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Josh Brolin was originally fearful about starring in the Oldboy remake but director Spike Lee and his leading lady, Elizabeth Olsen have the actor singing a different tune now that filming has wrapped.
The Avengers star reveals that after the new Robocop reboot, he will feature in the live action adaptation of the anime Kite. Jackson also reveals the location in which the project will be filmed. Hit the jump for details.
It is finally here! A brand new trailer from the upcoming DBZ movie, Battle of Gods! Get a closer look at all the new characters and much more!
Check out some brand new images including the first official screenshot, photo of Bils and Whis (new villains), action figures and more!
A new fan made project entitled Runaways has hit the internet. There's more than one live action DBZ project in the making! This first episode is a recap from the original Dragon Ball, check it out here!
A classic anime feature film from Studio Ghibli will be receiving the live-action treatment as Dresden Pictures looks to bring Akiyuki Nosaka's incredibly emotional war story to the silver screen. Will this be as controversial as the Akira adaptation?
Copley on Spike Lee's pseudo-remake of Park Chan-wook 2003's film of the same name. The actor reiterates that Lee's Oldboy follows the manga from Garon Tsuchiya and Nobuaki Minegishi which has the same themes but is vastly different.
Warner Bros. has tried numerous times to make a live-action remake of Katsuhiro Ohtomo's Akira, so at this time I don't know which incarnation these are for. What I can tell you is that it was created by Brazilian artist, Rodolfo Damaggio. Check it out!
We have obtained the official title for the upcoming DBZ movie, Battle of Gods. Along with that we have provided a brand new poster featuring new characters our heroes will have to face!
Bouyed by an impressive $61.7M worldwide gross (thus far), producers have announced plans for a sequel live-action Rurouni Kenshin film. Plus, find out where the film will be premiering in the U.S.
That's right! Goku's old nemesis from the original Dragon Ball will be making a return in the upcoming Dragon Ball Z movie set to release next year!
Actor James Ransone discusses Spike Lee's OldBoy remake, reveals a few details about changes from the original Chan-wook Park film and dishes on the performance by Josh Brolin. The success of this film certainly hinges on Brolin's performance as Oh Dae-su Joe Doucett.
A new poster has been released for the upcoming Dragon Ball Z movie trailer and this time it is Nappa in his brand new Saiyan armor, check it out!
Nicktoons has shown off a promo with clips of the Buu saga from Dragon Ball Z for an upcoming Halloween marathon. Check out the commercial here!
A new video has released showing a deleted scene of Tien training in this upcoming movie trailer along with several new photos of Goku, Piccolo and Vegeta! Check them out after the break!
Artwork of female Anime characters done by Bruce Timm. Check out his unique takes on them after the jump!
This anime film will feature War Machine, Black Widow, The Punisher, Hawkeye and of course, Iron Man. You can catch the full trailer for Iron Man: Rise of Technovore after the jump!
Spike Lee's American remake of Oldboy is filming in New Orleans and the first set of pictures are of Josh Brolin without a shirt, and Hannah Simone star of FOX's hit series, New Girl, reporting the news. Hit the jump to check them out.
Toei Animation chairman Kozo Morishita said at the MIPCOM trade event in Cannes, France that he is hoping that production on the CG film project Saint Seiya - Knights of the Zodiac will be completed in July 2013.
Marvel and Sony Pictures have confirmed plans for the new anime adventure which will pit Iron Man against the villainous Ezekiel Stane. Also set to feature are War Machine, Nick Fury, Black Widow, Hawkeye and The Punisher. Read on for details!
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