Edgar Wright's ANT-MAN Test Footage Recorded!

Edgar Wright's ANT-MAN Test Footage Recorded!

The Ant-Man footage has now been showcased a second time at a recent London event and someone captured the whole thing. Check out what Marvel and Edgar Wright have in mind for the tiny avenger.

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Following descriptions and a fan-made illustration of the reel, first shown at San Diego Comic-Con last year, Edgar Wright's test footage for the Ant-Man movie has been shown again at The Best of BUG event in London, and someone finally managed to record it! The footage begins with Ant-Man in a more Ultimate fashion standing in a vent and taking down two possible S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents. Giving us a taste of how his abilities will be portrayed on the big screen, check out the video and be sure to share your thoughts below.

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DaenerysTargaryen - 3/19/2013, 6:28 PM
Awesome. Man that took forever to leak
Jollem - 3/19/2013, 6:28 PM
wright is good with the visuals. time for a d-lister to get a movie :)
Viltrumite - 3/19/2013, 6:31 PM
This just made my entire crappy day worth living through.
Dynamo - 3/19/2013, 6:31 PM
Well that was awesome.
Kaedus - 3/19/2013, 6:31 PM
Looks great for test footage. Edit the costume, especially the helmet and hell yeah.
superherofan21 - 3/19/2013, 6:31 PM
Can't wait for this film! I love Ant-Man in the comics. I hope it's the Pym version they use in the movie.... I'd be pretty upset if it was Scott Lang or Eric O'Grady...
BruceLeroy - 3/19/2013, 6:32 PM
Holy shit. I can't believe Edgar made Ant Man work. Nothing corny about this at all. Very cool.
TheRationalNerd - 3/19/2013, 6:33 PM
EdgyOutsider - 3/19/2013, 6:34 PM
I hated the idea of an Ant-Man movie. Just give me a good villain and a good story and I'll be sold. Hank Pym or Scott Lang. I don't care cause that test footage was badass and has me almost compeltely won over.
BlueMex - 3/19/2013, 6:34 PM
looks ok , hopefully once the movie comes out doesnt look so Powerrangerish.
Joker11 - 3/19/2013, 6:35 PM
Bad ass!
Giznad - 3/19/2013, 6:37 PM
that was awesome. I've been waiting awhile.
TheRationalNerd - 3/19/2013, 6:39 PM
Love the footage! If this is what we're going to get I can see it working! Not completely sold until I know some the story details! However I love what I'm seeing here... Oh who the hell am I kidding! Looks great!


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I still want to see who Ant-Man will be going against!!!
Who do you all think will be the antagonist for the film???

TheEnd - 3/19/2013, 6:40 PM
FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!
Kaedus - 3/19/2013, 6:40 PM
I'd love if it was Scott Lang as an agent for SHIELD who uses the helmet and Pym particles for missions. These are obviously created by Hank who appears predominantly throughout the movie (easter egg working on Ultron)also working for SHIELD as a tech guy. Jan also appears a lot alongside him. Similar I guess to Ultimates but more the characters of 616.

Then it pretty much ends with Hank using the particles to become massive as Giant Man...either in the final battle, or afterwards to lead on to Avengers 3.

I'd be happy with that :)
Nathan - 3/19/2013, 6:41 PM
I think that this suit that he is wearing will be a prototype suit, agreed? I reckon we will see two or three different suits, most likely two. Similair in the fashion of what Iron Man did.
LucasMend - 3/19/2013, 6:46 PM
Holy Shit, that was excellent.
Nadj76 - 3/19/2013, 6:49 PM
not bad at all
TheManFromMars - 3/19/2013, 6:49 PM

007michael - 3/19/2013, 6:53 PM
That was totally wicked!!!!
TheEnd - 3/19/2013, 6:53 PM
95 - 3/19/2013, 6:56 PM
I knew it would be awesome... and it's just a concept. 2015, folks!
mk - 3/19/2013, 6:57 PM
Oh shit. Got me more excited now
TheEnd - 3/19/2013, 7:00 PM
Has anyone take a second to realize that we are looking at a live action ANT MAN?!?!?! After so many years of waiting!
TheManFromMars - 3/19/2013, 7:01 PM

soda9 - 3/19/2013, 7:02 PM
Wow! Very cool! So i wonder if that will be Eric O'Grady or Scott Lang. Most likely Scott Lang.

Seems like it's right when Scott steals the Ant Man costume from SHIELD and Hank Pym. Nice!
Nathan - 3/19/2013, 7:05 PM
Just incase the video is taken down. Apologies for the quality. Hopefully Marvel will release it like they hinted at a few months back.

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Nick56 - 3/19/2013, 7:07 PM
How the hell could anyone like ant-man!?! he is one of marvel's silliest characters
AlexRival - 3/19/2013, 7:11 PM
So rad, that was just awesome
RextheKing - 3/19/2013, 7:12 PM
Those skeptical about Rocket Raccoon and Groot being on the big screen... worry no more. Marvel Studios and Edgar Wright seems to be able to do Ant Man justice, so I'm sure James Gunn and Marvel Studios can do them two justice in Guardians of the Galaxy.
Hmmm, I find it funny that Rocket Raccoon, Groot, and even Ant Man will hit the big screen before Wonder Woman(This if the JLA film doesn't make it in 2015, which I am suspecting).
buzzman - 3/19/2013, 7:12 PM
That was pretty sweet - he may not be Cap or Thor or the Hulk, but that was pretty sweet.
JDUKE25 - 3/19/2013, 7:13 PM
The only reason I would be excited for Ant-Man is because of this guy right here....

TheManFromMars - 3/19/2013, 7:19 PM

MercSoul - 3/19/2013, 7:19 PM
ComicFan523 - 3/19/2013, 7:19 PM
That was awesome.
Ocelot - 3/19/2013, 7:21 PM

and people on here thought that an ant-movie wouldn't work, and were making jokes at the shrinking power, where are those haters now, footage looks great, and it's only test footage aswell,

Spidey91 - 3/19/2013, 7:25 PM
"ohh, it's so cheesy and corny and so not dark and gritty, I hate it."

seriously, GTFO, that was awesome!
dbapz - 3/19/2013, 7:31 PM
Suit needs some work but I loved the footage.
marvel72 - 3/19/2013, 7:31 PM
that looked a lot better than i thought it would,awesome stuff.
SmellofDuty - 3/19/2013, 7:34 PM
Wow!!! Hope that it's Pym!! Really can't see the first one NOT being about the man who found Pym particles!
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