Mark Ruffallo Talks AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON; Reveals Banner's Role In Creating 'Ultron'

Mark Ruffallo Talks AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON; Reveals Banner's Role In Creating 'Ultron'

Mark Ruffalo talks here about Bruce Banner's role in creating Ultron alongside Tony Stark, why his character is struggling to transform back from the Hulk in Avengers: Age of Ultron, and the "goofy stuff" Joss Whedon will bring to the darker looking sequel. Check it out!

Sweaty Hulk.

Avengers: Age of Ultron is still shrouded in secrecy, but Mark Ruffalo offered up at least a few new details in a recent interview with Total Film Magazine. For a start, it appears as if Iron Man won't be the only one kicking himself for creation the sequel's titular villain! "Banner's been living in Stark Tower. They've been working side by side and Bruce has his own lab now. He's doing work that augments Tony's own, which could lead to an experiment going wrong..." Could this be part of the reason why we saw that battle between Hulk and the Hulkbuster in the trailer? We'll have to wait and see, but Bruce will be getting a lot closer to at least one of his fellow Avengers! "His relationship with Natasha deepens. There's something similar about the two of them. I see them as lost souls. They're kindred in some ways." Sounds good, but what's in store for the Hulk?

"He does feel more comfortable with himself," the actor reveals. "His confidence is getting better. But, you know, that gets shaken. His ability to handle the Hulk really gets thrown into question in this film. The hard part is coming back. Hulk doesn't want to cede his place. It's much harder to come back from being Hulk than it is to get into him." That should be an interesting dynamic to see, and something which has been largely unexplored in previous movies featuring the Green Goliath. "I think there's a whole other chapter we haven't seen yet where you find the other nuances within him. The battle of identity going on between him and Banner is all about establishing dominance. The only thing that Hulk is really afraid of is Banner. That's an interesting dynamic." Oh, and for those of you worrying that Avengers: Age of Ultron will be too dark, Ruffalo promises: "What Joss is going after is really big. But there's still lots of laughs. There's some goofy stuff. I mean, it's Whedon!" What do you guys think about these latest details? 
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Hulksta - 12/23/2014, 8:28 PM
CharlesLord - 12/23/2014, 8:29 PM
Reminds me of EMH episode (one of the Gamme World eps) when Hawkeye was threating Hulk and he started laughing and he let Banner out and Banner said "Thats the first time he's let me out in months".
MrBender - 12/23/2014, 8:30 PM
I hope they dont with dual identity thing were banner and Hulk are separate beings or whatever, just keep it simple Whedon!
pesmerga44 - 12/23/2014, 8:34 PM

Those episodes had some great moments the one with Hawkeye was great and Thor had an awesome moment. When Absorbing Man is wailing on him and asks him why he isn't fighting back. Thor says he is concentrating and then controls Absorbing Man because he absorbed the uru metal from Mjornir.
xcan - 12/23/2014, 8:37 PM
I'm really surprised that Disney went with a darker tone in Avengers 2. You'd think that with SW in-house they would've learned their lesson from 'Empire' that a superior but darker film makes less $'s but live an learn I guess.

For all you "It's gonna make 2 billion WW"... I don't think so. It'll make LESS than 'Avengers' but I'll probably enjoy it more even though I really liked the first.

Pot stirred?
m0th3r - 12/23/2014, 8:38 PM
@Charleslord Also, later on the dynamic between the two was when they laughed at tony getting his ass kicked by steve...
supes123 - 12/23/2014, 8:40 PM

you know i was think about it will make more or less than the 1st, but i know it will hit over 1 billion but if it makes less that the 1st is that considered a fail?
SauronsBANE - 12/23/2014, 8:41 PM
Honestly, I think there's even more hype for Avengers 2 than there was for the first Avengers. If the massive viewing numbers for the teaser is any indication, I think this will easily surpass the box office totals of the first one. I doubt it'll realistically come close to $2 billion...but I have a feeling it'll be closer to $2 billion than it will be to 'just' $1 billion.
royroy - 12/23/2014, 8:43 PM
This makes sense. I think this is what was going on in avengers but people didn't get it. The hulk on the hellicarrier came from stress so he reacted violently and irrational. In new York he chose to be hulk,so he was a different personality. Still angry but with a goal. He didn't just suddenly have control. He just learned to transform in other ways. I think that's what the inrcredible hulk ending was too...Banner choosing to transform.
SauronsBANE - 12/23/2014, 8:43 PM
And I know a lot of people don't seem to like a Banner/Natasha romance, but I really see potential in it to expand both characters. I recently re-watched the first Avengers movie and the two of them have a lot of key moments together. Obviously there aren't any sparks flying between them (or even any hints to that effect), but their relationship in the first movie definitely set up a lot to be explored in the sequel. I can dig it.
RRA - 12/23/2014, 8:47 PM
SauronBANE - you think AOU could do more business on opening weekend than AVENGERS' record-breaking OW did?
DaVinci31 - 12/23/2014, 8:48 PM
"His relationship with Natasha deepens."

RRA - 12/23/2014, 8:49 PM
SB - I don't mind that shipping. I mean if Marvel has plans to launch Hulk into space, well you gotta have something for Banner to fight his way back home for I guess.
cld247 - 12/23/2014, 8:49 PM
DaVinci31 - 12/23/2014, 8:51 PM
No, but seriously, I love that everything he said kind of removed the only real apprehensions I had about this film.
McGee - 12/23/2014, 8:52 PM

The Following Song Is On Bruce Banner's Playlist

Deschain99 - 12/23/2014, 8:53 PM
Curious . . .Is Betty dead or something . . . Is her father dead as well?
Jlocklin - 12/23/2014, 8:53 PM
@ xcan
Empire is a timeless classic. This lesson you propose is what results in Transformers 2-4. What were they about again?
FrenzyFreak - 12/23/2014, 8:54 PM
Whedon does whip up some good humor, and the lighter feel of the first Avengers was appropriate, but if he does overboard with the goofiness and humor I'm really going to be [frick]ing disappointed. That's not something the Russo Bros would let happen.
Mrcool210 - 12/23/2014, 8:57 PM
"His relationship with Natasha deepens. There's something similar about the two of them. I see them as lost souls. They're kindred in some ways."


It really is stupid and unnecessary, and it throws betty under the bus. Really, why have any of the avengers date each other except for extra obvious drama? God if whedon can pull this off i will be singing his praises cause for now this sounds like a really bad idea.
SauronsBANE - 12/23/2014, 8:58 PM
@RRA I don't think it's out of the question that Age of Ultron beats those opening weekend numbers (depending on whatever other competition there is, of course).

But even if it doesn't, it could still go on to have the legs, staying power, and re-watchability to shoot past the totals from The Avenger. You definitely have to add in factors like higher ticket prices, more IMAX-3D sales, and the increased reliance on foreign audiences (especially in Asia). Either way, I'm really curious to see how the domestic/foreign totals end up with Age of Ultron.

And yeah, I have a feeling that Whedon has something up his sleeve with the Banner/Natasha thing that even goes beyond giving Banner motivation if/when he gets shot into space. I can't wait to see how it plays out.
RRA - 12/23/2014, 8:58 PM
McGee should be banned a week for posting friggin Green Day.
MexicanSexyman - 12/23/2014, 8:58 PM

YeezusWept - 12/23/2014, 9:00 PM
"But there's still lots of laughs."

MexicanSexyman - 12/23/2014, 9:00 PM

TheRationalNerd - 12/23/2014, 9:01 PM
"His ability to handle the Hulk really gets thrown into question in this film."

"What Joss is going after is really big. But there's still lots of laughs. There's some goofy stuff. I mean, it's Whedon!"

Jk, but I'm just hoping it doesn't detract from the overall serious moments within the film. Nothing wrong with humor, without it you can't be fond of the darkness within most of these dark films. But too much of it, (especially at the most awkward times) is crucial. Doesn't matter what I/many other goofy humor haters think, the general audience will eat it up like free Chipotle Day. lol
PymParticle - 12/23/2014, 9:01 PM
I hate this forced natasha-bruce thing theyre going to do. Why.
Mrcool210 - 12/23/2014, 9:02 PM
And no, i'm not against superheros being in relationships, but the thing with this is, since i highly doubt betty will even be mentioned this just seems like something that really isn't needed. IF their relationship is very much in the background and not a part of the main story then i'm fine with it. But if they pull some crap that it looks like they are pulling like "oh black widow is the only one who can calm the hulk. That would be the biggest [frick] you to Betty Ross, and to TIH in general. Besides, Bruce thinks being in a relationship is always a bad thing cause the hulk could hurt the person he is with, why would he suddenly pick black widow to be with now? As opposed to Betty? A woman i would think he cares about more then anyone else.
RRA - 12/23/2014, 9:02 PM
"...but if he does overboard with the goofiness and humor..."

FrenzyFreak - AVENGERS was overboard with goofiness? Since when? Not to mention that certain Marvel movie (the one that's still the #1 domestic box-office champ) had no qualms with being silly and that turned out well.

Isn't it strange how the Internet criticizes Marvel and DC? "Marvel movies are too jokey!" "DC films are too serious!" You can't win with them apparently.
JredTheRed - 12/23/2014, 9:04 PM

(Capt. Marvel tells them about the Kree Sentry bomb)
HULK: Hmhf, I'll probably survive
THOR: Your arrogance is overwhelming, Troll
JredTheRed - 12/23/2014, 9:05 PM
lines i mean i guess....
xcan - 12/23/2014, 9:06 PM
@supes123 I'll guarantee (which I rarely do) that Avengers 2 will pass a billion WW as well, and it will be a success... I just don't see it coming anywhere close to 2 billion. Closer to 1 bil would be my educated guess. OK... I'll throw out a number. 1.278 billion.

@Jlocklin Empire is in my 'top 3' if not favorite movie of all time so you won't see me slagging it on quality, but it did make substantially less than SW. I see something like that playing out for Ultron.
Deschain99 - 12/23/2014, 9:06 PM
But Where is Betty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SuperCat - 12/23/2014, 9:06 PM
Goofy Hulk!
RRA - 12/23/2014, 9:07 PM
Who gives a crap about Betty? I mean let's be honest, we rationalize the unexplained gaps (if you will) to ourselves with characters between sequels. So this is easy: Banner and Betty broke off for good because of "the big guy.". Or maybe she died? She has no real role going forward in the MCU, unless Banner is cured of Hulk or they get married or something. None of that is happening. Plus Marvel doesn't want 2 super-scientist girlfriends for male superheroes because...well, they just don't.

That's what people forget about the Thor/Jane break-up for AOU that got some folks online upset. What else are you going to do for those two unless you do marriage or baby or whatever fanfiction? That race has been won, its run its course. Give him a reason to do a Thor sequel where there is no Earth. Wouldn't that be cool?
YeezusWept - 12/23/2014, 9:07 PM
@AOKRCEO @0megaDaGod

Is it the one where Hulk is "smashing?"
DaVinci31 - 12/23/2014, 9:07 PM
I don't understand what the problem is. I highly doubt Whedon of all people would just throw Natasha into another romantic relationship, when she already has this going on:

XelCorp - 12/23/2014, 9:07 PM
The movie is gonna have humor? [Frick] this sequel :)
TheRationalNerd - 12/23/2014, 9:08 PM
Whedon is to Humor
Singer is to Drama
Russo Brothers is to Action
Michael Bay is to Explosions
YeezusWept - 12/23/2014, 9:09 PM

That's just a BFF charm. I'm doubtful Hawkeye left the friend zone.
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