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If the God of Destruction Bills makes child's play of a Super Saiyan 3 Goku can anyone in the universe hope to stop him? It looks like it's going to take a Super Saiyan God to get the job done.
Check out this high quality clip of the first fight with Birusu from Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods! Plus a handful of new screenshots!
New scans of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods show Goku in the new Super Saiyan form: Super Saiyan God.
Feast your eyes on a fight scene from the first first movie installment in Akira Toriyama's iconic Dragon Ball franchise in 17 years. It's the Z Warriors against the God of Destruction who quickly dispatches the lot. This looks like a job for Goku. New tv ad with a familiar tune...
The first tv spot for the all new, in-continuity (sorry Dragon Ball GT) Dragon Ball Z film, Battle of Gods touts the IMAX experience. The film opens March 30th and will be the first film screened at IMAX Digital Theaters in Japan.
"Dream 9 Toriko & One Piece & Dragon Ball Z Chō Collaboration Special!!" will pit Goku of Dragon Ball Z against Luffy of One Piece and titular hero Toriko in an epic Tenkaichi Budōkai style battle royale.
Toei Animation has released yet another brand new trailer for the upcoming movie, Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods. Check out this action packed video of brand new DBZ material after the jump!
Follow the jump for the newest trailer to the upcoming Dragon Ball Z film- Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods!
That's right! The upcoming new Dragon Ball Z movie will feature a form of super Saiyan beyond SSJ 3! Want to know what this form will be called? Hit the jump for more info!
The television adaptation of Clamp's beloved manga xxxHOLiC has released the first five minutes from the premiere episode ahead of its series debut next week. Check it out anime and manga fans.
Recap of Bandai Visual's live stream press conference for Ghost in the Shell: ARISE and the free online fps game based on Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. 'ARISE' is confirmed to be an origin story for The Major. Check out the first trailer.
The Walking Dead executive producer Gale Anne Hurd discusses plans for the live-action adaptation of Gaiking. Is there a race to beat some of the other giant robot films in development and how involved will Toe And Al Nippon be in development?
The latest Dragon Ball Z film, the first in 17 years will be released in IMAX in Japan on March 30th. This will be the first Japanese film to debut in IMAX. Read on for the official press release.
Yesterday we got an official release date along with a look at the cover art for the Blu-ray, now we have some new images from the upcoming animated movie featuring Shell Head's supporting cast: Hawkeye, Black Widow, Punisher, War Machine and Nick Fury.
Hit the jump to see who will direct and who is cast in the live action remake of the anime KITE
An anime classic gets an update for 2013. Space Pirate Captain Harlock, a reimagining of Leiji Matsumoto's sci-fi classic will premiere its slick CGI visuals later this year in Japan. Continue on for more details and the trailer.
The Disney XD Spidey toon may have its share of critics, but it's still going and the ratings are strong. The Sunday's episode sees S.H.I.E.L.D draft in Marvel's resident archer to watch Spider-Man's back. Check out a clip of February 10th's "Hawkeye" after the jump..
You might say, no Robotech, no Pacific Rim - and you could add a Hell of a lot of other properties while you're at it. According to THR, Nic Mathieu has been chosen to helm a big-screen adaptation of the classic robots VS aliens Anime..
In their 25th episode of their ongoing Deathbattle series, Screw Attack scientifically answers the question: who would win in a battle between Superman and Son Goku with a half hour segment complete with CGI animation. See the video and my cometary after the jump.
Ghost In The Shell is up there with Akira as the most recognizable (not to mention best) of the Animes out there, and now the classic is returning this year with Ghost In The Shell: Arise. Read on for details..
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