VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), the largest distributor and licensor of anime and manga in North America, announces the latest NARUTO anime feature film to fans everywhere with the release of NARUTO SHIPPUDEN THE MOVIE: THE LOST TOWER on DVD and Blu-ray September 17th.

The newest film of the venerable ninja action property carries a rating of TV-14, a DVD MSRP of $19.98 U.S. / $24.98 CAN and a Blu-ray MSRP of $24.98 U.S. / $27.50 CAN.

The DVD and Blu-ray editions each contain a bevy of extra features including a hilarious anime short, NARUTO AND THE THREE WISHES, as well as the original Japanese theatrical trailers. The Blu-ray edition also features a bonus production art gallery.

In NARUTO SHIPPUDEN THE MOVIE: THE LOST TOWER, the Rogue Ninja Mukade is about to be caught by Naruto's team when he summons forth the power of the LeyLine - an ancient underground channel of chakra. Naruto gets caught up in the chakra and is sent back in time to the city of Loran, known for its thousand towers. There he encounters the future Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, on a top-secret mission, and the Queen of Loran, Sarah, whose rule is threatened by Mukade. Will Naruto be able to return to his own time, and can a chance encounter in the past save the future?

“Anime fans can take an amazing journey back in time as Naruto tries to save a noble Queen in NARUTO SHIPPUDEN THE MOVIE: THE LOST TOWER,” says Charlene Ingram, Senior Marketing Manager, Animation. “Don’t miss all of the action as Naruto takes on Mukade and meets the future Fourth Hokage in this exciting new feature film release!”

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GetsugaTensho22 - 9/17/2013, 12:11 AM
Another Universe/dimension/time hopping adventure? Isn't that what the last one was?

Meh, it's not like i'm a big Naruto fan anyway, what do i know?
SotNatt - 9/17/2013, 1:25 AM
This looks like every other Naruto movie. -_-

Ugh. I just can't do it with this manga/anime anymore. It went from being a character-driven love-story homage to the days of DB to being sensational and serviceable, dropping in characters who have no reason to exist (or appear...or reappear) and neglecting characters with depth for characters with zanier hair/outfits/eyes.

Also? Sasuke.
Demongod20 - 9/17/2013, 2:18 AM
The fillers are killing the show!
Havensent - 9/17/2013, 4:09 AM
I loves me some Naruto. I'll check this out.
Minato - 9/17/2013, 5:40 AM
Naruto is my 2nd favorite anime of all time and I watch weekly. I will be checking this out. One Piece FTW tho
Minato - 9/17/2013, 5:41 AM
I seriously cannot watch english dubs tho I only watch the subs. The voiced sound so much better.
Ripper - 9/17/2013, 6:18 AM
This is old. Seen it last year.
CrashTest - 9/17/2013, 6:19 AM
I love Naurto but they do a HORRIBLE Job on the films.
RAV3RXTZ - 9/17/2013, 7:00 AM
Love the show, I watch the Japanese version weekly with subs. The movies are ok.
Jaspion - 9/17/2013, 7:47 AM
Best animes I remember

Saint Seiya
Dragon Ball Z
Yuyu Hakusho
Street Fighter Victory
Rurouni Kenshin
MexicanSexyman - 9/17/2013, 10:19 AM
@SotNatt, that is pretty much how I feel about Naruto.

Dragonball>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Naruto
Number1Wolverine - 9/17/2013, 11:13 AM
@Demongod20- They really are.
GranGoose - 9/17/2013, 11:41 AM
I want a Kakashi solo.
Gunjin - 9/17/2013, 3:15 PM
What a crap trailer. People please, do yourselves a favor and watch Naruto in Japanese with English Subs. The voice acting is superb. The English dubs kills it. Naruto has an awesome storyline though, if you watch from the beginning. Much better than stupid One Peice.
Enphlieuwince - 9/17/2013, 7:49 PM
Naruto is an epic tale...
Enphlieuwince - 9/17/2013, 7:50 PM
Bleach is amazing as well...
RedSheep - 9/17/2013, 10:58 PM
One Piece has an infinitely better storyline than Naruto but it's cool it's your opinion. It's a shame One piece doesn't appeal to the USA, falling victim to a bad dub (although Funimation recreated it and no one knows about it) and people get turned off by the stylized art.

Now not to get off topic, I still think Naruto is interesting but it has gotten way too serious to the point that it's getting annoying and not enjoyable.

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