Martian films. Hit the jump to check them out.

The demo reels below were directed by Alex Zamm and produced by Alcon Entertainment. They were meant to show off a live-action/computer generated look for potential Hong Kong Phooey and Marvin the Martian movies. Marvin the Martian has already been cancelled and Phooey is still listed as in-development, BUT most times when test footage from a project migrates online it means that the project is officially kaput.

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SeaSerpentine - 12/27/2012, 10:55 PM
"Hong Kong Phooey" looks like crap. "Marvin the Martian" looks meh, but it might have more patential.
Jollem - 12/27/2012, 10:57 PM

the original image was part of an april fools gag in a Wizard magazine. the story pitch actually sounded awesome
ISleepNow - 12/27/2012, 11:03 PM
AUSSYACE - 12/27/2012, 11:03 PM
Eddy Murphy doing the voice for Honk Kong Phooey just does not work and its a pretty sad joke at the end with the whole toilet thing...

I remember the good old days with Hong Kong Phooey in the cartoons while I was growing up...

LEEE777 - 12/28/2012, 12:06 AM
Damn, remember posting about PHOOEY a couple of years ago, sad, that would've been a good laugh, MARVIN too... well better than another MUPPET movie or something anyways!

Damnnn Phooey looks pretty cool there, toons a classic! :P
DrHorrible - 12/28/2012, 12:06 AM
Honestly, they don't look half-bad. They don't look all that good, but not terrible either. I'd maybe, MAYBE watch them if they were made into movies, seeing as I loved the cartoons back in the day.

I mean, it can't get very much worse than the Smurfs movies...
DrHorrible - 12/28/2012, 12:09 AM
@LEEE777 There's still a good chance that the Hong Kong Phooey movie will be coming out, seeing as it's still in development.

Marvin the Martian, however, seems to be in limbo as of now.
KelvTwelve - 12/28/2012, 12:12 AM
Oh gurdddd, that... That was cringing.

Please dear god, stop the CGI monsters. STAHP THEM.

Also defending the Muppets again since people who actually care about humor, filmmaking, and their product work on them (well, you know, most of the time..., okay well only in the Muppets 2011 - but... Thank the lord and savior Jason Segel and the Flight of the Conchords).

That said, James Gunn wrote Scooby-Doo 1 and 2. Hilarious.
DEATHbyEXILE - 12/28/2012, 12:31 AM
EagleEye21 - 12/28/2012, 12:46 AM
My childhood... RUIN!!!!!
IronLantern79 - 12/28/2012, 1:13 AM
I'd like to see the Marvin the Martian film.

HBarnill - 12/28/2012, 2:05 AM
Anything with Mike Myers is terrible. IMO, he's worst than Adam Sandler. At least he has charm, minus Jack and Jill.
unknownfacts - 12/28/2012, 2:06 AM
Maybe as Direct to dvd video,because I see these as box office bust.
loki668 - 12/28/2012, 4:38 AM
I'll take "Two films I never want to [frick]ing see made" for a thousand.

Lord Loki has spoken
BubblesShedAndBreakfast - 12/28/2012, 5:12 AM
Both need to stay in original animated form. They always ruin classics by making them poop humor and they always try to make the characters talk all hip and cool. I love Hong Kong Phoey and I love Marvin but these versions suck in my opinion.
Cosmic1 - 12/28/2012, 5:34 AM
Hong Kong Phooey is too tall and they messed up the cat, he shoulda been cg too, surprisingly the voice is similar to the cartoon. Marvin Martian was good. I think both would have been good kids movies.
mgeoff88 - 12/28/2012, 6:24 AM
That's what passes for cartoon humor these days? Kids today are missing out.

CG cartoon characters look ridiculous in real life settings. Both of the films should be completely CG.
Christuffer - 12/28/2012, 6:28 AM
Hong Kong Phooey was terrible. They didn't capture the spirit of the cartoon at all. At best, the cat was sorta funny. But I'm glad they scrapped that one. Marvin the Martian was funny, but the kid sorta ruined it.

Oh well, now we know.
edmundo - 12/28/2012, 6:33 AM
I thought cartoons were supposed to be funny
JoeMomma29 - 12/28/2012, 6:43 AM
At least the CGI was better then those Twilight Movies!!!
DarthBooty - 12/28/2012, 6:52 AM
Between the Hong Kong Phooey clip and the total lack of caffeine in my system, I think I wanna go back to bed...forever.

I also think at this point Eddie Murphy should do what George Costanza did in that episode of Seinfeld and just do the EXACT opposite of what decisions he would normally make. Either that or sit in a parked car with the engine running in an enclosed space while pondering his career until it hurts no more...
m0th3r - 12/28/2012, 7:26 AM
Well..there is a lot of anger here..lol...they are for kids, we fanboys tend to be actual over 18 type people. Stop looking for a monster movie company to spend millions of dollars to market a kid product, with nostalgia value, to a niche market of 18-45 year old men. We all know we have the money to spend, but no one is going to make Garfield, Flintstones, or Marvin the Martian for us. Superhero type Comic Books (and most other types for that matter) havent been for little kids in YEARS, decades really, the last century even....

And for everyone who says Animaniacs....that would be AWESOME!
KaneVonDoom - 12/28/2012, 7:47 AM
Really, WB has got to be more clever than this... Nut shots, toilet humor.

poop23 - 12/28/2012, 7:58 AM
The look of everything was good, Marvin's animation was good... The humor was terrible, they really should take some lessons from pixar on that

And Animaniacs would be awesome as long as they don't screw that up like every other cartoon being brought back in cg... That and Freakazoid, or Pinky and the Brain
CaptainObvious - 12/28/2012, 7:58 AM
There's more toilet humor in these two reels than The Phantom Menace.
DrDoom - 12/28/2012, 8:02 AM
The test reels are garbage, but I'd love to see a Marvin the Martian film. Easily my favourite of the Looney Tunes characters.
plasticman - 12/28/2012, 8:22 AM
Cartoons I would rather see brought to live action from the 60's or 70's:

-Grape Ape
-Space Ghost
Facade - 12/28/2012, 8:23 AM
For ANYONE that liked The Smurfs, I guess. Shit looks horrible!
HelaGood - 12/28/2012, 8:38 AM
live action talking animals = shit
Koala0226 - 12/28/2012, 8:43 AM
As one of the few teens on this site, I could actually enjoy these films with my little brother. Sure they aren't so great but little kids enjoy these types of things no matter how bad it is.
SATW42 - 12/28/2012, 8:48 AM
Hong Kong Phooey was a janitor in a human police station but he doesn't know what a bathroom is?
SCURVYDOG619 - 12/28/2012, 9:24 AM
I'd settle for Bruce Timm and Paul Dini working their magic on a new Space Ghost series.

Especially if it was adapted from the Joe Kelly-written GN...I'm sure Joe would be all for it..
GodzillaKart - 12/28/2012, 9:25 AM
Yup, those both looked pretty terrible.
dnno1 - 12/28/2012, 10:29 AM
Hong Kong Phoey is hilarious. Marvin the Martian is going to need a little more work though.
Optimus83 - 12/28/2012, 10:29 AM
This That's All Folks???. ...is a real Teaser or Fan-Film Fake???
comicb00kguy - 12/28/2012, 10:31 AM
These are two terrible ideas that once again show how people today just don't grasp the idea of older characters and why they 'work'. That Hong Kong Phooey looks like something that would make those crappy Garfield movies look like classics. And Marvin the Martian is only funny if he's going against other Looney Tunes characters, not some generic modern kid. We're truly lucky if these two crapfests never get made.
Franshu - 12/28/2012, 12:29 PM
Why do they keep mixing humans and Looney Tunes characters? It just doesnt work, nobody cares abiut that any more. Make them full animation, and try to come up with some cool ideas. Hong Kong phooey looks awful, and Marvin the martian is ok... would be better without that douche kid.

And that cat looks creepy as hell...
BIGBMH - 12/28/2012, 12:49 PM
Hong Kong Phooey's personality felt like a lame knock-off of the donkey from Shrek.
xstryker - 12/28/2012, 1:05 PM
Ha ha ha, so glad these were never made! I am filled with joy that this wretchedness will never come to pass.
wavehunter - 12/28/2012, 1:08 PM
Hong Kong Phooey wont be the same without Scatman Crothers. He brought that character to life back in the 70's when I was a kid.
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