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FUNimation has released a new teaser trailer for the anticipated North American release of the newest film in the Dragon Ball franchise, Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F', along with announcing the release date for the film. Take the jump to check it out!
The first Dragon Ball Z anime in nearly 20 years is on the way and today, we get our first look at the legendary Super-Saiyan, Goku. He looks as familliar as ever but with some slight tweaks following the events of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods.
For years now, Warner Bros. has been struggling to adapt AKIRA into live action. Some might say it's an impossible task. Now I don't think it would be easy, but I do think it's possible. Here is my advice for Warner Bros. on how to translate AKIRA onto film.
With the success of two new anime films, the Dragon Ball franchise will officially launch a new anime series this July. The new series will be titled Dragon Ball Super and include the events of Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, "Battle of Gods" and "Resurrection of F" while ignoring Dragon Ball GT.
Adam Wingard, director of the critically acclaimed Dan Stevens led "The Guest" has signed on to replace Iron Man 3 director Shane Black as helmer of the live-action Death Note film in development at Warner Bros.
Masashi Kishimoto's Naruto manga had a long, 15-year-run atop the best-selling manga charts with many standout moments. One such highlight was the fact that manga readers and fans of the anime never glimpsed fan favorite, Team 7 leader Kakashi Hatatke's face...until now!
New photos from Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' have revealed Goku's brand new Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan transformation and have also revealed that Goku won't be the only Saiyan powering up to SSGSS to take on Golden Frieza! Come check it out! *SPOILERS*
Director Rupert Sanders' live-action Ghost in the Shell movie, starring Scarlett Johansson as 'The Major (?)', will begin filming next February. The Dreamworks film is currently set for release April 14, 2017. It sounds as if Johansson doesn't have a script yet.
With the Naruto manga recently ending and jumping forward a number of years to reveal which of our favorite Leaf Village ninjas tied the knot and had children, it only makes sense for the Naruto legend to continue with their offspring.
It seems Attack On Titan fans are going to be getting more than just the two-part live-action movie. Hit the jump for more details on the next live-action venture.
Check out the first bit of footage from the highly anticipated anime adaptation of One-Punch Man from director Shingo Natsume (Space Dandy) and Japan animation studio, Madhouse (Hunter x Hunter, Summer Wars).
We have five DVDs and five HD download codes for Ketchup Entertainment's Harlock: Space Pirate that's due to hit retailers next week! Could you be one of ten lucky winners? CLICK HERE to find out how to enter!
Check out these new preview clips for the english dub release of Harlock: Space Pirate from director Shinji Aramaki (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Halo Legends, Appleseed Saga: Ex Machina).
Are we in a new era of live-action mecha movies? The long-languishing Robotech movie has moved studios from Warner Bros. to Sony Pictures and is reportedly being fast tracked.
Madhouse (Hunter x Hunter, Summer Wars) was announced as the studio that will handle the anime adaptation of ONE and Yuusuke Murata's One-Punch Man. Read on for details on the director, character designer and voice staff.
After some footage of the live-action Attack on Titan film was shown on a Japaneses game show, the official teaser has made its way online. The first, in a two-part series of Attack on Titan films, will be released August 1.
1/2 articles about how I would write the story of Dragon Ball suited for a live action feature.
Well now we have some official images (for real this time) from the upcoming film to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Yu-Gi-Oh Franchise. Do you want to see these new designs? Well you can come in and see what we got.
The hilariously high-concept manga from from ONE and Yuusuke Murata will reportedly begin airing its anime adaptation this October. Continue on to find out when details on the anime cast and animation studio will be revealed. If you haven't read One-Punch Man, you're missing out.
The galactic sci-fi anime, Harlock: Space Pirate will have a special, english dub screening this month in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.
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