PIC: Goku in Super Saiyan Ape Form?

PIC: Goku in Super Saiyan Ape Form?

A major spoiler about the Dragonball movie was sent in by CBM scoopers this morning. A pic supposedly shows Goku transformed in his ape-like stage of power.

The image, originally posted on DBtheMovie.com, is a departure from the manga and TV series as it makes him look more alien than ape.

For the uninitiated, the Dragonball series of manga and TV cartoons follows a boy, Goku, from his youth to manhood as he learns martial arts mastery--and saves the world from extra-terrestrial baddies. Several "stages" of growth transform Goku from power to power, and in one form of "Super Saiyan" he turns into a giant monkey.

Yeah, I know. The Japanese have a fun, yet strange pop-culture. Anyone who is into Anime understands this. One wonders how this live action Dragonball movie will go over in the main stream.

Our thanks go to Adrian, who alerted us to the pic.

Since Fox contacted us and made us take the pic down, here is a little something from YouTube. This is how the ape-saiyan is SUPPOSED to look like:
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Vex - 11/6/2008, 12:47 PM
This movie is a failure. It was doomed from the word "go". Dragon Ball is far too flamboyant to ever translate well for live action.

It's the bastard child of Super Mario Bros. and Street Fighter. I would be more inclined to spend my money to see "Rurouni Kenshin" or "Visions of Escaflowne" or "Elfen Lied". Something that was fantastic to start with and is more accommodating to anyone wanting to adapt it for live-action.

Dragon Ball was an over-all weak anime and will be an even worse live-action film.
CrookedJaw - 11/6/2008, 1:46 PM
Oh...my...God...this just proves that this movie is going to be a nuke of a disaster
JigJRod55 - 11/6/2008, 2:13 PM
It dosen't make a bit of difference guys...the balls are inert...
TroyBreezy - 11/6/2008, 2:55 PM
Im jus prayin this a mid transformation thing or sumthin or fake jeez this is shit. I knew this movie was gonna suck when I seen they made piccolo yellow WTF
shiverman20 - 11/6/2008, 4:10 PM
DB isnt too flamboyent to translate to screen, it just needs the right artists. imagine Zack Snyder's take on it, visually he would do a stunning job, which of course is the main part of DB and DBZ.
but yeh, this looks wank and I don't want anything to do with this film if this is actually part of it, too much shit has already been released to put me off, this puts the cherry on the cake though.
ThisFan - 11/6/2008, 5:01 PM
im even more pissed about that movie now
running - 11/6/2008, 5:22 PM
It got to be fake. I hope.
jordomac - 11/6/2008, 6:24 PM
well it's obviously isn't a super saiyan form. there is a comparison picture of him as an giant ape. I doubt they'll even have super saiyans in it. Super Saiyans look the same as normal people but with blonde hair and bright blue eyes.
running - 11/6/2008, 6:25 PM
NOOOOOO its not fake
http://dbthemovie.com/ hat that photo on their site, but it got "Removed by request of Fox".

So, it's more or less confirmed that it's genuine.
jordomac - 11/6/2008, 6:28 PM
then yeah I hope its just a mid transformation or something
GUNSMITH - 11/6/2008, 6:49 PM
RandomHerm - 11/6/2008, 10:23 PM
Oh well..., I fight to put limits to myself in order to enjoy all this english forums -I am no a natural english's speaker (and I feel bad knowing me using it not as good as I use to use my natural one)-. But sometimes... I just can't resist...

"Dragon Ball" were strongly enjoyed in Spain, in the early 90's phase. I enjoyed it a lot. It was somethig like a revolution for our senses (and even a revolution for our youth generations.
"Dragon Ball" was, by the way, alternatively used, sadly, as a path to introduce in the world some terrible mad subverts (but that's other history, and as Michael Ende said...).

Well, I think this film is not a true "Dragon Ball" film in essence; it's only a fantastic/action/adventure film, and one maden only in order to catch money, without right respect. It's like a prostitution of the original work.
Take note that I am an european righty liberal, which means low taxes, individual freedom an a love for the justice of the capitalism. But the conservative way, the one that conserve the ethical principles, must prevail... always.

Anyway, this film could show us something greatly strangely new, some fantastic actions and visions that could glad us if we can forget the essence of the original Akira Toryama's work. But I don't cleary think so now; "Dragon Ball" has an inner force that can not be forgotten easily.
I suppose that I'll buy the DVD when it cost 5'95€. But... I don't know right now; all this people use to make always something new, something... interesting. Well...

Take a greet.
crappybumbum - 11/6/2008, 11:44 PM
oh damn...if the movie didn't seem bad enough, we don't even get the monkey...man ANYONE could create a better movie than the guy who's directing this...this is CRAP!!! I hope the movie creators are actually making it a huge and all this horrible adaptation is just to get us to think it's gonna suck when really, it's gonna be a close adaptation...PLEASE let this whole thing be a joke...cuz if it isn't, this movie is gonna suck...bad...
crappybumbum - 11/6/2008, 11:48 PM
One more thing, you know they should really put the Wachowski Brothers in this...they would really make the movie a whole lot better...
SGA - 11/7/2008, 6:15 AM
you're all a bunch of hating [wiener]heads...you don't know if it's legit or not. I could be a prank. so what if Fox pulled the pic, it's still a pic from the set and no matter if it's just a buddy photo like we've seen or an intentional promotional pic, it's going to be pulled because it reveals stuff about the set.

And for those of you who think this movie is gonna bomb, then IGNORE IT much like Hulk Fans ignore Ang Lee's Hulk.

w/ a live action movie, staying exactly true to the source material is REALLY hard and would require a lot more hard work and planning….besides, who wants a movie where they know EXACTLY what’s going to happen every single second..they need a LITTLE variety. Every one knows the story of Dragonball to the finest detail (most of the hardcore fans anyway), we need something a little different and exciting. The movie needs to keep the same tone as the source material, but at the same time find a way to be a little creative and add a few new things in.

MisterJay - 11/7/2008, 7:33 AM

people rembr... in dragonball there are a myriad of creatures... besides that the suit Goku is very common because it is from the tournament....and if it is the ape form i thing its ok...couse
if you want to sell the same thing you saw in the series why you want a movie ?... i thing they r trying hard
to make a good movie faithful to the series and with something new and that should be respected....

thunder2k8 - 11/7/2008, 2:59 PM
It don't even look like the ape-like beast. And I hate to be picky...... Super Saiyan don't tranform into the ape-like beast Goku hair just glow a golden yellow.

Far as the ape, where is goku's tail in which he needs to tranform into that gaint ape.
Kyatollah - 11/7/2008, 9:24 PM
I pretty much know Dragonball backwards ( it's Llabnogard!)lol

Seriously, though, the only time I've ever seen Goku look even remotely like this is when he was about 30% transformed into an Oozaru (Saiyan Ape.) I pray that's what this is. The way I've heard the cast (especially Marsters) talk about it, they wouldn't let this big of a departure slide. As I've said before, I'll reserve judgment until I see an OFFICIAL trailer.
SGA - 11/10/2008, 12:07 AM
Like almost always I agree w/ you Kyatollah
parascythe - 11/11/2008, 12:31 AM
FYI: Son Goku is japanese of the chinese name Son Wukong or "THE MONKEY KING". So if ever they made Goku an alien it loses the essence of his name...

Super Saiyan fantasy? or Super Science fiction?
Kyatollah - 11/11/2008, 7:31 AM
SGA, thanks for the compliment.
Parascythe, if I'm not mistaken, in Journey to the West, the Monkey King was supposed to be sort of otherworldly anyway, but Dragonball, while inspired by JttW, quickly established that it was its own beast. In that, Goku was ALREADY an alien. Not the Close Encounters variety, but still. I still say it's a mid transfo pic, blown out of proportion like Piccolo was. In fact, I was watching Dragonball a couple of days ago, and King Piccolo did have a yellow tint to him when compared to Piccolo Jr. They probably just wanted to step up the look for the film.
Please guys, just wait for a trailer. After that, feel free to geek out or bitch to heart's content.
Kyatollah - 11/15/2008, 10:47 PM
From thedragonballmovies.com-
"Good news. FOX has informed me that the previous photo of Goku’s Oozaru form was only a temporary test. They went on saying it wasn’t official and is NOT the final look for him. When the end of the year hits, we will probably see the true form along with several other promo pictures, so look forward to that. And we should all remember that when leaked pictures hit the internet, we shouldn’t take them seriously since they can be quite misleading. "

Don't you just love it when fanboys overreact?
Mills - 11/19/2008, 10:46 AM
Ah Oozaru, is it really needed in the first film?
I'm looking forward to the film as I love Dragonball, but it is kinda looking like it's Mortal combat in drag.

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