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This brand new behind the scenes video of the upcoming DragonBall Z live action film shows off new characters, fights, effects and much more! Check it out here!
The needed budget for this upcoming DragonBall Z live action project has now been reached with a budget of over $10,000. Plus an exclusive interview with the producers!
Emmy Rossum and Justin Chatwin were both interviewed by TV Line in which they discussed Shameless, but were also asked about the sequel to Dragonball Evolution, check it out here!
Marvel Anime's Iron Man series is coming to DVD tomorrow, and a featurette from the release has been released. In it, Jeph Loeb discusses altering the Armored Avenger for the Japanese audience.
A teaser has been released for the upcoming One Piece animated film, which is entitled One Piece Film Z. Check it out here!
A small company known as K&K productions are currently hard at work on a live action Dragon Ball Z project. Check out the trailer here!
Namco Bandai Games recently showed off some of their games in Las Vegas and Hamza Aziz from Destructoid was on hand to try out an early build of Dragon Ball Z Kinect.
A new scan from Shonen Jump for Road to Ninja Naruto the Movie has been released!
James Cameron confirms that Battle Angel will be sitting on the shelf for a while due to his work on the next two Avatar movies. So, will we see someone else take on the project?
Here's some (unsubbed) behind the scenes footage of the live-action Rurouni Kenshin film that's currently set for release this August in Japan. Check it out.
The first trailer for Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie has been released!
A while back we heard that Joel Silver had signed on to produce an adaptation of the very popular cartoon for the big screen, now the show's creators give us a few updates..
TV Tokyo has been promoting the release of the Rock Lee anime, Rock Lee’s Springtime of Youth Full Power Ninja Training through these short, 29 second skits.
Screenwriter Dan Mazeau updates The Bleach and Flash live-action movie adaptations. Says Bleach will be set in Japan and won't repeat the same mistakes as Dragon Ball Z.
The last episode of Bleach aired today - I am sad
Get ready for some decapitations! The rights to the popular Manga have been acquired by Kamala Films, and Fast Five director Lin is already attached. Click for more details..
At a press junket for "Wrath Of The Titans", Toby Kebbell confirms that he was indeed being considered for the role of Tetsuo and also gets a little hot under the collar when talking about the studio's vision for "Akira".
Naruto fans, get ready for a brand new Naruto movie! It was originally announced back in December, but a brand new scan from Shonen Jump reveals Japanese theaters will play host to the 9th Naruto movie – Road to Ninja – beginning on July 28, 2012!
You can get a rough idea of what the live action Akira movie might have looked like with these storyboards from back when the project was a go under director Ruairi Robinson..
Check these cool new pics of the Young Justice team in their second season outfits.
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