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We recently received a wave of images of Lego sets based on Marvel's upcoming movie The Avengers: Age of Ultron, and now a description of one Ant-Man set has been revealed from the Nuremberg Toy Fair - and it may just reveal a huge spoiler! Hit the jump to learn who the real villain of Ant-Man could be... UPDATE: More details on the villain's suit!
Marvel have released a lettered preview of Ant-Man Prelude #1, and in it we see an older Peggy Carter (who appears to be in her 40s/50s by this point in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's history) taking a few shots at Hank Pym as he tries out his new suit. Hit the jump to check it out!
My theory on what involvement Janet may have in the MCU.
Hit the jump for a brief description of a scene from Marvel's Ant-Man, in which Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) spars with The Wasp Hope Van Dyne (Evangeline Lilly), and the outcome sounds pretty funny.
This week The Weekly Planet team are all about the biggest movies of 2015 including Star Wars, Terminator: Genysis, Jurassic World, Age Of Ultron and Fantastic Four! Plus we break down news of Lex Luthor, StarTrek, X-Men and more! Hit the jump to support the show.
A new theory speculating that Hank Pym could be the villain of Ant-Man has surfaced online and holds some weight.
If you were one of the people concerned about the rather serious tone of Ant-Man's first trailer, fear not, as star Judy Greer talks here about the amount of comedy in the Marvel Studios movie and why she loves working with Marvel as well as what makes Paul Rudd right for the role...
This week The Weekly Planet team are all about the Agent Cartner premier and the Ant-Man trailer. Plus we're talking Star Wars, Gambit, Game Of Thrones, Assassin's Creed, Daredevil and more! Hit the jump to support the show.
Marvel have released a new piece of concept art by Rodney Fuentebella for Ant-Man featuring a fully suited up Scott Lang shrunken down and with an army of ants before him! You can also see the rest of the stills and art from the movie now released officially by Marvel.
Following the first trailer and images, we know have the first licensed toys based on Marvel's much-anticipated Ant-Man adaptation, which include 7" action figure by Diamond Select Toys. Check it out
Many scoffed at the idea of an Ant-Man movie, just as they dismissed James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy when it was first announced. However, if trailer views are anything to go by, this tiny superhero is set to star in a BIG hit! Read on for details about Marvel's latest success...
Entertainment Weekly have released three new images from Ant-Man, featuring our best look yet at Paul Rudd's Scott Lang suited up as the pint-sized superhero, him being presented with the costume for the first time, and on the back of an ant ready for action. Check them out!
According to Yellowjacket actor Corey Stoll, his Ant-Man character and Pym’s daughter Hope (played by Evangeline Lilly) colluded to take over Pym Technologies from Henry Pym (Michael Douglas). Stoll also shares some backstory details for Cross and talks about the technology of the Yellowjacket suit.
Earlier today, we got a teeny tiny glimpse of Ant-Man's villain. Thankfully, a much larger version has now found its way online, giving us a much closer look at the movie's pint-sized baddie, Yellowjacket (played by Corey Stoll, House of Cards). Check it out...
Entertainment Weekly has provided more quotes from Paul Rudd (Role Models) pertaining to he and his Anchorman director Adam McKay rewriting Edgar Wright (Shaun Of The Dead) and Joe Cornish's Ant-Man script. Hit the jump to check it out.
Care to know exactly which ants will Ant-Man communicate with his big-screen debut? Hit the jump and check out the latest from Peyton Reed, in addition to two new pics featuring the director and Paul Rudd.
New details have been revealed about the behind the scenes goings on following Edgar Wright's Ant-Man departure courtesy of Kevin Feige, Paul Rudd, and Evangline Lilly. "It is true that there were disagreements about the direction the script should take..." Check it out!
Entertainment Weekly have published their Ant-Man set visit, and in it we hear not only from the cast, but also get some revealing new details on some key moments from the movie! Hit the jump for more on Hank Pym's team, Yellowjacket's role, shrinking stories, and more...
Hit the jump and find out who will make up Scott Lang's "Ant-Man crusaders," and also check out new details from Corey Stoll, as well as new conceptual artwork featuring the Yellowjacket costume!
The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly features an official look at Paul Rudd as Scott Lang and in costume, as well as Evangeline Lilly as Hope Van Dyne, and Michael Douglas as Hank Pym. Check it out
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