UPDATED: Sci-fi Japanese Live-action Movie 2 Minute and now 5 Minute Clip of Space Battleship Yamato!

<font color='red'>UPDATED:</font> Sci-fi Japanese Live-action Movie 2 Minute and now 5 Minute Clip of <I>Space Battleship Yamato</I>!

Watch the first two minutes opening of the anime comic book/animated series live-action Space Battleship Yamato. Also now included is a five minute segment...

Space Battleship Yamato (Star Blazers) is the franchise's first live-action film. Directed by Takashi Yamazaki, the movie stars Takuya Kimura as Susumu Kodai and Meisa Kuroki as Yuki.

The live-action version of Space Battleship Yamato uncut scene:


No U.S. release date as yet, but the big-budget take on the classic sci-fi anime series opened 1 Dec in Japan.

LEEE777 I've only had the pleasure of reading a comic book of this, but what I've seen in that eye popping video opening above, its a must see, how about you?
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LEEE777 - 12/1/2010, 4:32 PM

; )
nuck82 - 12/1/2010, 4:49 PM
lol that pic looks like a hotdog lol
TheDarqueOne - 12/1/2010, 4:49 PM
LEEE777 - 12/1/2010, 4:50 PM
Nuck @ What does this pic look like then?

Gotta love ANIME girls! ; P
marvel72 - 12/1/2010, 4:53 PM
@ leee777

good find,mate.

love anime,the live action version looks alright as well.

i'm gonna check it out.
LEEE777 - 12/1/2010, 5:01 PM
Heres the teaser:

Cool @ DP!
animeex - 12/1/2010, 5:32 PM
I grew up with this show. Seasons #1 & #2 were great but #3 was weak. I am looking forward to this.
nuck82 - 12/1/2010, 5:35 PM
leeee hot asian love that gives me a hot dog lol
TheDarqueOne - 12/1/2010, 5:42 PM
And oh yeah. Thumbs Up!
LEEE777 - 12/1/2010, 5:43 PM
animeex @ Cool!

nuck @ Hehehehehehehe! : D

Darque @ Cheers for looking in man! ; )
TheDarqueOne - 12/1/2010, 5:49 PM
Since I know you won't mind...

MetaWar Chapter Sixteen
"The details of Olympus"

Original SuperHero fiction here on CBM

Thor & Loki
no relation

Joe6Pack74 - 12/1/2010, 6:04 PM
Neat, now if they could finally get Neon Genesis Evangelion the live action treatment.
LEEE777 - 12/1/2010, 6:11 PM
Darque @ Cool, cool pimpin! ; )

Going there now!

Number21 @ Hell yeah!!

GRIF @ Awww we gotta luv ya lol! ; p
lc - 12/1/2010, 6:19 PM
@lee babe my tits are soooooo much better dont ya
think lmao xxx
Simonsonrules - 12/1/2010, 6:32 PM
Three words: WAVE MOTION GUN
lc - 12/1/2010, 6:57 PM
lol oscuro thanks haha
patriautism - 12/1/2010, 8:11 PM
@Leee That girls dressed as Tifa gives "Beat Rush" a whole new meaning.
theangrytroll - 12/1/2010, 8:55 PM
I loved this show when I was a kid. I really hope we get a theatrical release of this over here.
MIIIK - 12/1/2010, 9:48 PM
Awesome find LEEE.
weaponxcustoms - 12/1/2010, 9:53 PM
Us release please!
LEEE777 - 12/1/2010, 10:31 PM
lc @ Of course! ; )

patriautism @ Lmao man! ; D

MIIIK @ Cheers dude!

Angry @ Fingers crossed.
AlexDeLarge87 - 12/1/2010, 11:02 PM
Pretty cool yeah!:)... Thou im not familiar with the show, but still it looks interesting!
wildstar13 - 12/2/2010, 12:29 AM
Excellent find LEEE, You are the MAN!!!!!Star Blazers/ Yamato is the best anime ever........New film opens to record attendance in Japan.

@weaponxcustoms- I saw the the Yamato movie at the small art-theatre in California few weeks ago and it's fantastic!!!!!
LEEE777 - 12/2/2010, 5:14 AM
WILDSTAR @ Cheers buddy!

Really, that is interesting... good ol' Japan, hope it rakes more in an we get a sequel!

An damn, your lucky to catch that, this looks awesome!!
wildstar13 - 12/2/2010, 6:07 AM
@LEEE Cheers bud- I hate to disappoint you LEEE but there will be no sequel to this version of Yamato. If you saw Farewell to Space battleship yamato animated movie, this movie ends with same ol dramatic plot. Steven Tylor's Love Lives song at the end of credit was good too. Very well made movie with incredible special effects!
Geeksiah - 12/2/2010, 7:36 AM
Looks great!
Bigbywolf - 12/2/2010, 9:40 AM
Wow. Grif actually thinks something is awesome. Lol.

I've not watched the Anime but it looks interesting. I hope this is released in the UK. Even if it is an independent cinema.
LEEE777 - 12/3/2010, 5:21 AM
Wild @ Ohhhhhhh, damn, still its gonna be sweet!

Thanx man! ; )

Bigbywolf @ Lmao!

fgyhfgujdg @ No pimpin' sh1t unless its =

JLA EARTH 2 casting:

Click click = JLA: EARTH 2 Movie casting!

; p
ASSASSIN666 - 12/3/2010, 6:37 AM
I remember loving Star Blazers in the early eighties, can't wait to see this.
LEEE777 - 12/3/2010, 2:32 PM
ASSASSIN666 @ Cool dude, me either! ; )
wavehunter - 12/3/2010, 7:23 PM
Been wanting this for about 20 years. Need to be done by Hollywood though. Sean Connery as Capt Avatar! Gonna break out the DVD set of The Quest to Iscandar the weekend.

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