Newest AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Set Photos Take Chris Hemsworth 'THOR' To the Woods

Newest AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Set Photos Take Chris Hemsworth 'THOR' To the Woods

Photos from the latest Avengers: Age of Ultron filming location show Chris Hemsworth back in his Asgardian armor and taking aim with Mjolnir while video shows his many targets (stunt guys) rehearsing

Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron stars Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Cobie Smulders Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, with Paul Bettany, Samuel L. Jackson, and James Spader. The film is set for release on May 1, 2015.
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SuperCat - 6/27/2014, 4:52 AM
Jaspion - 6/27/2014, 4:55 AM
Pics? Plural?
Doopie - 6/27/2014, 4:55 AM
one of Thor's lesser known powers
Doopie - 6/27/2014, 4:56 AM
who does the cannon belong to?
SuperCat - 6/27/2014, 4:57 AM
DEVLIN712 - 6/27/2014, 4:58 AM
My thoughts:
That "cannon" type thing looks like one of the defenses that the Canadian SHIELD base had in AoS, Ultron must have taken over the SHIELD defenses (around the area we saw last week?) and Thor has to take them out.
DEVLIN712 - 6/27/2014, 4:59 AM
Also, the Thor v Iron Man in the woods is one of the best scenes in the first film, hope we get something a bit like that.
SuperCat - 6/27/2014, 5:00 AM
Doopie - 6/27/2014, 5:01 AM

that makes sense. If Thor is only used to destroy these things though I'd be a little disappointed...want to see him go toe-to-toe with Ultron
DEVLIN712 - 6/27/2014, 5:04 AM
I'm hoping we hear him say, "Ultron, we would have words with thee"
Maven - 6/27/2014, 5:05 AM
Lol I suppose Whedon has Thor sleeveless for most of the film, maybe throwing in a few shirtless scenes too.
Doopie - 6/27/2014, 5:06 AM

he has to say that line or something similar...a "For Midgard!" wouldn't go amiss either
Doopie - 6/27/2014, 5:07 AM
billnye69 - 6/27/2014, 5:10 AM
Set photos are always so boring.
DEVLIN712 - 6/27/2014, 5:11 AM
"For Midgard" would be pretty funny considering it looks like Thor 3 will be Asgard v Midgard
DEVLIN712 - 6/27/2014, 5:12 AM
Don't think I've seen that artwork before, did you have it in an article? Looks great!
Doopie - 6/27/2014, 5:13 AM
Is Thor 3 really gonna be Asgard vs Midgard? I thought they were gonna go all Ragnarok with it
Doopie - 6/27/2014, 5:14 AM
I did, you can find it here

Ultron vs Thor
Tetrahedron - 6/27/2014, 5:14 AM
DEVLIN712 - 6/27/2014, 5:15 AM
I remember back a day or two after it was announced a source claimed they were gonna do Ragnarok while Loki lead an attack on Earth (as Odin), could be bullshit though
DEVLIN712 - 6/27/2014, 5:17 AM
Nice, your Ultron looks a bit like a cross between Iron Man and Vision, really like it
MsDarkPhoenix - 6/27/2014, 5:18 AM
Doopie - 6/27/2014, 5:20 AM
cheers DEV, tried to get him looking a little IM due to that teaser that came out with the helmet changing.

Ultron is a really cool villain. I can't wait for this film. Sometimes I still get amazed that all these comic book stories are being made. What a time we live in
Rulk - 6/27/2014, 5:20 AM
What is Thor standing on?
DEVLIN712 - 6/27/2014, 5:27 AM
Couldn't agree more, I don't care whether it's DC or Marvel, I'm just glad that we have all of these stories being taken to the big screen
MsDarkPhoenix - 6/27/2014, 5:27 AM
Doop you are so talented I'm jealous!!! My mom can draw great too but I can only make [frick]ing stickmans!! I'm gonna cry...

But seriously, you are great!!!!
Doopie - 6/27/2014, 5:31 AM

same mate. Don't care about studios or marvel vs DC...just give me some great comic book movies


Thanks! Stick men are can have fun with them too
Pasto - 6/27/2014, 5:31 AM
I just want more science bros.

MsDarkPhoenix - 6/27/2014, 5:35 AM
I draw some nice houses though, like a pretty talented 7 year old!! :P And I also found out that I can draw the Mjolnir pretty good :P
HawkeyeFangirl - 6/27/2014, 5:40 AM
That stuntman on the right looks an awful lot like Jeremy Renner :D
JoeMomma29 - 6/27/2014, 5:52 AM
@ Tetra

Ummmmm I am not sure if it is okay to laugh at that gif?!?!?!?!
batz11 - 6/27/2014, 5:54 AM
JoeMomma29 - 6/27/2014, 5:55 AM
@ MsDarkPhoenix

Gusto and put many kids on the road to be great artists, why you ask........well all those kids usually have to draw out all their feelings about Gusto in crayon to show the therapists and cops all the bad things that happened to them.

I am sure we will have some new Pablo Picassos in the near future.
VISIONaryNPa - 6/27/2014, 5:59 AM

yessssss. It's getting too spicy for the pepper..

batz11 - 6/27/2014, 6:00 AM
Gus likes giraffes...
MrBlackJack - 6/27/2014, 6:01 AM
Memes! Memes! Memes!
PymParticle - 6/27/2014, 6:02 AM
Hydra tanks
JoeMomma29 - 6/27/2014, 6:02 AM
@ Batz

PymParticle - 6/27/2014, 6:03 AM
MsDarkPhoenix - 6/27/2014, 6:04 AM
Lol @Joe!!!! :P

And batz, I like giraffes too ;)
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