Aquaman Archive for Aquaman movie news. There was rumor of a smallville-esque TV series, and a potential screwball comedy (rumored in 2005) but as of 2012 nothing solid is happening on this front.
Josh Holloway (Lost, Intelligence) comments on the rumors that he's up for Aquaman in Man of Steel 2 and/or a Justice League movie. "I think I'm available...I'm an actor, I like different roles. Batman movies are awesome, Marvel movies are awesome."
In this instalment Mr Sunday looks at a potential Aquaman movie, The Amazing Spider-man 2, X-Men: DOFP, Jurassic World, Friday The 13th being rebooted (again), Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 and more! Check it all out after the jump.
The King Of The Seven Seas, Aquaman, has always appeared to be a joke in the comic world up until a couple years ago when the New 52 launched when writer Geoff Johns and artist Ivan Reis brought us new stories of the hero. But could he hold his own movie?
Just for the fun of it in order to fight boredom, I figured I'd do a quick fan-cast of one of my favorite heroes.
Geoff Johns has confirmed via Twitter that he will no longer be writing Aquaman after issue #25 and sends fans a heartfelt thank you for supporting his run on the series. In an interview about the series, he also offers some vague hints about the future of the character in other mediums. Check it out!
Could we see a Spawn Movie in 2015? Creator Todd McFarlane thinks the answer is yes.
Aquaman was once a character who became famous for being uncool. However, that all changed when master storyteller Geoff Johns got his hands on him in a solo title as part of DC's "The New 52". Well, it now appears as if the character will be getting his own animated feature. Check it out!
DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns, who is also currently writing the Aquaman ongoing series for the company, expresses interest in a big screen adaptation starring the King of Atlantis and discusses how such a film would work.
Many people have commented on a possible Wonder Woman movie, but I don't see anyone giving their opinions on a Possible Aquaman film. This said, let's jump in shall we? This isn't what I necessarily want to see, just what I expect to see.
A detailed look at how two of the most well-known pop-culture icons from the Comic Book world could be translated on screen. With years of debate on how to make the Princess of Amazon and King of Atlantis cool, I've potentially discovered the solution.
Back in 2006, director/producer Greg Beeman, who had been a part of Smallville from the beginning and was getting ready to move on to NBC's Heroes, helmed the Aquaman pilot Mercy Reef. He reflects on that effort in this interview excerpt.
With all the rumblings about a Justice League movie, there are many wondering if DC/WB would be better off going with solo films first. If Aquaman was to be one of them, should the approach be "Game of Thrones Meets Conan?" That's among the premises raised by the writer Vadakin in this excerpt.
Last week, I presented my top five choices for both Aquaman and Wonder Woman in the planned Justice League movie. As always, you were extremely vocal and over 7,000 of you voted in total. Find out the results in full here (they may just surprise you!).
Once considered a joke, writer Geoff Johns and artist Ivan Reis have completely turned that idea on its head with their Aquaman series in "The New 52" continuity. Here are five actors who I believe would be right choice to bring the character to the big screen in the planned Justice League movie.
The King Of The Seven Seas has yet to be done properly on film, or at all for that matter. However, with a Justice League movie approaching closer every day, I give my take on how to make an Aquaman adaptation enjoyable for everyone whether it is in the film or a solo movie.
A new year, a new "If I Was Making..." and for this one I talk about the most awesome character of awesomeness ever to be awesome....Aquaman!!!
Swimming around the smallscreen in Smallville its time to know more about the CBM Character - AQUAMAN. This feature answers the questions - Who he is? What are his abilities? What are the changes he underwent? Who has portrayed him in Comic Book Movies?
Johns has announced via Twitter that he intends to relaunch the decidedly fan polarizing DC Superhero with his own title in Aquaman #1. Click for the details..
if a fight popped out in the middel of the sea, who would eat whos fish stick
Widespread across the Internet was Smallville guest star Alan Ritchson's opinion that an Aquaman move would happen in the future, but Screen Rant claims to have a little more of an inside track on said film, believing it could reach theates in 2015 or 2016.
Is the pretty boy from Titanic planning another trip to the ocean floor!
Comics Continuum have spoken to Alan Ritchson, now starring in sitcom 'Blue Mountain State', about a possible return to Smallville as Aquaman...
We love a good poll here at CBM! So with the recent buzz about a possible Namor movie, I figured it was time for you fine folk to have your voices heard on who should play Marvels first mutant...
Hi. My name is Joshua Rainey. I am an Aquaman fan. I started an Aquaman fansite to showcase my love for him. I think he is one of the greatest superheroes ever! However I don't think he has been handled well enough.
Rumour has it there is a promotion at "Best Buy" stores.If you purchase previous "Smallville" DVD sets, you will get a bonus "Aquaman" TV pilot.