BLEACH Anime Series To End March 27th, Manga Starts It's Final Arc

BLEACH Anime Series To End March 27th, Manga Starts It's Final Arc

Hot off development news for a live-action Bleach movie comes news that both the anime and manga are coming to a close. Find out more after the jump.

Bleach Anime

Bleach Live-Action MovieJust yesterday, I had the pleasure of reporting that Warner Bros. has finally decided to begin the process of making a live-action Bleach movie. However, it's with mixed feelings that toady, I report that the anime will air it's final episode in Japan on March 27th. The manga will continue on but it's also been confirmed that Tite Kubo is entering the final arc of the series. Hopefully it will receive the send-off it deserves as both the anime and manga have enjoyed a LONG run atop the best-seller's chart. Most anime fans would agree that the series peaked during the Soul Society arc and has been locked in a meandering waltz ever since; however, Bleach remains profitable and popular and will go out as one of the top 3 anime/manga's alongside Naruto and One Piece.

Of course, it's bittersweet that the anime and manga are wrapping up but if history is any indication, Hollywood will re-imagine the series to make it more relatable to the American market and in the process give us a fresh new take on Tite Kubo's story. Of course, Hollywood hasn't fared to well with anime and manga adaptions in the past but this announcement shows that Warner Bros. is committed to being the first American studio to crack the anime/live-action movie formula. With Akira being put on the back-burner, the studio has quickly shifted focus to Bleach, and just as they targeted A-list talent for Akira, I'm sure they'll do the same for Bleach.

Stay tuned to CBM as the countdown to the finale of Bleach begins and development for the live-action Bleach movie continues.

Bleach (ブリーチ Burīchi?, romanized as BLEACH in Japan) is a Japanese shōnen manga series written and illustrated by Tite Kubo. Bleach follows the adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki after he obtains the powers of a Soul Reaper (死神 Shinigami?, literally, "Death God") —a death personification similar to the Grim Reaper—from another Soul Reaper, Rukia Kuchiki. His newfound powers force him to take on the duties of defending humans from evil spirits and guiding departed souls to the afterlife.
Bleach has been serialized in the Japanese manga anthology Weekly Shōnen Jump since August 2001, and has been collected into 51 tankōbon volumes as of August 2011. Since its publication, Bleach has spawned a media franchise that includes an ongoing animated television series that is produced by Studio Pierrot in Japan, two original video animations, four animated feature films, seven rock musicals, and numerous video games, as well as many types of Bleach-related merchandise.

Viz Media obtained foreign television and home video distribution rights to the Bleach anime on March 15, 2006. Cartoon Network began airing Bleach in the United States as part of its Adult Swim block on September 9, 2006. Viz Media has licensed the manga for English-language publication in the United States and Canada, and has released 34 bound volumes as of March 2011 as well as published chapters of Bleach in its Shonen Jump magazine since November 2007. Viz Media released the first Bleach film, Bleach: Memories of Nobody, on DVD in North America on October 14, 2008. The second film, Bleach: The DiamondDust Rebellion, was released on September 15, 2009.

Volumes of the manga have sold more than 72 million copies in Japan, and is one of the most sold mangas in the United States. The anime adaptation has been similarly received; it was rated as the fourth most popular anime television series in Japan in 2006 and held a position amongst the top ten anime in the United States from 2006 to 2008. The series received the Shogakukan Manga Award for the shōnen demographic in 2005, and is among the best-selling manga issues in both Japan and the United States.

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yanky820 - 2/23/2012, 11:28 AM
Damn this sucks ... I love this Anime ... I knew it was coming to an end but thought it would be a little longer on the air.
Thelastdalek - 2/23/2012, 11:28 AM
Wait so there ending thhe anime with the fullbring arc and wont even be adapting the final arc of the manga?
Ghaleonausa - 2/23/2012, 11:31 AM
I rather onjoy this show, oh well, everything must end at some point.
luffycapri - 2/23/2012, 11:32 AM
you beat me lol
Osiris - 2/23/2012, 11:37 AM
ARRGGGG!! I hate it when they end an Anime before the Manga, they always give it some stupid ending like in "Soul Eater" or just stop like Inuyasha. Maybe they will do the final Arch as a movie or something doubt it but I can always hope.
Thelastdalek - 2/23/2012, 11:40 AM

The anime is ending in less then a two months and hasnt finished the fullbringer arc while the final arc has only just goten started in the manga.
Shaman - 2/23/2012, 11:42 AM

BlackGetsuga3 - 2/23/2012, 11:46 AM
im sad, i just hope thats enough time to finish this arc their on, i want to see xcution vs the captains before it ends
Hellsing - 2/23/2012, 11:47 AM
Its not uncommon to see the anime end whilst the manga series continues like Fullmetal Alchemist, its better then sitting through filler arcs to be honest. So whats you views on the live action adaptation GraphicCity.
sarahsatire - 2/23/2012, 11:49 AM
363 episodes... fans of this series are spoiled! The anime I tend to love are usually too short, ending unfinished and WAY before their manga counterpart (Berserk and Gantz come to mind). :(
RaleighAntrobus - 2/23/2012, 12:02 PM
"... and just as they targeted A-list talent for Akira, I'm sure they'll do the same for Bleach."

This is a ridiculous [frick]ing statement.

Lilvic92 - 2/23/2012, 12:03 PM
Who the hell cares? Naruto is better anyway
Bandrews1 - 2/23/2012, 12:17 PM
Well its gonna be sad seeing it end, but you gotta admit it had its run, and Naruto's ending is probably around the corner as well.
MarkJulian - 2/23/2012, 12:20 PM
@Hellsing I'm optimistic. Warner Bros. was going after actors such as Gary Oldman, Helena Bonham Carter, Ken Watanabe, etc. for Akira so I'm curious to see who they approach for the Bleach characters and if they'll try to age them up. I'm most curious to see whether Ichigo remains a high school student.
Ginrocks - 2/23/2012, 12:21 PM
Awww so we're not gonna see the last manga arc as an anime.
SotNatt - 2/23/2012, 12:21 PM
@Lilvic92 Ahh...It so totally depends. Heh.'s been a while since I've watched Bleach or Naruto, actually. I guess my tolerance for convoluted story lines, killing off characters that I like and having to read subtitles gave way. I always did hold Bleach in higher regard, however, and will sorrowfully miss the show...even though I tapped out somewhere around the battle between Aizen, the Espada, the Gotei 13, the Vizored, and Ichigo. I think Isshin had just revealed to Ichigo that he was a Shinigami, that's how long ago it was...

Anyway, gonna miss it, but at least we have the manga! Which, hate to say it, I stopped paying attention to around the Fullbring arc.

Still, the anime had some of the most beautiful styling I'd ever seen. But it's been on for too long!!!

Now we must wait to see how badly the U.S. film industry butcher the story in a full-length, live-action movie. Cheers all around.

RaleighAntrobus - 2/23/2012, 12:38 PM
@ Graphic City -

Oh, really, that's all? Because I'm more interested if a character named Ichigo is going to remain Japanese... you know, kinda like Kei (Kristen Stewart) and Kaneda (Garrett Hedlund).
BmanHall - 2/23/2012, 12:40 PM
Bleach is decent. Not my one of my favorites but I certainly enjoyed the series.
MarkJulian - 2/23/2012, 12:42 PM
@RaleighAntrobus I'm 85% sure he will not. I've accepted it. If Japan made Spider-Man, Peter Parker would be Japanese. Oh wait, they did.

RaleighAntrobus - 2/23/2012, 12:46 PM
@ Graphic City -

Okay, then... but don't just swallow any piece of shit they're willing to feed you. 100% of Bleach's American fanbase recognize Ichigo as a Japanese male. The guy producing the live-action film said he had such an immense respect for the material and its creator, blah, blah, blah...

... If that's so, then why would they cast a Caucasian male as Ichigo (and change his name)? You know they're going to material it to shit, probably have the protagonist wielding a broad sword and not a katana, etc. But, yet, you're cool with this? Hmmm... okay...
sarahsatire - 2/23/2012, 12:52 PM
GraphicCity -- watch out!

Talontd - 2/23/2012, 12:55 PM
I like NARUTO waaaaayyyyy better, but this is still sad...
nhalden - 2/23/2012, 12:57 PM
NARUTO AND ONE PIECE....I hope you are talking about manga profits and not actually trying to compare Bleach to these.

Bleach is on another level...probably closer to YU YU (meh) but also along side DBZ as far as Anime is concerned. When an Anime runs for 16 seasons (more?) it's very popular. I too really hope they wrap it up nicely perhaps with a huge movie event.
MechTech9 - 2/23/2012, 12:57 PM
They could do the movie justice, if they stick to the essentials for Bleach. As for cutting it down to a 1 1/2 - 2 hour movie can work. I think they should strive for the 2 hours. They can really fit it in. And then, if it makes enough money and is actually good, they can film a second and third movie together for the Arrancar arc. That really needs two movies to fully get the story across. I've had ideas for movies and casting since last year, and I hope they pick the right people. If they decided to go with an American cast, these are my choices.

Opinions: Alex Pettyfer (I Am Number Four, Beastly)to play Ichigo Kurosaki. Yes or no?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan to play Isshin Kurosaki?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt to play either Ishida Uryu or Aizen?

I'm thinking of other actors for characters.
MarkJulian - 2/23/2012, 1:06 PM
Chad will become full Mexican, Ishida will become African instead of German and Ichigo will become white. Just accept it people.
InFamouslyCool - 2/23/2012, 1:08 PM
I'll cry when it ends.
DrStrangeFan - 2/23/2012, 1:25 PM
Personally i think it should of ended after Aizen's defeat but that's just me...As for the movie..Orihime Inoue

Speaking of witch..i haven't watched the anime in a couple of months..Is it just me or has Orihime's Breasts gotten Larger.
thewonderer - 2/23/2012, 1:41 PM
This and Naruto both fail so hard in comparison to One Piece

Honestly anyone upset with this needs to watch One Piece and you'll feel like an idiot for even wasting your time with the other series
Thelastdalek - 2/23/2012, 1:59 PM

Oh [frick] you. Saying people are idiots prefering somthing to your favourite when what's your favourite is completly subjective is just pure snobery.

But what do I know I prefer Black Cat (the manga not the shitty anime version) anny of them. I guess that must make me an idiot acording to you aswell.
OtakuPapi - 2/23/2012, 2:03 PM
This finally Arc shaped up this week to be pretty awesome im looking forward to all the unanswered answered being answered and what not. The anime can go on hiatus until the end of this year or next year and come back without filler hopefully and the final Arc can be non stop epicness. Hmm Orihime in live action form(thinks about Kat Dennings boobs and Christina Hendricks) hmmmm(homer drool)
animeex - 2/23/2012, 2:08 PM
It is now and will always be one of my top favorites!
Hellsing - 2/23/2012, 3:06 PM
@Graphic City sorry but if they change the location to the US then it would just be bleach in name just like the jap.version of spidey was.
Hellsing - 2/23/2012, 3:11 PM
Gary Oldman was in the tween version of red riding hood does that mean that yhe movie was good no not really sure its great seeing studios being ambitious but just because they tried to get a great actor doesn't always mean that the movie was going to ne great. And as far as I remember oldman passed on the role
OnePunchBaldy - 2/23/2012, 4:05 PM
So sad, the Final Arc looks very promising! And I was hoping for it to be in the anime series too! But I think they'll probably do what Naruto or Dragonball did and call it Bleach (insert title here) or something since the filler for Bleach is horrible!! (not as bad as Inuyasha filler)
BatSlam - 2/23/2012, 5:28 PM
the 1st few arcs where good, I stopped caring right after they came back from the dead world. I tried to watch it but i found the story arcs after that more cartoonish than before. THey may have been fillers because i never read the manga.
Jer3miah - 2/23/2012, 6:40 PM
More bad news. Dammit! Bleach is one of the better Animes out there and they got so much loose ends to tie up. I don't want the Fullbring arc to be the last. Ichigo just got his powers back, so wth?b Ugh..
Shadowelfz - 2/23/2012, 6:55 PM
The arranchar archs werent too bad, they just dragged on waaaay too long. Hell, the battle with the scientist guy lasted almost two whole seasons! Even beat the ridiculous Frieza saga. Only the Espada battles are worth watching... half of them really.

If you want the meat of the series watch the main soul society arc and skip to the battle with Tosun, Gin and Aizen at the end. You wont miss too much.
felixxx - 2/23/2012, 7:04 PM
I have good news for you, as a Berserk fan. They are reanimating the whole story. It will follow the manga. Its coming out in full length movies instead of a series.

If haven’t seen it already, you should check out Claymore. Its got a similar tone(graphic and dark)to Berserk except the protagonist is a chic mercenary. The anime is a full run but, its short as well.
felixxx - 2/23/2012, 7:10 PM
Bleach is a good show. I loved the first Arc with him getting his power and saving Rukia from soul society but they lost with the Bounts. Which is why im glad they chose to end it, instead of running it into the ground with more Arcs like the Bounts. Id like to see some more animated movies come out. The Hell chapter movie was pretty good.
Gutts81 - 2/23/2012, 11:04 PM
@sarahsatire I think I love you! You Named the only anime/manga i care about!
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