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Two new images featuring Krillin and Chiaotzu have been released this week for the upcoming Dragon Ball Z project. Hit the jump to see them in action!
Tienshinhan has finally been revealed for the upcoming live action DragonBall Z project. Check out David Cheung as Tien here!
K&K productions have revealed a new photo today for DBZ Saiyan Saga, this one being Gohan in full costume ready to fight the Saiyans, check it out here!
James Marsters has recently attended the Spooky Empire Mayhem event in which he discussed many on of his roles on shows/movies including Buffy, Angel and even Dragonball.
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has officially announced the DVD details for the Marvel Anime television shows Blade and Wolverine. Check out the bonus features and cover art after the jump.
The first set photo of Ryan Oliva playing the character Nappa during battle has been revealed! Check it out here!
The July 28th Japanese theatrical release for the nineth Naruto movie, Road to Ninja Naruto the Movie is fast approaching. Studio Pierrot has revealed most of the movie has been finished and is now going into post-production.
A teaser photo of Yamcha from the upcoming live action DBZ project has been revealed, check it out!
With the failure of Dragonball Evolution 3 years ago, why exactly is 20th Century FOX still staying quiet about their plans of adapting the popular anime series...?
The team behind making the upcoming DBZ live action extended trailer film have revealed a promo shot of Raditz full blown in his Saiyan armor and everything, check it out!
The first week of filming the DragonBall Z movie is finished and the team has released a promo photo of Piccolo! Check it out here!
The actor discusses Spike Lee's upcoming remake of the 2003 Korean film Oldboy, revealing that original director Chan-wook Park has given his blessing and confirming that the famous hammerfight will be used.
K&K productions have announced the date of when they expect this live action DBZ film should be finished and released!
This brand new behind the scenes video of the upcoming DragonBall Z live action film shows off new characters, fights, effects and much more! Check it out here!
The needed budget for this upcoming DragonBall Z live action project has now been reached with a budget of over $10,000. Plus an exclusive interview with the producers!
Emmy Rossum and Justin Chatwin were both interviewed by TV Line in which they discussed Shameless, but were also asked about the sequel to Dragonball Evolution, check it out here!
Marvel Anime's Iron Man series is coming to DVD tomorrow, and a featurette from the release has been released. In it, Jeph Loeb discusses altering the Armored Avenger for the Japanese audience.
A teaser has been released for the upcoming One Piece animated film, which is entitled One Piece Film Z. Check it out here!
A small company known as K&K productions are currently hard at work on a live action Dragon Ball Z project. Check out the trailer here!
Namco Bandai Games recently showed off some of their games in Las Vegas and Hamza Aziz from Destructoid was on hand to try out an early build of Dragon Ball Z Kinect.
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