Third Video Update Released For DRAGON BALL Z: SAIYAN SAGA

Third Video Update Released For DRAGON BALL Z: SAIYAN SAGA

The update features brand new behind-the-scenes footage of the cast and crew at Pinewood Studios.

With the commencement of post-production, the release of the action-packed trailer is closely approaching. What did you think of the update? Leave your comments in the place.

"Dragon Ball Z: Saiyan Saga" is a high-end fan film by K&K Productions, based on characters created by Akira Toriyama. It stars Peter Peralta as Goku, Aaron Ly as Vegeta, Ryan Oliva as Nappa, Michael Amariah as Piccolo, Brandon Ly as Gohan, Lee Edward Jones as Krillin, David Cheung as Tien, Isky Fay as Yamcha, Zack Niizato as Raditz, and Karen Tiew as Chi-Chi.
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TayDee - 7/20/2012, 8:03 PM
Is this is going to be an original story or not?
Jaspion - 7/20/2012, 8:05 PM
Where's Nappa's mustache?
Durf - 7/20/2012, 8:11 PM
@TayDee: no it's based on the Saiyan Saga
vamp21 - 7/20/2012, 9:04 PM
Man is this movie going to be a big steaming pile of crap.
vamp21 - 7/20/2012, 9:11 PM
It's eye rapingly ugly.
Lego - 7/20/2012, 9:11 PM
BubblesShedAndBreakfast - 7/20/2012, 9:29 PM
Looks better then the last attempt at a live action DBZ!
YOUNGBL00D - 7/20/2012, 9:48 PM
WEJAlen20 - 7/20/2012, 11:26 PM
@Grif Stop being an A$$!

Looks great guys Keep it up
Superheromoviefan - 7/21/2012, 12:21 AM
looks great love it
xfan320 - 7/21/2012, 7:19 AM
@Just1wSuperguy - AGREED.

Saiyan should be Americans.... that way they look different than the ALL asian cast... since y'know, THEY'RE ALIENS!

Costumes look cheap, but good...

Where's their tails though? I hope this doesn't end up lookiing as low budget as it actually is...
0ptimusCrime - 7/21/2012, 7:57 AM
for the first time in my lifetime....
im with Grif.

this looks Horrible!
ive seen CosPlays 10 times better then this
Raphaelo - 7/29/2012, 7:02 PM
I don't care what those negativ people says until now everything looks great give them a chance to prove that this can be done. so not don't disagree with this film and don't post any nonsins. this is specially for the fans. Just like they said the try there best in to make this finally happen. and if you have any idea's give it to them.
Raphaelo - 7/29/2012, 7:06 PM
- For now piccolo needs more muscles for rest he's great!
- What about there accents they should be more like the
anime if you know what i mean?
- And please work on those saiyen armor's!

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