Marvel Co-President Talks ANT-MAN; R Rated Marvel Movies

Marvel Co-President Talks ANT-MAN; R Rated Marvel Movies

Collider sat down with Louis D’Esposito, who says that Edgar Wright possibly shooting Ant-Man next year could open the door to Marvel putting out 3 films a year instead of 2. Plus, could we see an R rated Marvel movie someday?

In the following video interview Louis D’Esposito discusses various Marvel related projects, including Item 47 (the short that debuted at Comic-Con), the upcoming Blu-ray release of The Avengers, and whether there are any plans for a cinema re-release of the extended cut of that movie beforehand. But most interestingly, D’Esposito talks about Ant-Man, and reveals that Edgar Wright will try to shoot next year. He also says that Marvel have discussed the possibility of releasing smaller budget, R rated movies..

14:07 Talks about Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man test footage and being on set while Wright was filming. Says Wright will “bring all of the coolest camera angles and shots mixed in with a lot of laughs.” As Wright was shooting, he was cutting it together.

15:20 Says Wright’s Ant-Man might be an opportunity where they make a third film since he’s shooting At World’s End this year: “That might be an opportunity where we do a third film, depending on his schedule when he finishes World’s End. But he’s such a competent filmmaker; the script is in great shape. The test will prove a lot of things on the visual effects front: how do we handle the shrinking, obviously, and the scale issues, because when he’s small he’s a half-inch. So we’re gonna work that out, maybe that’s when we do a third film.”

16:21 Talks about the possibility of doing smaller characters in smaller budget films that could be rated R. He says they discuss it, but to get through all the noise of all the other films that are released they have to spend a lot of money. If they’re spending that money, they’re gonna want to spend it on a tentpole film.

17:13 Talks about the need for a bench since they can only make so many Iron Man and Captain America sequels. Says they’re actively going through the books and putting together a bench.

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ballstothewall - 7/17/2012, 3:36 AM
I really did regret for not going to Comic-Con this year. Everything looks amazing. I wish the low-res Antman test reel is out soon.
AmazingFantasy - 7/17/2012, 3:49 AM
R-Rated Venom or Punisher.
ekrolo2 - 7/17/2012, 3:53 AM
He does have a good point, not the entire universe can just be comprosed of Cap, Thor and Iron Man. Sooner or later people will get bored of it.

I hope Phase 3 can get some focus off of Iron Man and back onto Hulk and Ant-Man (I highly doubt either of them will be in Avengers 2, most likely 3).

I would love to see a Black Widow movie to clarify her origin since it was pretty vague in Avengers.
musashi - 7/17/2012, 3:57 AM
I like what Louis said about why they make 2 movies a year. Quality control is important so they don't put out crap.

But unfortunately he said that they won't be able to do smaller budget films. There goes my Power Man and Iron Fist dream :-(
AlexDeLarge87 - 7/17/2012, 3:58 AM
The Punisher.

Too bad they dont have Wolverine, Deadpool, Ghost Rider and Daredevil!:(

They have Werewolf By Night, The Tomb of Dracula and Daimon Hellstorm thou. :)
marvel72 - 7/17/2012, 4:02 AM
get the daredevil rights back & have an r-rated daredevil,punisher & blade set of movies.
marvel72 - 7/17/2012, 4:03 AM
oh yeah i forgot to mention three movies a year would be a good way to introduce black panther & dr.strange into the marvel cinematic universe.
simonwilliamsfan - 7/17/2012, 4:04 AM
Frank Castle:
The Punisher

I would love that, and they should not even do the storyline of how he became the Punisher, do not waste time with that. Tell that in flashbacks, start the movie up with him already being the Punisher in his van taking down street scum.
KingEmperor - 7/17/2012, 4:08 AM
Deadpool. The Joe Kelly run, not the Daniel Way run.
jimoakley666 - 7/17/2012, 4:11 AM
^So, like Punisher War Zone, then?^
silverdog - 7/17/2012, 4:18 AM

save the panther for the R movies...
IIIAdamantiumIII - 7/17/2012, 4:30 AM
but whose PLAYING ANT-MAN !!!!!???
tazmaniak - 7/17/2012, 4:37 AM
@musashi, this is also what Kevin Feige has been saying about only producing 2 films a year. You also have to factor in the financial issues with trying to make 3 films a year.

I don't know how much money Marvel has to put towards production each year, but the average Marvel film has a budget of $140M(Captain America)-$200M(Avengers). Let's just say $150M. 3 films would cost $450M. Then you have to add in the marketing costs, which is around $50M per film. Now you're looking at $600M in 1 year. And that's like the minimum amount the films would cost.
siggisuperman - 7/17/2012, 4:38 AM
I have a feeling we will get a Heroes for Hire movie featuring Luke Cage and Iron Fist in phase 3
Hulkson - 7/17/2012, 4:42 AM
I think there is no need for an r-rated film from Marvel. There is not even a need for an r-rated Punisher movie. If you want to serve the character, you gotta dig deep into the inner workings of Frank and not show blood and guts every minute. Violence off-screen works far better than explicit showing. It just looks cheap. Look at old Noir movies, show the killing as a silhouette or as shadows on the wall. This would be the way to go.
KeithM - 7/17/2012, 4:44 AM
It's good to hear from some of the guys behind the scenes in these movies, especially the big decision makers like D'Esposito. Nice to see his obvious enthusiasm for this stuff too - it clearly isn't 'just a job' for him.

Nice interview.
marvel72 - 7/17/2012, 4:46 AM
you could still have the punisher in the marvel cinematic universe even if he doesn't turn up in those movies i.e from a newspaper headline,a news report on tv or even the logo sprayed on an alley wall.

all things that show his apart of it even though his movies are r-rated,also you can easily make a low budget punisher movie with big stars.

marvel72 - 7/17/2012, 4:48 AM
for an r-rated punisher movie to work & make money marvel need a director who knows the genre.

-quentin tarantino
-michael mann
-brian de palma
-martin scorsese

with a name like tarantino attached it'll make money,he has a massive fan base.
BlackSun77 - 7/17/2012, 4:58 AM
BlackSun77 - 7/17/2012, 5:00 AM
or Midnight sons
EarOne - 7/17/2012, 5:11 AM
is Punisher back with Marvel Studios yet? if not, there're Luke Cage [a Heroes for Hire movie], Black Widow (and Hawkeye) [their origin stories]..actually, Ant-Man can also be R-rated, if you take into account the spousal spat/fight between Hank and Janet (the ultimate way), their promiscuous lifestyles..and growing in and out of your costumes could be considered rather inappropriate for your kids.
Ace101 - 7/17/2012, 5:19 AM
3 movies in 2014/15 im calling it

2013= Iron Man 3 & Thor: The Darkest World

2014= Captain America: TWS & The Guardians of the Galaxy
& possibly Ant Man

2015= If there is not gonna be a marvel cinematic event in that year then Black Panther, Dr Strange, Ant man or Hulk 2

R rated marvel studios movies sound awesome XD
OtakuPapi - 7/17/2012, 5:28 AM
Why is everybody on this site on Thomas Jane's stick for Punisher.That movie was so overwhelming, i've seen him in much better movies than that, but i still don't see him as The Punisher. Ray's movie was much more Punisher faithful but needed a tweak to the plot to give it more depth.Depth was the only thing it was missing.Frank was a complete Wuss in the Thomas Jane movie.New possiblities.All Hail Ant-Man waiting on The Wasp and a New Hulk movie
AmazingFantasy - 7/17/2012, 5:30 AM
R-Rated Daredevil, The Wolverine and The Punisher by Darren Aronofsky would be my wet dream to no end.

There both 3 characters in need of a proper badasss, R-Rated film. With a good script and all, they could be loved by adults and get good numbers at the box office.

Make it happen MARVEL.

soforizo - 7/17/2012, 5:34 AM

Marvel doesn't have the balls to make R-rated films. They should look into loaning out characters best served with a R-rating in movie deals or cable tv series.
mctrinket - 7/17/2012, 5:40 AM
Marvel doesn't own the Deadpool rights?
mctrinket - 7/17/2012, 5:43 AM
A Deadpool: Suicide Kings adaption would be great since it would bring in both Punisher and Daredevil.
MiracleMe - 7/17/2012, 5:59 AM
An R-rated Black Widow movie. Very violent and very sexy (not SEXUAL because as much as I'd like to see that I know it won't work). With a good, script good action you've got a movie a lot of people would want to see. And could be done with a relatively low budget,little if any special effects. Just a lot of spy action. And maybe some ScarJo side boob (or more). Tell me Marvel wouldn't make coin with that.
norseman79 - 7/17/2012, 6:00 AM
R rated wolverine ftw. ...Will never happen though. I'd settle for the rights going back to marvel studios someday... Which will also probably never happen.
Ha1frican - 7/17/2012, 6:01 AM
@mctrinket no fox does because he is part of their xmen deal
musashi - 7/17/2012, 6:07 AM
@tazman I get that but Heroes for Hire shouldn't cost that. It should be set in the real world with good quality special effects. Look at what Neill Blomkamp did with District 9 for $30 million dollars.

He created an alien race, mechanical suits and a shanty town setting. Why can't they do Black Panther for $50 million. And I get that it's easy for me to tell them how to spend their millions but it's just a dream of mine to see Heroes and Black Panther on screen. Maybe one day!
SoulAllFlush - 7/17/2012, 6:10 AM
Wish Edgar Wright success with this. He's due it. Loved Scott Pilgrim and it's criminal that it didn't do that well financially.
mctrinket - 7/17/2012, 6:21 AM
Maybe an R-Rated Sons of Midnight or something--thought that would probably not be a low budget affair.

I dunno what R-Rated flick they could do on the cheap. Alias maybe.
ATrueHero1987 - 7/17/2012, 6:49 AM
Well Touchstone is part of Disney like Marvel, and they have released R Rated movies through Touchstone. So Marvel can do the same.
ATrueHero1987 - 7/17/2012, 6:50 AM
Marvel should bring back Blade.
Spidex3000 - 7/17/2012, 7:09 AM
I don't know about Iron Fist, doesn't need a hard R, unless it's Heroes for Hire, then sign me up.
Spidex3000 - 7/17/2012, 7:10 AM
Prior to 2008, nobody knew who Iron Man was. Take a chance Marvel.
Spidex3000 - 7/17/2012, 7:11 AM
Small budget, then spend another 10 mil on marketing, make sure you show previews before the big tentpole movies and then you're set. The Marvel name alone should be enough to draw people in at this point
Fogs - 7/17/2012, 7:19 AM
A Punisher and Daredevil one, please.

Thank you.
xstryker - 7/17/2012, 7:19 AM
Morons. Punisher, Venom, Daredevil, Deadpool, and Wolverine are not owned by Marvel Studios for movie rights. And it's a good thing, because Marvel's not going to make an R movie, and the article tells you exactly why. So be glad the violent characters are owned by Sony and Fox who are both more likely to make an R rated movie with a lower budget.
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