Guillermo Del Toro Bringing Japanese Manga MONSTER To The Small Screen With HBO

Guillermo Del Toro Bringing Japanese Manga MONSTER To The Small Screen With HBO

It has today been revealed that HBO and Guillermo del Toro are teaming up for Monster; a series based on Naoki Urasawa's Japanese Manga. As if that wasn't exciting enough, it sounds as if At The Mountains Of Madness is once again back on track for the big screen treatment!

Deadline reports that Pacific Rim director Guillermo del Toro is teaming with HBO to adapt Monster; an 18 volume Japanese Manga by author Naoki Urasawa. According to the site, he will co-write the story with Steven Thompson (Sherlock) and direct the pilot episode. They go on to describe the premise of the series as a thriller, "about the worldwide search by a young doctor for the most evil sociopath that has ever lived. He is a 12-year old boy, and the doctor’s decision to save his life has unwittingly unleashed a Pandora’s Box that leaves the doc battling to stop a plot of mass genocide." While this was originally set to be brought to the big screen by New Line, it proved to be too large a project to be confined to a feature film. In related news, it sounds as if the success of Oblivion may have been enough to convince Universal to move ahead with At The Mountains Of Madness. The R-Rating had initially been a problem for the studio, but if Pacific Rim is a success, they may have to move fast as Warner Bros. and Legendary are also "interested".

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BruceLeroy - 4/24/2013, 3:37 PM
Classic in the making.
TheHawkWithin - 4/24/2013, 3:50 PM
Another Del Toro project that will never see the light of day.
CaptainAmerica31 - 4/24/2013, 3:51 PM
Has major potential
ndwwrestler2 - 4/24/2013, 3:52 PM
So...About that Hulk TV series...
DZ123 - 4/24/2013, 3:53 PM
Josh Olson wrote the original script. I wonder if they're still using it.
InfiniteMonkey - 4/24/2013, 3:54 PM
Yeah! Woooooooooooooooooo!

At the Mountains of Madness!

Come on! Just give the man a chaaaance!
iPaul - 4/24/2013, 3:57 PM
Hell yeah!I watched the anime a few years ago and loved it.
FightAs0ne - 4/24/2013, 4:02 PM
Del Toro has a lot of stuff on his desk at the moment. Too many projects, not enough time.
r4dagast - 4/24/2013, 4:07 PM
My name is Del Toro, and sure ill do it.
DarthVenom - 4/24/2013, 4:10 PM
thatcoldblackcloud - 4/24/2013, 4:27 PM
Del toro would do a dead donkey if someone paid him for it.
coolguy - 4/24/2013, 4:49 PM
justice league dark?:(
sephiroth211 - 4/24/2013, 4:58 PM

I love Lovecraft's work. Anything dealing with the Old Ones is excellent. Please let Madness find a home.
mctrinket - 4/24/2013, 5:25 PM
Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn
HULK2099 - 4/24/2013, 6:20 PM
Sweeeeeeeeeet thank lord
Kyos - 4/24/2013, 6:31 PM
Monster is one of my favourite animes of all time. It's the story of Dr. Kenzo Tenma, a young japanese surgeon, and it begins in 1980s Germany. Also it could never have worked as a movie, and I seriously doubt the series will be anything close to the source material and it's quite specific setting. Hell, there's nothing "worldwide" about Tenma's search, unless you consider Germany and Eastern Europe to be the world. Ah well...

Anyways: Urasawa and Lovecraft ftw! :D
exe - 4/24/2013, 7:12 PM
wow. this guy has too much on his plate.
faceeraser44 - 4/24/2013, 7:31 PM
this sounds beyond incredible........if this happens, with Del Toro on head will explode and then, implode from nerdy awesomeness.
RPD - 4/24/2013, 7:37 PM
@ckal It's not about the kid, it's about the doctor. He's the main character...
AUSSYACE - 4/24/2013, 8:27 PM
This will see the light of day sometime in 2123...
MisterBabadook - 4/24/2013, 8:35 PM
Hell yeah!!! The medical drama? I got hooked when they were showing this on SyFy. Every episode had a crazy twist. So did Death Note, so I'm excited for more and more crazy American adaptations, so long as it isn't a butchering of the source material. I know... I'm hard to please.
TerminalVoyd - 4/24/2013, 10:15 PM
I have issues with Oblivion. It was essentially a bullshît cash-in on the comic book movie craze, only neither Kozinski nor Radical had any intention of actually seeing the graphic novel through (nor do they). The art book is as far as it will ever go. I haven't decided what's worse yet. This or crapping out a half assed comic just so the intellectual property can be picked "because it was something else before it became a movie".

That said, I'm glad Cruise opened big on his own for the first time in years. His lacking the clout he once had, the rating and the budget del Toro wanted were what killed it at Universal the first time. If they can make it work this time, and it's successful, maybe Universal will be open to distributing a third Hellboy. If that happens, maybe Relativity, Dark Horse and Lawrence Gordon will think about ponying up production costs one least time.
chrispunk28 - 4/24/2013, 11:11 PM
Today in October&#8217;s Weird Creepy Crap.<br />(original GIF via televandalist)
Kyos - 4/25/2013, 4:50 AM
Wait, Del Toro wanted to do ATMOM with Cruise? Damn, I totally forgot about that. Please no!
ComicBookGoth - 4/25/2013, 6:32 AM
removed that shite fanfic nonsense

but in all seriousness the film world could use some Lovecraft.

hell, give me a FATALE movie.

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