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Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige talks about Phase 3, why they decided to announce release dates stretching as far as 2019, how much of Edgar Wright's ideas and concepts will be used in Peyton Reed's Ant-Man, and how he feels about possible spoilers being leaked by certain sites...
Corey Stoll will apparently play Darren Cross, the CEO of Cross Technological Enterprises in Ant-Man, and rumour has it that he'll suit up as a villainous version of Yellowjacket. Here, he talks about the script and his excitement to still star in the movie despite Edgar Wright's departure.
The Hobbit star Evangeline Lilly denies any knowledge about the rumour that she'll be in Ant-Man, but plays coy when asked about her Comic-Con plans and has plenty to say about the recent news that Marvel Studios and Edgar Wright had parted ways over the project. Yeah, she's in the movie!
Kevin Feige talks more about parting ways with Edgar Wright over Ant-Man and how Marvel collaborates with directors; "At no point do we hire filmmakers who do everything we say, and at no point do we hire filmmakers that we let just do anything they want." Hit the jump for more!
The Marvel Studios producer speaks more directly about parting ways with the initial Ant-Man director, how the process played out, and the rumors regarding exactly why it happened. Check it out!
A fancast for Marvel's upcoming film Ant-Man starring Paul Rudd
Revealing that Peyton Reed was in contention with James Gunn to helm Guardians of the Galaxy, producer Kevin Feige explains why the Yes Man director is perfect for Ant-Man, and more. Check it out
As the Marvel production seeks additional cast look-alikes in Atlanta, Michael Douglas discussed Ant-Man and going to Comic-Con on the Late Show With David Letterman. Check it out after the jump!
I guess we now kinda have the answer as to whether or not young Hank Pym will be CG'd Michael Douglas or not! A recent casting call has revealed that Marvel is currently on the hunt for a character that is almost certainly a young Pym. Hit the jump for more!
Reiterating how he's disappointed Edgar Wright won't be helming the Marvel adaptation, the veteran 'Hank Pym' actor confirms he'll attend San Diego Comic-Con this month in anticipation of Ant-Man.
Gearing up for filming in August, Marvel Studios has tapped two new screenwriters to rewrite the Ant-Man script that was recently revised by Anchorman director Adam McKay. Check it out after the jump!
Many claim that the "Guardians of the Galaxy" is Marvel's riskiest property. Doesn't another movie fit this description better?
Apparently the studio are keeping his role under wraps, but Deadline report that David Dastmalchian (Thomas Schiff in The Dark Knight) has joined the cast of Marvel's Ant-Man. More past the jump..
Don't expect a Chris Pratt -esque transformation for Paul Rudd's portrayal of Scott Lang in Marvel Studios' Ant-Man. The comedic actor was a guest on the Colbert Report on June 26, where he discussed his training for the superhero role.
Revealing the original Fantastic Four movies were the initial model for Iron Man, director Jon Favreau has weighed in on Marvel and Edgar Wright parting ways on the Ant-Man adaptation. Check it out!
We've had quite a bit of info on which villains would be giving Paul Rudd's Scott Lang grief in Marvel's Ant-Man movie, and now Badass Digest have posted a very interesting addition. According to them the main bad guy won't be Crossfire, but an incarnation of Yellowjacket.
In a Q&A session following the screening of Guardians Of The Galaxy footage at this years CineEurope, Kevin Feige dished on the status of Ant-Man following Edgar Wright's exit, whilst also teasing what we should expect from their upcoming Doctor Strange movie. Hit the jump!
After JoBlo revealed that Ant-Man would likely be going up against Darren Cross in the Marvel movie, The Wrap's Jeff Sneider now reckons Corey Stoll will play that character, AND, Patrick Wilson will also appear as Cross' cousin, who in the comics becomes the costumed villain Crossfire.
A new spoiler-y report has surfaced revealing the main Ant-Man villain and details about the Avengers Tower in Age of Ultron, while also dishing out new info about costumes, and more. Check it out!
The English actor and frequent Edgar Wright-collaborator has previously shared his thoughts via Twitter, but now actor Simon Pegg discusses the fiasco surrounding Ant-Man during a video interview.
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