Joss Whedon Says AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Titular Villain Is 'Strange, Funny, And Unexpected'

Joss Whedon Says AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Titular Villain Is 'Strange, Funny, And Unexpected'

"I'm having a blast with Ultron," says Joss Whedon of The Avengers sequel's main villain in the latest Empire magazine issue, where he discusses mor and comments on filming in the United Kingdom.

"I fiercely dislike the idea of just throwing in more people for the sake of doing that," said Avengers: Age of Ultron writer-director Joss Whedon in the latest issue of Empire mag. "But last time I had all of Earth's Mightiest Heroes versus one British character actor, and I needed more conflict. I'm having a blast with Ultron. He's not a creature of logic - he's a robot who's genuinely disturbed. We're finding out what makes him menacing and at the same time endearing and funny and strange and unexpected, and everything a robot never is."
Joss Whedon then went on to discuss how the United Kingdom (where Marvel recently announced Avengers: Age of Ultron will typically  get an earlier release April 24, 2015, ahead of the U.S.) is being utilized for filming of the anticipated Marvel sequel's production. "The number of different looks and textures and moods we're getting from the British locations is stupid awesome," he said. "Because this, palette-wise, is very different. I'm trying to make a different film. Because why would you make one movie twice? That seems weird." What do you think?  

The Avengers: Age of Ultron stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Cobie Smulders, Jeremy Renner, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, with Paul Bettany, Samuel L. Jackson, and James Spader. The film is set for release on May 1, 2015. 
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Highflyer - 4/24/2014, 4:21 AM
Doopie - 4/24/2014, 4:22 AM
i'm seriously having trouble containing my excitement for this movie. Please deliver the goods Joss!!
Highflyer - 4/24/2014, 4:23 AM
Ultron being funny???
McNyagano - 4/24/2014, 4:24 AM
My body is ready;)
Luminus - 4/24/2014, 4:29 AM

Looks like robots can be pretty fun if they want.
Kurne - 4/24/2014, 4:30 AM
Although I would have liked to see BP and/or Carol (in full roles), I agree that The Avengers needed more visually interesting characters. QS, SW and Vision fit the bill perfectly.
KingOnslaught - 4/24/2014, 4:34 AM
MsDarkPhoenix - 4/24/2014, 4:35 AM
Come on, it's Joss Whedon, there has to be some humor!!

Brainiac13 - 4/24/2014, 4:37 AM

And what MarvelsDarkKnight said!
SuperCat - 4/24/2014, 4:38 AM
Aw sh*t.

SuperCat - 4/24/2014, 4:38 AM
ProfessorX - 4/24/2014, 4:38 AM
He means funny as in odd, not humorous.
ezio619 - 4/24/2014, 4:38 AM
i was thrown off by the funny comment,i wonder what hemeans by that, hope ultron is telling jokes,i hope he is really menacing, they have a great actor in james spader,feige and whedon have both said"Ultron is a slightly unexpected villain"..very interesting
Brainiac13 - 4/24/2014, 4:39 AM
Ultron should be evil not funny!

Wonder what the Marvelites will think of this.
ezio619 - 4/24/2014, 4:39 AM
ProfessorX-yeah i think he means what is odd about Ultron
Tetrahedron - 4/24/2014, 4:39 AM
Doopie - 4/24/2014, 4:42 AM
Don't think Ultron's gonna be working on his stand-up in this guys....funny has more than one meaning
SuperCat - 4/24/2014, 4:42 AM
SuperCat - 4/24/2014, 4:44 AM
Tetrahedron - 4/24/2014, 4:45 AM
@Prof X: Funny is how a 5 year old describes something that's odd or unusual as in "mommy, that man's nose is funny". Grown adults don't use that word in that way. He means that Ultron probably has a wry wit or is sarcastic...which is still a problem consisting that Ultron has ALWAYS been a cold, calculating, emotionless murder machine who isn't really quick with the quippy jokeness.

Rulk - 4/24/2014, 4:46 AM

We need to get ahead in this world! Get it??? A-HEAD??? Man I'm so funny!
MsDarkPhoenix - 4/24/2014, 4:48 AM
Ultron will rock and so will Scarlet Witch! About one year left :D

knocturnalzen10 - 4/24/2014, 4:49 AM
really nothing funny about ultron , but I trust whedon knows what he's doin. but those [frick]ing russo brothers really set a new bar ............. death to ant man
Brainiac13 - 4/24/2014, 4:50 AM
Maybe he'll be 'Odd' like this....

Philvis - 4/24/2014, 4:52 AM
Ditch Whedon and go with the Russo!
McNyagano - 4/24/2014, 4:53 AM
The Joker was funny but in a disturbing way. I don't think Ultron is gonna be throwing around one-liners and cracking jokes. Some of y'all are mis-interpretating Joss's words.
SugarYumYum - 4/24/2014, 4:54 AM
He could mean either meaning of "funny" here. I'm more focused on the adjectives as a whole though. He sounds like he's going to be seriously [frick]ing some shit up in the creepiest yet oddly amusing of ways.
Abary - 4/24/2014, 4:54 AM
"I fiercely dislike the idea of just throwing in more people for the sake of doing that."

Yeah, he gets it.
SugarYumYum - 4/24/2014, 4:55 AM

Yep, The Joker was who I was thinking of exactly.
loki668 - 4/24/2014, 4:55 AM
Some people just hear the word "funny" and react as if it must trigger some kind of repressed trauma. Were you mother[frick]ers molested by clowns or something?
McNyagano - 4/24/2014, 4:57 AM

Lmao xD
TheRationalNerd - 4/24/2014, 4:58 AM

I'm only anticipating this film because Whedon said it's the first Avengers film he wanted to make in the beginning. I'll hold my judgements until I see the film but to be honest I'm with everyone else when I heard he'll be "funny?" However he could be referring to the bot's early development within the film before he becomes darker. But even within A:EMS I never heard Ultron crack a joke so I'm REALLY hoping that won't play out. lol But yeah, you guys should cheer up all of the cast members have talked about how humorous this one will be as well.
knocturnalzen10 - 4/24/2014, 4:58 AM

I agree , just don't won't the IM3, twd, mold made for the flim. no joke in tws was forced. we'll see tho think this should be epic
Highflyer - 4/24/2014, 4:58 AM
@McNyagano The thing is, based on the MCU i haven't seen any character be funny in a joker way. Sure, Loki is funny but I don't want Ultron to have any humor. I really want ultron to be really threatening and cold.
Klone - 4/24/2014, 4:58 AM
Ultron being funny?

*rolls eyes*

Really? REALLY? [frick]ing Ultron making the audience laugh? I mean Loki makes sense, but ULTRON!?
Masterpace - 4/24/2014, 4:58 AM

Joker was funny because Joker is funny...He suppose to be funny[in the certain way]. Ultron shouldn't be funny...I understand Whedon wants to do similar thing like he did in the first film but heroes can be funny...when villain is funny most people won't take him seriously.
Highflyer - 4/24/2014, 4:59 AM
I might be wrong. But I don't know how they will make him enduring.
TheRationalNerd - 4/24/2014, 4:59 AM
I sure as he'll wasn't "molested by clowns" but when you think of Ultron I'm sure the first word that pops in your head isn't "funny" come on now let's be real. lol
MisterNiceGuy - 4/24/2014, 5:00 AM
Loki668, no but our childhoods have been raped by directors that put humor where it didn't belong....Michael Bay
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